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Looking to get a bbl by march 2013. I've been on...

Looking to get a bbl by march 2013. I've been on this website for a while and I'm looking to get my procedure done before my 27th bday.I'm a mother of 3girls,weighing 175, Nd I'm 5'3. Funds are low but ill get there. I'm going with Dr.gabay in Philadelphia recommended by my primary care physician. Always had Aaah small waist ,big butt,n hips but after gaining 25lbs after my third shape is gone right along with my self esteem. I've had a consultation already but he suggested tummy tuck n bbl but I'm not doing both.Any advice greatly appreciated. I'll update again soon.

Havent done it yet. i had a consult with dr.gabay...

havent done it yet. i had a consult with dr.gabay in still in research mode but my bday is in march n i want to have it done before then.i see good and bad post about gabay. i would like dr.s but dont want to travel.dony have friends or family or a man who is supportivr of my decision so realself is my,ill keep u updated

I want this so bad.I love this site.I read reviews...

I want this so bad.I love this site.I read reviews daily.ill update soon with my pics of self.anybody have any reviews on Dr.gabay?

Cant wait.scheduling another consult for next...

cant wait.scheduling another consult for next minth to pay deposit.still.trying to get a loan

Hey bbl ladies.well I started working,my credit...

Hey bbl ladies.well I started working,my credit sxore went up,i got rid of my negative hater of a boyfriend,and now im just so excited to get my bbl.i actually lost 6lbs since starting goal is 9-15 more thanill be happy.I'm about to sign up for mma fighting classes just for exercise.its much better than the gym.anyway,I'm going to finance my procedure with Dr.gabay in northeast.if u have any advice please feel free.I'm an open ear.ttyl

Hey bbl ladies.well I started working,my credit...

Hey bbl ladies.well I started working,my credit sxore went up,i got rid of my negative hater of a boyfriend,and now im just so excited to get my bbl.i actually lost 6lbs since starting goal is 9-15 more thanill be happy.I'm about to sign up for mma fighting classes just for exercise.its much better than the gym.anyway,I'm going to finance my procedure with Dr.gabay in northeast.if u have any advice please feel free.I'm an open ear.ttyl

Well ladies.its not looking like I'm going to get...

Well ladies.its not looking like I'm going to get my procedure done n march.had to use my tax money to fix up my new apartment.I would have to finance it n I really don't wanna do that.I don't have family or friends to loan me the $5000,even tho they know I'm good for paying back on time.Idk what my next move is but I will be getting by fiance,yes I got engaged on Feb.6,fiesta approve of me getting it financed,but he also can't get the cash up so I'm going to save,save,save,but this will get done before the year OS out.

Hoping to get there

I have been gone for a minute doing research and I think I'm going with Hassan n Miami. I need to lose 10lbs I weigh 173 5'3.BMI 31 needs to be 29. Currently starting iron pills because I have low iron n I'm squating,crunching,and lifting weights. No cardio for me. Hassan quoted me 3800 n I'll make my first payment September n I'll let u guys know when I'm scheduled. I seen a lot of bad reviews on the recovery home so I'm no longer interested n it.ill use that 2000 for a room cousin is going with me n shes thinking about getting it done also.please someone post a complete list of what I need so I can start buying.


I'm so excited to get this done.reading these reviews on Hassan is making me more are some pics of me this past summer. My family doesn't think I need this butt for my own sexiness n happiness I want this n I miss wearing a two piece bathing suit that's not super high waisted to cover my love handles. My family calls my but the LB (long buttcheeks). I've always had a super small waist n big hips n booty butt can't c the waist cause my fat is covering it n the love handles take away from my I can't wait till Hassan bring me back to 36/26/43 or even better extreme projection. I make my own clothes so of course they make my bady look awesome but I still have stomach fat love handles n no projection.ill update more n September after my first payment of $1750


Just wanted to update n send some photos of what I think I would look like after because I already have big breast small waist n wide hips.i hope hasaan does me good cause I want to look fab for my 29th bday trip to Jamaica to hit hedonism n the naked good luck on all of u guys journey n please give me any info u think woul be helpful.u could email me at
Here are some pics of what I look like today n a red bandage dress n button up.

