26 Year Old Woman Breast Lift with Dr. Ted Eisenberg - Philadelphia, PA

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I am 26 years old, 5'4", and have no...

I am 26 years old, 5'4", and have no children. At my heaviest, I weighed a whopping 180lbs, which in proportion to my height was not good. I went through a few rough years and didn't care much about my diet.Then I met my boyfriend and subsequently went on "the pill". After about 3 years on a low dose estrogen pill, my doctor "suddenly" realized that I shouldn't be on them because I have migraines. And apparently, I could have had a stroke. So, she switched me to the Depo shot. Never, ever again. I would rather have a litter of children than take that God awful shot ever again. I was never skinny, weighing about 150lbs in high school. My weight skyrocketed and my girls ballooned up to a 34D. I mean a BIG 34D. And I was fat. And I started sprouting unpleasant black hairs on my chest. Not good. I was finally so desperate that I turned to Physician's Weight Loss Center. I was so completely unhappy with myself and very depressed. They helped me lose about 10-15 lbs, but when I felt like I had a handle on my diet again, I ventured off on my own. I worked out for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. The weight has been sloooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwly coming off. I now weigh 154lbs and am trying to lose more.

Going off the Depo after 2 1/2 years helped shed some stubborn pounds, but with all those factors, my girls shrank and deflated and are just sad. They were never quite "right" anyway, but now I feel like an 85 year old woman who breastfed 17 children. I'm going to be 27 in August and this felt like the right time to take charge of my body and do what I need to do to make myself even more proud of what I see in the mirror. After many, many hours of perusing the internet in search of a good breast lift surgeon, I stumbled upon an article written about the Ideal Breastlift, explaining Dr. Eisenberg's revolutionary technique. I'm 3 hours outside of Philly and thought I would at least go for a free consultation to see what he had to say. Plus, he intrigued me even more after I found out he's a competitive tomahawk thrower, but that's another story... When I first called, I spoke with Sharon, who it turns out used to live a few towns over. She was very encouraging and explained what I should expect at the consultation. So, I scheduled my consultation and went home to talk to my boyfriend about it. He has been so supportive about this whole thing and I can't thank him enough. Last Saturday I went for my consultation. The girls were absolutely wonderful in addressing any concerns I had before I went in with the doctor. They called me back alone, but when I asked if my boyfriend could come in as well, they were just fine with it. Dr. Eisenberg evaluated my saggy situation and we discussed what I would like to see when I look in the mirror. I love that he didn't guide me in any particular direction, he just allowed me to layout my expectations and then addressed everything with me, explaining about the technique for the breastlift with an augmentation and addressed any concerns my boyfriend had. He included both of us in the conversation, asking him if he had any questions, too.

After finding out that Left is only an A cup and Righty is a small B (imagine my surprise because I wear a 34C bra...) and more discussion, we went into his personal office for more evaluation. Dr. Eisenberg brought out a binder of other women who have had the Ideal Breastlift with augmentation and tried to find women with similar body types and ptosis as myself. He asked me which I thought looked "natural" and "good" to me, as this was one concern of mine. We flipped through the entire binder and he flagged all of the ones I thought looked perfect to me. Once he started to see a pattern in my consistent answers, he showed me ones that he assumed I would think were too big and asked me what I thought of them. When I told him they were too big, he said he thought that's what I would say and finally decided that what I thought was proportionate for my size is a 36D. He figured out my CCs and the look I wanted to aim for and marked everything down. Then, he told me that he will be teaching a seminar in May and since that coincided with when I wanted to schedule surgery, he asked me if I would mind being a live demonstration for his students. I told him that would be just fine... after all, I won't be conscious and therefore can't be embarrassed!

After that, we went into another room so I could discuss pre-op details with Eileen, who was also really great. She scheduled me for my pre-op appointent and set me up with a phone interview with a nurse because my pre-op is on a Saturday for my convenience but the nurses are not in then. My phone interview is set up for May 9th. My pre-op is the 12th, and my lift with augmentation is the 17th! I'm so excited and have no doubts. I really love the fact that he does the "staple first" technique, which is the equivalent of "measure twice, cut once". This technique is supposed to be good for minimizing scarring, which is one of the things I was a little apprehensive about at first... a breast lift comes with a scar right up the middle of the lower breast, and around the aureola. I have every faith in Dr. Eisenberg. After all, he holds the record for the most breast augmentations and as of when I went to him, he has done over 5,000. I think he's well practiced. If you're considering this, there is a series of videos on YouTube about this one girl's journey with Dr. Eisenberg. She only had a lift, but I found it reassuring before my consultation. I'll have to keep you updated after my pre-op and then after the surgery. I will also be posting photos, so bear with me :) xo.

