My 2 Year Old Knocked my Bridge out - Philadelphia, PA

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So today my two year old knocked my bridge out...

So today my two year old knocked my bridge out with his head. I am missing the two lateral incisors and have a piece bridge. I went to the dentist this morning to find out he couldn't help me. I either need a new bridge or need to see a surgeon about dental implants. Either way I'll be toothless come Monday for work. I'm 28 now, when I was 16 I was told I wasn't a candidate for implants bc my root on the canine tooth is in the empty hole. My dentist suggested I see the surgeon with my X-rays since times have changed. I was never happy with the way this bridge was put in. I could see the metal thru my teeth, could see the metal on the sides. I was often asked if I ate something blue. It's almost as embarrassing as no teeth. I will be calling on Monday to see if I'm eligible and can afford the implants. I would like to get both teeth done if possible. I'll post pics and maybe someone can tell me what they think. I'm really nervous.

Day 4 of being tootless

I called several oral surgeons. No one can see me right away. The soonest appointment I have is April 23rd. As of right now I've been using fixodent to hold my bridge in during the work day. I've trying my best not to swallow that stuff. Man is it nasty. I've realized how thin my supporting bridge teeth are. I've only had two bridges done and my teeth are really ground down. I'm afraid if I get another bridge I'll be replacing the good teeth with crowns one day.

Oral surgeon #1

I had a consultation with an oral surgeon my dentist suggested. The consult didn't go very well I walked out just about in tears. After charging me 400$ for a scan to check bone density (they didn't make me aware of the price or I would have declined). Anyway, found out I wasn't eligible for the implants and the dr didn't think I was eligible for the minis. He suggested I get braces again, move the roots straight and come back. I made an appointment for orthodontist but couldn't be seen for a month. I forgot I had scheduled a second opinion appointment bc I couldn't be seen for over a month but they called bc they had a cancellation. I went to them on Monday even though I almost said no bc I didn't think they'd have anything new to say. The surgeon had done two of my friends implants. They did a X-ray that looked a lot better than the expensive one I paid for. The surgeon said that I had plenty of room for mini implants and showed me other people he's operated on in similar situations. I made an appointment to have the other side of my bridge removed today (Tuesday). Tomorrow I go have the surgery at 10am. I'm getting really nervous and anxious already. I'll update after surgery!

Some pics

I figured id share some pics of before surgery.

Forgot the rest

Day 1 after surgery

I had the surgery yesterday and everything went well. I did wake up several times during the surgery. Not sure why. I woke up with a bunch of needle marks on my hand and inside my elbow. I have a lot of bruising where they stuck me. I have been able to get away with just taking Motrin. I'm not in any pain and not swollen. I haven't been able to wear my flipper bc it digs right into the stitches. It's really embarrassing being toothless at my desk. I've tried to warn people but it doesn't help.
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