Denied lol

So pissed I didn't get approved for care college refund taking to long to get to me but I'll be patient n I'll keep saving n make that first payment some way some I just wish I had family who support my decision n would be a co app for me but they all haters n say I already have a natural big ass n nice shape but after 3 kids I don't c it anymore.but I'll keep my hopes up cause I will be n Miami by December 2014 or February 2015.keeping in good spirit.

finance please.....just venting

so sad and bumbed out. my v=credit score wasn't high enough to get care credit. Wish I had family that didn't hate on me so much and was supportive and helped me get this financed. Not even my mother wanted to help me. I consider this bbl a birthday gift because I never do anything for myself. I am the giver and the woman who cant say no to ppl but never have anyone in my corner. One day ill get mean and say the hell with them all. Just wanted to finance this to lock in my 3800 price but guess ill have half the money by october1 and they still offer me a deal. Wish me luck... don't want to cry but im real emotional right now. Cause I believe a stranger would help me before my own family.smh


I think my butt is getting flatter by the day or I'm just so depressed about my body that it look so horrible to love handles stick out more than my ass do n my stomach look like it got flatter.ill post picks later.ive been eating super health, no starving myself all veggies n meat.water n sometimes juice.i can't wait.started my first day of classes.doing them online so ppl won't c me for a while until I bust out n march with a hassanified body

Pics before

Some pics of me now not so clear but a difference from my old pics I posted before.cant wait to get my bbl

No support

Feeling real sad cause it seems like the only ppl I have around me are against my friend is getting a breast reduction n I want a bbl.shes constantly telling me I don't need it or go to a surgeon n Philly.i don't like how i look n the des n Philly aren't good with ps because ppl don't really care that much about image here unless it's really needed.i need physical support.real self is the most support I have.thanx real self.i haven't told my bf yet because he's a hater n seem to always be negative about decisions n he's never supportive of what I want unless it benefits him.regardless of how ppl feel I'm still getting my bbl with Hassan hopefully I can get a buddy from Philly to hang cousin is going to Miami with me but I'm looking forward to her backing out


After surgery how long will I have to stay in Miami. I'm hoping to stay just 5days 4nights.

In progress

I got my down payment ready but now I'm nervous about traveling to Miami for surgery n something going wrong.dont wanna be mistreated n left to die if something happens. Anyway I've been eating healthy so do u c a difference because I haven't gotten on a scale in a while.hopefully soon I will be posting my after pics.these are the last before pics.
If I stay n Philly for the surgery I'm going to go to dr horvath

Tired of ppl

So irked today guys.... I have no support from my family but one cousin who I've always been close to. My sisters don't agree, my friend don't agree, n I'm scared to ask my boyfriend to be by my always there on the wagon when other ppl need support but I never get it n today I tried to tell my mom n step PPP n they both went crazy on me n told me how I can die n get sick...I've come to the conclusion not to mention this to anyone else n just go do it with a buddy. I'm done looking for support.i don't feel good about how I look n I want to enhance my body.soooo, I'll be paying n full next month n joining the Hassan beauties.eush me luck

good news

ok so my cousin has decided she wants to get a bbl too so we are going together. my w2 came already from both of my jobs and I am going to do my taxes asap so that I can book the date. I owe this to myself. all I do is work, go to school, and take care of my 3 beautiful daughters. I never shop fpor myself because I feel like a bad mother when I buy myself kids have everything but I work to give them the world and everyone keep telling me to do something for myself. well this is what ill do for myself...ofcourse they dot agree with it. anyways, I hate shopping because im sick of shit not fitting my big thighs and wide load and tucking my stomach in my im much more happier knowing ill be doing this soon. just hope my cousin really stick with it.

I am going to book a condo to stay at because im not sure about the RH...please bbl vets who stayed in the RH at vanity, give me all the raw details. congrats to all who got their bbl and recovering well and gl to those just starting their journey.


