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All my life I had a pudge wit an undefind waist...

All my life I had a pudge wit an undefind waist line. I didn't eat much, played sports while in middle school, but still always had a stomach. As the years passed my stomach protruded more, then fat developed on my back & flanks which now gives me a boyish build. Bad enuff I have broad shoulders & small hips. I HATE it! For about a month I ate healthy, worked out and everything. I lost lbs but the inches on my waist line never went down. I jus accepted the fact that its obviously a genetic thing bc no one in my family really have that amazing body. 2 yrs ago I had my only daughter, and till this day ppl still ask
k me if I'm pregnant. Even if I suck it in. But instead of dealin with it this year I started lookin up smart lipo procedures and decided to get it done. I went to 1 place in my area the price was good by charging 3000 for the 1st section & an additional 1000 for other places but due to my height & weight I wldnt have been able to get the areas I done at 1 time. So I would have kicked out 8,000. I was thinkin about goin to ALC but I dnt feel right travelin so far for a procedure. After doin more research I found a place in KOP called Sono Bello. Even though for my consult I had to wait about an hr, I fell in love wit the place & staff. All I have to do is place a 500 deposit down to set my appt and get on the ball.

My pre-op is march 8th. Procedure march 9th. I...

My pre-op is march 8th. Procedure march 9th. I wish it cld b sooner!!! Someone jus asked me if I was pregnant. Counting down the days. So far I love the communication of the staff members. I've gotten 2 emails and phone calls from them about the procedure. I cnt wait!

My frenemy came today. I'm so bloated. Of course...

My frenemy came today. I'm so bloated. Of course I'm gettin the wonderful question "are u pregnant.?". Thankgoodness I got it b4 my procedure. I'm counting down the days to a better me. I cnt wait!!! O yea if anyone is trying to figure out how I look I'm 21 about 5 feet tall, I weight about 145-150. Waist line 36 inches too big. Aiming for 30 and below after all this is done.

I literally jus walked out of my pre op wit a big...

I literally jus walked out of my pre op wit a big ol smile. the staff are so nice at sono bello. answered all my question. the only thing im anxious about is dat pain from the numbing. but o well im gettin this done! Bet i wont get n e slp tonight. have to b there by 9 am. i am tryn to upload b4 pics but dnt kno how

My back loks different. my stomach loooks the same

My back loks different. my stomach loooks the same

Up 4am in the morning & feeling much better. I...

Up 4am in the morning & feeling much better. I wrote a review after i got it done but after i left sono bello, went to walmart to get more pads for drainage n shucks (bed covers) the xanax n other meds kicked in. i felt so drowsy. i wrote a little but guess i didnt actually submit it. well here it goes...

i got there @ 9 the receptionist greeted me wit a smile and got the nurse to come get me. i didnt even have to sit down & wait. the very nice nurse took my urine and instructed me toput on the paper bikini, knee highs,socks, & robe. afer that she took b4 pics & the doc marked me up. then a nice nurse came in & gave me a pain pill, antibiotoc, naseau pill and it was 1 more but i cnt remember. i sat for 10 minues to let it settle. o yea i hadbmcbdonalds breakfast b4 i arrived. i peed again and we got straight to business. the nurse was awesome. she turned on pandora and gave me a sress ball to squeeze. i got 5 shots. one over my belly 1 each on the sideantibiotic,naseau put on the paper jbhbikini, kneww high and socks. after tha

Sorry for all the errors. im doin did on my...

Sorry for all the errors. im doin did on my annoying phone. any wayyyyy... I got 5 needles one over my belly button. 1 on each side & 1 on each side of my back. then he used a tiny device to make the hole i didnt feel. nxt was puttin in the fluid. i rate dat a 4 out of 10. jus for the fact dat it felt sooo weird havin something moving under ur skin. its didnt hurt. well some areas pinch. o yea i for got to say dat da needle pinched goin in, then burned for like 3 secs as he put in the med.

Ok well puttin in the fluid o cld feel my skin expand, as he went in certain areas like my rib cage it tickeled, some places pinched but i wld rate it a 7-8 which lASTEDless than 3 seconds. after he put the fluid in my back we waited for about 30 minutes to let it kick in. then it was show time at 10:15.

