New breasts, feel like my old self again! Philadelphia, PA

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I have been thinking about breast augmentation for...

I have been thinking about breast augmentation for over 10 years now. i am 39 years old and lost alot of tissue in the upper regions of my breast. this initially happened with about 20lbs of weight loss in my mid 20's. weight fluctuation and birth control pills have compensated over time but my weight has been fairly stable in the last 5 years or so in which that time i have also remained off birth control pills.

i received my first consultation about 3 years ago. the doctor spooked me. it felt more of a sale than an individual consult. he recommended a lift and an implant and then changed his mind. recently i visited another highly recommended surgeon whom i loved. she said a small implant would give me the desired result i was looking for. however, her price was very high. when doing more research, i found i could receive the same procedure for about 3,000 less. if i had expendable money, i would use her. but, that is not the case. so i have made another consultation based on what i found on this site.

I'm heading to delaware because it is close and appears that the rates are lower than center city philadelphia where i live. i have a recommendation for a doctor there as well, who my friend went to and has 30 years plus experience.

the main issue i am concerned with is saline vs. gel. i was set on gel and a friend of mine told me i should do saline. it concerns me that there are more chances for a leak with saline. i could use some input in this area.

I am looking to place the implant under the muscle.

that is all for now, just wanted to start a log on this site.

low profile has me concerned....

i went to my 3rd consultation 2 weeks ago and am considering using this surgeon.
i liked what he had to say, however one thing concerned me. i state this knowing that it was only the initial consult and of course he and i would make more informed decisions based on pre-operative measurements.

i am currently about a 34 c. i'm 5'3" and about 110. my upper back is very narrow.
my breasts have been up to a large D cup due to weight gain in my youth. now they have some sagging and are fairly deflated. I do not want to get a breast lift because i like the shape of my breast and i'd like to maintain a more natural look.

he recommended a mentor low profile gel implant. i do want the gel, i have figured that part out. i do want under the muscle & under breast incision. i just am concerned about low profile. i worry that it will be too wide for my frame. i don't want to look as if i have balloons in my breasts either.

any body have any insight into this issue? he showed me some photos and the post- op pics looked great on women with breasts like mine. i just worry about my particular frame.

surgery scheduled!

so one thing i hadn't done was talk to my boyfriend about this. i told him a year ago that i was considering it and he reacted poorly. told me i didn't need it and that he had been through this with his ex (who had three surgeries) she was under 30 when they were together so i imagine it was a rotten experience for them both.

i came out with it on thursday night and his reaction was totally different. "life's too short" "do what makes you happy" he said he realizes that i am much different than his ex and that this won't be the same situation. I felt like the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders.

He also offered any help he could provide and by the next day, we were figuring out what would be bet for us both and i made the call and booked it.

so i am pretty sure of what i am going to procede with. saline gel implants under the muscle with an under the breast incision. my only concern is that my PS wants to go low profile. i have some questions concerning this and my frame/size. but that will be worked out at my pre-op appt. right now i am just going to gather my vitamins and sports bras and be as prepared as i can before the big day.

I'm also concerned about the information i choose to give people. will it be ridiculous to not tell people or should i just claim it? not so sure yet. i am a pretty private person so i'd rather keep it to myself, but i don't want to be weird about it either- i guess i'll cross that bridge when i get there.

1 week to go!

I'm scheduled to have my BA on January 8th! so nervous and excited.
i'm going 375 moderate plus silicon gel under the muscle. currently i'm a 32/34c
I'm hoping to have DD results. since i scheduled the surgery i've had so many dreams and sleepless nights. reading your stories have helped so much. i'm not really sure how to get support on these boards but, i figured i'd write anyway.
anyway, i'm gonna keep it short today. just wanted o post.

internet anxiety

every time i search these sites i wind up having a lot of second thoughts as to what size i chose and the end result, which i can't know til it's over and done with. I'm wondering if anyone else is having these kind of reactions? I'm thinking i want to call my PS and ask them to have another size available the day of surgery. I'm going 375cc, but i'm thinking maybe i should have a 400 available. i know it's not much of a difference but...ugh

#toosmall #moderateplus #undermuscle

2 days til BA!!

So up til now I've been a nervous anxious wreck. Its been coming out sideways and it's just a fear and lack of control but I finally feel excited. I've shared my news with the people I felt the need to and I'm ready for surgery. Even after weeks of going to 5 pharmacies to get my script filled- CVS finally had it in stock tonight.

I also spoke with the surgical coordinator today and decided I'd be done with what we decided on. So 375 mod plus silicone unders. I imagine it will give me just the amount of umf I'm looking for. I'm trusting the professionals here. They know best! I'll post pics as soon as I can.

24 hours since my surgery

Got my BA yesterday and can't believe how great I feel! I had 1 painkiller this morning after 12 hours of rest and that was only due to the fact that I had to drive back out of state to get my dressings removed.
Might take another since the ride jostled me a little but otherwise hardly any pain at all. Using cd compresses. Bromelain, arnica Montana cream. Arnica flora tablets and vit A & C. Plus my regular multi. Kefir with acidophilus and my regular diet which is nothing processed.

My mind is doing well too, beside some anxiety from being on the road and stuck in traffic- I feel great. This just feels like I'm back to being me. I've been wanting this for years and I'm really glad I did it.