Ok so I went to the dr yesterday and got a physicalsnd hand my implanon birth control removed because a lot of dr and research says bc can cause blood clots during and after surgery. So I have most of my money but I'm just afraid to put it down n change my mind on dr hasaan and can't get a refund back. I'm going to just call them back n pay n full at one time to get my date and the ball rolling. I have started purchasing my supplements and supply's for this surgery.i might be going alone n I might be staying with new body recovery because they have excellent reviews.if yall have any info please feel free to inbox me.
My new weight is 175.6 n I am now 5'4.5..... Unsure how I I'm so happy for all u ladies who have received this bbl and posted ur journey.very thankful for that.also I pray for all of u women who journey is coming up,I pray for a healthy journey n speedy recovery for u brave women.
Haven't heard anything from my cousin yet so I'm just going to book my stuff in the next two weeks n just ask my unsupportive scary boyfriend to go with me.hopefully he can take care of me.if he says he will go I will book a condo with instead of going to a recovery house. Can you bring someone who isn't recovering with you to the recovery house or
Anyway just wanted to update because I can't stay the hell off of here. Please let me know the best fajas at the lowest possible prices.xoxoxo ladies

Pics of wishes

Lotus402 has beautiful results and I want my results to be similar.beautiful results
Hasan vixen


I'm feeling like I'm being really selfish for wanting this.i have a car, a house, my kids have everything and don't need anything else but I'm feeling like it's wrong for me to spend my school money and part of my taxes on this.i always feel this way when shopping for myself and I'll put my stuff back n get something for my kids. We go to the beach and Sahara SAMs n fun plea every summer and we are moving to a bigger house this summer.idk if it's selfish n self centered to do this or is it about time I do something for birthday is in March and it would be a nice gift to myself.idk... Opinions please ladies


Does vanity open on Sunday's?
Should I buy my own faja and compression socks?
Is new body recovery THE BEST place to stay?
Is a 7day stay really necessary?
Give me answers please bbl vets.


This year is the year.been doing research on this bbl since 2012.having bad financial situations put this off for so long but guess what..... I'm getting my badd body this happy, making my payments n waiting on a date. Can't wait to be on the other side again... Snatched waist fat ass.hopefull I can get a date by the end of March, if not I'll take any date I can get.i heard vanity changes ppl dates often, has this happened to anyone because once I get a date, I'm booking my flight n I don't want nothing to go wrong

More questions

Does anyone know where I can rent a nurse/ masseuse if I don't stay in the recovery house with mini. I'm not sure where to look. Also, is vanity close to the beach or no?


Shit just got real yall. Booked my date for March 26.... Five days after my bday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE. I'm so excited and nervous but I've wanted this since I had my 3rd daughter.i am so ready to be a bad ass MILF. I'm going to lose 5lbs cause my bmi is 29.6 n that's to close to 30 so eating healthy.i want a big ass ignorant booty... No lie..but I'm so happy n nervous.NI@@4 WE MADE update soon ladies after I drop 5...XOXO


Ok here is my updated preop body.its ugly but since I have a syrgery date I am going to post these.i have a long butt which makes it flat on top n fat at the bottom. My waist is so small but I have so many rolls.i hope hasan can get enough fat to put n my butt cause I want it huge.


Hey bbl just a little boring update
I am 174lbs
Bmi 30 so i have to lose 5lbs before March
The smallest part of my waist is 29" hoping to get to 25"
The largest part of my belly is 38" around my belly button n love handles
My hips are 44"
N my fullest part around my butt is 43".
I can't wait for this surgery. I'm going to be stacked but my family is cousin who was going with me not going anymore.shes going with someone in philly. Gl to her but she tried to thro shade talking bout she not using her tax money for this.thats ur prerogative honey.i straight checked using half my taxes and the other half is going to the house im purchasing n a few months, furthermore, I'm a chick who stay up on all my bills all year around so I don't need my tax money to play catch up on my I can do what I please with my tax money.she gon be mad when I step out this summer. Anywho, females are haters, even family. This is an enhancement for me not a necessity. Gl to all my bbl sisters and I'm praying for all of u with upcoming procedurez


