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Since I was 16 maybe even before I was always...

Since I was 16 maybe even before I was always considered to be blessed in the breast department. Well at least to my friends I was! Now I am just over carrying this weight on my shoulders and back pains. In the summer I have to hide the rash in between my breast it all has become too much!!! So here I am, 5 days before my actual procedure and so many thoughts are going through my head. I read a lot of reviews of people saying that it is so worth it and hopefully I feel the same. I'm just worried that my new breast won't match my body because I'm a little chunky and going smaller may make that more noticeable.

Pre -Op appt. anxious!

Today went in for my pre op testing. Met with Dr.Caplan again and he went over everything they will be doing the day of the surgery. I will be his first patient so I'm excited about that! Just make sure you ask all the questions there that you have because all doctors are different and give different advice. I have mixed emotions scared happy sad (because my boobies are leaving me) relieved that I have 2 days to do what I have been stressing to do since I was a teenager! Yayyyy me

Day of treatment!!! So excited!

Waiting patiently with my mom and friend... I'm actually relaxed! Everyone's so nice and chipper this morning which is giving me good vibes. So talk to you guys later!

Day 1 post op!

Sorry that I am just now getting back to you guys, I have been sleeping a lot. Ok first things first, everything went great!!!!! The procedure was fast, like it only took about an hour! I don't remember much but I wasn't in a lot of pain just a really bad burning sensation. Nothing that I couldn't handle. I slept most of yesterday so everything was a blur I only woke up to eat and take pain killers. Sleeping wasn't bad either because I was surrounded with pillows. The only thing was one min I was hot the next I was cold... It was weird. I was able to get out of bed on my own with out help to go the bathroom this morning. I wanted to post pics of the new boobies once I got out the shower so you guys can see but maybe later because I'm a little tired. Sooooo pics will be posted soon! Thank you guys for your supporting comments I really appreciate them all!!!!

Day 3 post op!

So something I realized that I forgot to mention in the last post was that I didn't have to get drains! Yay! Very excited about that! Eating has never been an issue with me but these past few days it's been hard. I don't eat as much as I use to but just enough to take meds. I'm try a replace my pain killers that were prescribed to me for Tylenol extra strength to see if it will kinda work that same. It's just the pain killers make me drowsy and I'd rather take them at night vs all day. I'm not really in pain but it can be uncomfortable here and there with the bra and the incisions. I'm still getting the hot flashes every now and then. But for the most part I'm ok. I lost 10 lbs. I don't know if that was all Boobie weight but I feel smaller as well like my thighs and arms and stomach... Or I could just be crazy! I'm a little smaller than what I thought but I'm still happy! Can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can actually see my new shape!
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