One breast is bigger at this point but time will tell of that will or won't be an issue. Just needed to put that out there. Well, that's all for now. I will post pics and keep updated.

5th day

I'm adding a photo from yesterday. I'm happy with results so far and I feel
Pretty good. I'll take more photos today and add them. But as far as it goes. I feel good physically and have only taken ibuprofen since day 3 along with bromelain and vit a. Just a little more tired than usual. To be expected. I'll also add that I've been eating acidophilus yogurt the last 5 days and I believe that has kept any added infections away. I'm sensitive to antibiotics and since they pump you full of them I wanted to take protective measures. I felt a possible yeast infection coming on that didn't last... Thank god! Something to think about. Good healthy good helps heal a body too. Think about your nutrients, please :)

Day 6

Feeling tired but getting ready to get out of the house. Found a hood way to feel comfortable in my sleep last night. Sleeping on a wedge pillow with my pillows on each side of me seems to give me the feel of how I normally sleep. I wake up on my side so I guess the discomfort isn't enough to wake me- which is good. Feeling happy with results so far. Can't believe I finally went through with it! So happy I did! Go on weds to get sutras out/off? Quick one for now, think in gonna go try get some bras (sports) now. Oh and not sure what to do... Take an extra day from work (thurs) or to go back in... Prob will go for an extra day. At the very least, I am enjoying this staycation!

Crazy head!

I went out today and put on normal clothes. Looked normal, I don't think many people would notice cause I always wore padded, push up bras. Had that feeling like I didn't do anything... Weird. Looked at down bras and realized I should stop. I just now tried in the new bra I bought online... Yes, I've certainly changed my body... Lol I just haven't quite wrapped my head around it. This bra is way to small and it's a one size fits all. Took some pics. Got it in eBay for cheap if anyone is interested in looking for one but it won't fit a very large busy so be warned. Day end of day 6, the most activity so far. Felt worn out and took an extra day off from work, so I won't return until Friday which will be day 9 or 10? I think that's smart and about the best I can do right now. Hope this helps anyone who's on this ride!

Day 8

Got my stitches removed today, all looks good. Feel like I'm seeing more evening out in the both sides, looking more like the natural asymmetry that breast have. Not too much discomfort just feels like my body is making room for the implant. I'm very happy with all of it. Still feel a little bloated though. Can't wait to get back to exercise.

2 weeks post op

So, I'm stuck indoors today due to a snow storm and I'm feeling pretty restless. I returned to work through the weekend and got pretty sore as well as tired out. It's a good day to rest, but after having so much, I'm a bit bored.

So updates are...
I love the new additions!
I feel great but I do tire out easily.
I drive stick and that probably creates the most discomfort.
(I feel my muscle kind of lift)
A lot of sensation is returning, so tingling, needles and pins. A pain that feels like a bruise on my ribs.
All which I'm sure is normal due to tenderness of manipulated nerves.
I'm sore, not sure if I'm extra sore due to. Work or if it's just the norm. My soreness exists mostly on the outer edges of my breasts.
And my nipples are insanely sensitive.

Otherwise, all is great. No one noticed at my two jobs. Even looking at myself, I could only see a slight difference in how my clothes hang. The big difference is how I feel unclothed and when I'm with my boyfriend and it's all worth it for those reasons.

One more thing, I haven't taken any ibuprofen today. Don't know if I will or not but I'm not sure if I should or I should stop. I don't feel
Like it's doing much for the pain that I do have.. Any thoughts?

3 weeks post op, going great!

Went for my last visit to the dr. Until 3 months from now. He said I have some swelling on the left still but everything looks good.

It's hard for me to tell but I think they have dropped some. I live the way they look and it doesn't look too over the top when I'm in my clothes. Best part... NO MORE PADDED PUSH UP BRAS!!
Nipples and sides are still sensitive and I have three weeks left til I can resume heavy lifting and my normal workout routine. That's been the worst part for me, I need those endorphins to flow!

Oh and the cold weather. My muscles get tense and I feel like my boobs are standing up! It's a crazy weird feeling. Also every time I drink a cold drink I can feel all the sensation in the sensitive areas?! Anyone else experience that?

Keeping up on arnica gel and tabs, bromelain and vitamin A. On top of multi and C.

Feeling great! Hope you are as well!

1 month post op

Feeling good and back to exercising more frequently. Nothing to intense though. I tried a 5lb chest exercise earlier and that didn't work out. Just gotta take my time.

Cleaned out my old bras today and tried each one on. It wound up being about 50/50. Half of them fit somewhat properly and the other half, too small. I had some bras from when I was larger chested and without padding... They fit again! It's nice to not have to replace everything- although I did purchase a couple new ones today. :)

So tomorrow I think I'm going to try wearing a "real" bra to work. It's been a month, see how that goes.

While I was cleaning I also found a random bikini too in my bras. It was from a photo shoot I did for an add (over ten years ago) I remember when the add ran in the local city paper my co workers asked what happened to my boobs... I said "I don't know" but, I did. I always was wearing padded push-ups and in the photo you could see how small I was. Tonight I tried it on and it looked great! Ill add a photo.

So glad I did this. No regrets

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