Booked my stay with moni for four days.i figured four because I am getting my procedure the 26 which is a Thursday. Vanity will be open till Saturday so no need for me to stay past the 28th. I'll get two massages and leave Saturday night. My friend is going with me, hopefully she doesn't leave me hanging, I doubt she will back out. But, I'm super oober excited and I will be updating soon. I still can't believe I'm doing this. But I deserve it. Good luck to all u beautiful ladies on ur journey and prayers are going up for everyone


All you real self vets who traveled alone, please give me some insight on how it was going they this alone. Everybody backed out on me, going alone, nobody really had my back, no supporters whatsoever.... But it ain't stopping my flo

33DAYS TO GO... But who's counting

So in about a month I will be hasanified. I have $500 left to pay vanity, my recovery home is booked with new body recovery, I have everything I need except for my own body massager which I will purchase to do my own massages daily, my flight is booked round trip from philly to Miami and back for a whopping $201 on kayak website. I'm so happy that I am doing this, even tho I have no support, I'm still happy and ready to make this summer my beeatchh. Just looking back when I first wanted this in 2012 n couldn't get it cause I was broke n depressed, lol, bitch getn it now. Anyway, I'm on the 7:35am flight to Mia on the 25 of March n getn my big butt on the 26th.yiipppeee. Wish u all the best and if ur staying with moni during those day say hi..would love to u, gl to all my bootiful siestas and I will be updating soon


So ladies
I got my labs done today and now the wait begins. Hope everything is ok. Need that hemo to be on point cause I'm not getting shot done until my hemo is on thing I noticed is they didn't request for me to have an EKG which is important to test if ur heart can withstand the anesthesia n treatment. I'm ready for this but my health is more I'm going to have an EKG done anyway.i pray to God that my labs are perfect. I want this so bad.


Soooo, for the past week I've been emailing my coordinator whom I bragged up n to no avail no I called her ass. Hey, I just wanted to know if u received my lab results i took the test last Tuesday, she says no. I'm like ok cool, I'll hit u up Friday to check... My next question was why haven't u emailed me back? I'm sorry ms Massie I've been so busy, I say yeah with all the new RS girls I referred to u...don't neglect me cause u getn new money cause u was all on my head blowin me up about a week ago week ago(bobby schmurda voice) anyway, I've been holding on to this last $1000 until the day I call to confirm then I'll give them the money.when u pay them n full then they start their bs ignoring u.i checked that real quick with her. Well enough with the attitude but these labs are taking forever n I got 3 wks left.IM SO HAPPY.
In other news, I told my bf n asked if he would be mad if I got LIPO n Miami, he said no im cool with it cause it's ur money, the new booty will be a suprise, he think it's just lipo. Lol.
My other cousin is now coming with me n I hope she helps me.she said I dont approve of what u doing but I'm definitely not letting u go alone.shes the last person I thought would volunteer to be my support. I was going alone but God didn't let that happen. He works in mysterious ways. Anyway, I'll update again when I get my labs back and good luck to all u lovely divas and please pray for me as I pray fog u on ur journey

Just a dumb update

I'm super anxious and I can't wait but Im asking God for patience. Ladies I just want to give yall a bit of advice.print out and save every single email, transaction, and conversation u have so when u get there u have the proof to back up what ur saying. I've heard when u get to vanity they might try to play u as far as what's included or paid for in the surgery, or some dumb shit like u owe more money.vanity tried to get me for $100 lowsy bucks n I caught that ish n made them fix it. They ask u for copy's of ur voided check or debit card but I used PayPal n I have emails from my coordinator stating that the financial department agree to accept my id and my PayPal account receipts as verification. Nobody is gon have copies of my account, debit card, and Id on file over n Miami. Do I look like booboo the fool? Anyway, be smart yall, print out everything I got a husky folder of receipts and emails from vanity and new body recovery. Good luck ladies. Can't wait to be on the other side again, cause I use to be hourglass small waist fatass until that third baby. Oh, n my labs still ain't come yet, it's been over a week like wtf lab corp... Ugh


