Avoid Buccal Fat Pad Removal if You Are Under 30 - Philadelphia, PA

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When I was 19 I still had baby fat and no...

When I was 19 I still had baby fat and no cheekbone definition in my cheeks. My doctor (Dr. Julius Newman) unwisely advised me to get cheekbone implants and casually mentioned he'd be extracting my buccal fat pads. This alarmed me, as I knew that this surgery in irreversible, but he was certain it was a good idea and I was too young and silly, alas! My face naturally aged and I lost my baby fat, and by the time I was thirty my face was as thin as a whistle and it aged me. I had the hollows under my cheeks fat grafted, which made it too puffy and dissipated unevenly. I then got the fat micro-lipo suctioned which was an improvement, but my facial shape is changed forever. Some people have fat grafting and it disappears, but if you have a good practitioner is sticks, which for me was not good.
Dr. Julius Newman

Neither of my doctors are still practicing, but I can advise you to skip Dr.Ellenbogen in LA, who routinely overfills faces. For micro-lipo of the face I recommend Dr. Devinder Mangat in Vail, CO. actually, I recoomend him for any facial surgery. He is a perfectionist and most importantly, he is very cautious. The ratings below are for him.

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