He started on my bak 1st. it felt like a massage. that was cake. still felt weird. wen i turned over to do my stomach dats wen the crap started to hurt areasblike near my belly button, upper abs near my belly button, & hip bone stung for like 3 seconds. For some reason near my rib cage under my left breast freakin burned so bad like a 9. o yea he did my wasit line, had me turn on my sides dat thing didnt hurt and if it did i wlda jus sucked it up bc i needed dat hour glass figure eff dat lol. he attmepted to go over that left area dat hurted then did he laser which didnt hurt jus tiny pinches rate it a 5. at 11/11:30 wa la! I was done. the nurse patched me up' put on the garmet, ate cra kers which tasted so good, lol, idk y maybe the meds gave me an apetite gave me instructions and i got wheeled out to my car. i was a bit worried bc i kept think the upper area wldnt be right but the nurse insured me dT he got the fat he wanted out. i went to walmart, and wen i got in da car dats wen i wrote my review but started feelin drowsy so i stopped n was knocked out lol

Wen igot home i laid the sucks down and went to slp. i woke up around 2. wass a leaky mess. and in pain. i took my pain med n dozed off thru out the day. wen i stood up o felt woosy so laid down or sat down. My sides looks good my bad doesnt have rolls or bulges. my stomach looks a little smaller but maybe its the psds n swellinm but i like the reults soooo far. im goin to update all the time so b prepared everyone. im startin to feel slpy so i will tlk to u guys later today. i was suppose to take meds at 1 am but i feel ok so im not. i want to up load pics but i think i can only on a computer.

Im feelin good. i havent taken any pill but the...

Im feelin good. i havent taken any pill but the antibiotic. My back and stomach feels sore like i did 1 million situps. o can see dat sexy curve on my left side but the right is more swollen. my stomach i thought it wlda went down more than it is. but i gotta keep reminding my self it takes time. i still have dat little sag in da front from after havin my daughter. i decided to wrap a waist wrap around my stomach to put more compression. the garment doesnt bother me at all and the wrap wit it doesnt either. now im jus waitin waitin waitin

Today da soreness is less intense. i can get up...

Today da soreness is less intense. i can get up quicker. im believe im done draining so i might jus get big band aids and guaze to put over the incisions instead of these big ol poise pads. the only pills i have been takin is the antibiotics. i only took the xanax wen i was at sonobello before the procedure. i took da pain pill again wen i got home. other than dat its day 3 and i didnt have any of the other three pills (xanax,vicodin,naseau). im thinkin about goin to the gym today. walk on the treadmill or use the elliptical and work on toning my arms

I did alot of walkin around today and i feel so...

i did alot of walkin around today and i feel so bloated and fat. like im carrying sand bags on my waist.

The dr who did my procedre called me yesterday....

the dr who did my procedre called me yesterday. today a nurse called mebto remind me of my 1 week post op. im kinda down bc i feel like i look the same. i keep tellin my self it takes time but i expected a little more of a change than the little i see. wen i wake up in the morning i look smaller but thru out the day i get so swelled up. im startin to feel sharp pains which i read from an email sono bello sent me is jus a process of healin. i jus cnt wait for my flat stomach. sheesh. update u guys about my 1 week post op on monday

I went to my 1 week post op monday. i actually...

i went to my 1 week post op monday. i actually gained 2 lbs. which is probably water weight due to the fluid n da amount of water i have been drinkin. im not as sore or tender. the nurse explained the reason y i have a pooch still is bc of the fluid gettn pulled downward bc of gravity.she insured me by time my 3 month mark i will b so happy. wat caught me off guard was that i had to pay for my 2nd stage garment. i thought that was included. the garment was 139. but i got this bundle deal where i pay 350 or something for the garment, firming lotion, scar creme and one treatment of venus freeze. im not sure of the name but its suppose to b for saggin skin. 1 treatment is usually $500. i looked up reviews on it tho on this website n it doesnt sound too wonderful. for now im jus countin down the days to my 3month mark

Officially week 3. no more bloat. I c a little...

Officially week 3. no more bloat. I c a little change still nothin drastic. i will start workin out monday and measuring my self weekly

Im feelin so good. i actually love lookin at my...

Im feelin so good. i actually love lookin at my self in the mirror and prancing around in my underware. nope my stomach isnt flat yet but i can tell as each day pass i am seein better results. getting dressed is my favorite part of the day. everyone tells me everyday it looks like im loosing weight. im kinda glad the results arent instant bc ppl wld b lookin at me funny like u had a gut one day & now u got six pack abs. if i feel this way at almost 1 month cnt wait for month 3 & 6. o yea and i have those hard lumps on my side my boyfriend freaks out everytime i make him rub the skin firmin lotion on me. lol

I also measured myself. lost 2 1/2 inches around...

I also measured myself. lost 2 1/2 inches around my lower ab

3 month follow up

I went to my follow up the beginning of the month. I lost 6 lbs. But i dnt have a flat stomach....yet...

year update

Okay i am gonna say i like that i am smaller but i think a tummy tuck wlda been more better and effective for me,of just eating and working out. I wish i had the patients and will power to do that back then i wld still have money in my pocket. Im happy with the results. Its ok but my stomach isnt flat like i expected. From here on out i will be making better eating choices and working out.
michael giuffrida

Typin in laser lipo on google. im so happy i found them !!!

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