Yesssssss. I got my labs n im all clear just gotta take another urinalysis(hate drinking water) but my hemo was 12.8 so I'm going to stay on my iron cause I think if I wasn't taking my iron, it would've surely been lower. I am all packed n ready.i was just waiting for that call. It took so long cause dumbass labccorp was sending my results to the wrong fax number. I'm so happy n ready to go.wish I could push my date up to next week but patience is always key. So I'm sitting here downing 10 ounce bottles of water n I'm going to take my urinalysis test tomorrow n continue to drink atleast 3 bottles a day. No more orange juice with everything for me.just gotta keep it up but I hate water. Also, my bmi was 30 and I was told to lose 5lbs n I wound up losing 8.8. I still have a lot of fat to salvage so I'm not worried.being healthy is what I'm worried about. I'm excited and I'm ready to be HASSANIFIED

Good to go

Everything is great. My bags are packed, babysitter paid for, flight booked, surgery paid off and I am ready to goooooo. I'm so anxious. The wait is irking me. My bday is the 21st n im ready to get my new asssss. I'm happy yall. Hope my surgery goes good n I have a high tolerance for pain so I don't think I'll need percs or Tylenol with codein. Just give me extra strength.have a safe trip everyone and happy healing to those who are on the other side


I'm either being paranoid cause my date is getting closer or im getn signs from the man above. I stumbled on two reviews today where the patients died and then I'm on fb n a alert pops up telling me about somebody that was healthy and in shape dying from this simple going to pray my butt of to the mighty heavens, n now my bf trying to talk me out of it. Like wtf. When I go see hasan im going to give him a thorough talk of what to do if he thinks something is looking not good. Idc if u got one cheek done, if my vitals start dropping, wake my ass up. No bs. I'm serious n im super scared now.ima be praying for all of yall n please pray for me

I'm hyyyypppppeeeee


I'm here

My flight was awesome and quick. I'm at vanity right now, so far they said my labs are fine n I don't have to retake but I want to because I paid for them so im waiting Giselle to come tell me what's up n then I'm going to get my pictures taken. I'll update yall is tomorrow at 9am, let's c if that change


Hey ladies, im here at vanity and I'm just patiently waiting to get my cocktail and my ass. Please pray for me.ill update in a few.????????????


Thank you to everyone who sent up prayers.right now I'm feeling better but my first day was going to get into more details n my next post cause I'm sleepy n I leave are some pics from yesterday and this morning. N I was a bloody mess yesterday but I hid it n the going to write a detailed review on my girl moni n new body, she's a blessing yall. N about how they tossed me out with a bottle of Gatorade at vanity.tgeyre some fups over are some pics

Hey ladies

First of all, thank u guys for all the prayers and support. It's greatly appreciated. This was and is a journey and tremendous life changer.
I have been MIA for the past week because I was trying to get myself together as far as energy and iron and side effects from those damn antibiotics. So here we go

Vanity preop
Not bad, but crowded early in the morning, I didn't need lab work and everything was good. Signed my life away and didn't get to meet hasan even tho I was there before two. Got to the office by 11:45. After signing my life away I took pictures and left and waited for my surgery time...7:30am

Day of surgery
Got there at 7:30 am, got to the little waiting area n the back at 8:00,did my urine, got my iv, took pics and waited in that spot freezing until hasan came in around 10:00 to holla at me.he played with my fat, told me my butt was already big and all I need was lipo... No hasan I want a bigger ass to so take the fat n put it I had no issues at all with areas or payments. He told me he was doing 12 areas of lipo n then transfer and everything was set to go. He asked me if I had implants cause I have big perky boobs n he and his assistant started playing with my boobs once I said no implants, they're real as can be. He took me back around 10:30. Got me washed n iodine n I all I remember was the cute ass cocktail man(anesthesiologist) n I was out. Woke up dizzy n couldn't walk bleeding every where n I wasn't in the van with moni and went to new body.
1st-2nd day post op
Drained like crazy, kept passing out, kept sleeping n couldn't really do much.but I managed to get those painful massages that made me feel ten times better.i left to go home 2 day post flight wasn't bad, just kept having shortness of breath.floght was 2hrs 45min.
3-8day post op
I stop taking my antibiotics day 5 because they seem to make me weaker and take longer to still moving slow and my holes closed like day 4 so I have a little fluid at the bottom of my belly. I got my stitches taken out Friday and I feel great,just sore.i continue my iron because it really helped me.i pooped 4day and It wasn't hard n I go every morning now like clock work.i only like to eat fruit n salad now.i have no itching, just sore from sleeping stiff at night.i get massages daily that loosen up my tightness which is only on my sides and back. I've been driving since Thursday and I just use a yoga block or yoga roll but my legs do fall asleep using them. I did receive 2 calls from vanity checking on me.i even spoke to Hassan.

New body recovery is awesome. Moni is a blessing and her massages are awesome.when she was done massaging me I would urinate like every 10 minutes. She was like a caring big sister taking care of me. She even raised hell in vanity because I kept passing out the first day lol. She gets 10????
Today I'm out n about driving butt is huge jiggles already just a little.i hate sleeping with this damn board n pads.its so annoying.but I love Hassan and my results so far and I have no complaints.????????

Updated pics

Having trouble uploading video with review

Smh im done

Fluid :(


Also I've been trying for days to upload my video n pics to no avail.realself won't let me


Hey ladies.just wanted to let everybody know I am doing great. My booty went down a little and I still have some fluid left n my belly even though I'm wearing everything along with my really tight waist cincher but it is helping the fluid disappear and I can see how flat my tummy will get. On another not, I feel hasaan didn't really do a lot of LIPO aggressively on my upper back by my underarm because I still have some fat on one side. I'm a little disappointed but happy with my results. I am having booty greed but my body looks awesome when I wear clothes without the garment n I love it... Despite the back fat on one side and he left a lift fat on my upper part of my hip on one side but it's sore so it could be swelling with a little fluid in it but I'm going to be patient n start going to the gym next month but hasan did a great job. N im blessed to be able to buy jeans again with no stomach fat n bras with no back rolls..amen. I have tons of backless dresses I made for the summer n I will be wearing are some pics.excuse the cooter n stretch marks but I have 3 kids so my tiger stripes are just my badge of blessing.

Pics of yesterday

Pics 18 days post op


Just updating to let everyone know I'm doing well. The fluid I had in my stomach has decreased dramatically since I started wrapping my belly super tight with a waist trainer. I played around yesterday trying on stuff I had before surgery n I think I love my results despite the fact that I can tell Hassan didn't fill in my hip dents good.claimed I didn't need it but he did it a little bit because I was bruised on my hips n they were sore or maybe he did them n the fat stomach is flat n I love my shape.... Got that old thang back with a little extra.. Ladies be very aware that if u tell a guy/boyfriend/husband/anybody about RS sight, they will go make an account to find you and c what u post and what ur saying.. MY EX DID IT... HEY EX, STOP BEING A CREEP ON RS. Anyway, I wanted to delete my account n pictures but once u make this account n close it the stuff stays on here.but here are some updated pics n I will be erasing my naked ones


Hey ladies. Just wanted to do a small update. I'm almost one month post op.i stop wearing all the padding two days ago n I'm having no problems.still a little stiff n sore so I do some stretches before bed.i noticed a bulge n my belly at the top not sure if it's swelling or pseudo bursa which is when u have a Seroma or fluid pockets for to long, the body sends cells to form around the fluid to create a hard wall that has to be surgically removed.maybe I'm tripping n should stop reading medical anyway, the top of my belly isn't as flat as my bottom part but for the most part, I love my results n I'm looking forward to starting the gym next month. I also have no back fat besides under my under arm above the bra line:( not happy about that.
I'm using vitamin e n coco butter rigorously. N I shower twice a day while I'm n the shower it's easier to stretch because of the hot water on my skin. I do get sharp shooting pains n my back n my skin is still numb but super sensitive to the butt is soft on the top n bottom but still hard n the feel funny to sit down on my butt but I try not to ever sit unless it's on a pillow or roll without putting any pressure on it.any questions feel free to ask.
Miami Physician

Going to Hassan hopefully next year. Don't like gabay

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