I had my pre-op visit at the office today. Eileen...

I had my pre-op visit at the office today. Eileen went over all the pre-op info with my boyfriend and I and sent me over to Nazareth Hospital for bloodwork. I hadn't really looked into the hospital as much as I had actually looked into Dr. Eisenberg, but I was pleasantly surprised with the attentiveness of the girls that worked in the lab area. They were very quick and friendly and the best part is, the girl who actually drew my blood didn't hurt me one bit! This was surprising because I apparently have "very deep veins" and have been told that every single time I've had blood drawn or made a blood donation. That's usually followed by the needle just being jammed in there are moved around in a very unpleasant way until they find it. This girl was good. Very good. I didn't feel a thing. I later found out that they saw my boyfriend waiting for me for the few minutes that I was in there and made it a point of going over to ask him if he was waiting for labwork. This was a far cry from our hospitals here in Scranton and I was happy to hear that. They sent me on my way with a smile. It was the least troublesome medical visit that I have ever had. Great job, girls!

I have to get my prescriptions filled tomorrow or Monday for my antibiotics, meds to prevent nausea, and pain/anxiety meds. I'm not anxious at all... yet. The thing that I was actually most concerned about was thinking that I would be able to breastfeed when the time comes, but I went on my own and did some investigating and there seems to be occasional complications, but a breast lift with augmentation doesn't usually hinder a woman's ability to breastfeed (although it does occasionally affect the amount of milk a woman produces). I feel especially confident about this because of Dr. Eisenberg's technique.

So, I guess I'm all set! My surgery begins this Thursday at 7:30! Wish me luck!

PS I know I still owe you guys some photos, but I'll get to them I promise!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!! And as promised, I'm...

Tomorrow is the BIG day!! And as promised, I'm posting photos. I'm not very nervous, which is odd for me. I think it comes down to the amount of research that I've done. I'm packing up now because we will be staying the night at the Sheraton near the hospital... Wish me luck! Xo

So far so good. Surprisingly not in a lot of pain,...

So far so good. Surprisingly not in a lot of pain, but my boyfriend is making sure I stay on top of taking my vicodin and vaium. I give the hospital an A+++ they were really great. I showered and got freshened up and have just been vegging on the couch all.day. I feel pretty great overall!! I'll update you lovely ladies more when I'm out of my narcotics cloud... Xo

I hardly have any pain today! I mean, I'm still a...

I hardly have any pain today! I mean, I'm still a little foggy and my breasts are high and hard, just as Dr Eisenberg said they would be, but they aren't very painful at all. I am so very happy so far! I have almost zero drainage, too. So far so good!! I'm still halfway into orbit becuase I'm staying on top of taking my vicodin and valium, but I do feel great. So I think I'm going to go with "worth it" right now. Sorry for babbling hahahaha

Well, now that I am almost completely out of my...

Well, now that I am almost completely out of my narcotics fog, I can update everyone in a more coherent manner! Haha! I have been doing so well with recovering. I hardly had any pain the first few days, but I have started to have some burning sensation periodically in the top of my right breast and arm. Dr. Eisenberg had told me previously that this is perfectly normal, along with possible tingling and numbness. I did some more prodding around the internet and found that it's most likely disrupted nerves getting themselves back in order. Nothing a little vicodin can't help. I was also able to start ibuprofen yesterday. I was unable to take celebrex because I have a sulfa allergy, but I'm sure it would have really made a difference because it is an anti-inflammatory... the girls are still "high and hard"... But I have thankfully had zero oozing or drainage so far. Today is my last day of lounging around and resting... back to work tomorrow! Thank God! I am soooooo bored and going out of my mind because I'm so used to being so independent.

Tip for showering with burning pain after breast...

Tip for showering with burning pain after breast lift with augmentation: buy a supportive front clasp bra - it doesn't have to be a sports bra. I got a danskin deep plunge front clasp and it was the BEST thing I have ever done! I could be in the shower long enough to actually shave myself! I felt so much better after that! The bra supported me enough to keep the pressure off of my healing nerves. I unclasped it briefly to clean my incisions, but then I hooked it back up after and continued showering. It was glorious. I won't even begin tell you how hairy I got in 6 days...

The girls are all settled in!

Please forgive my horrendous sunburn. Someone requested an updated photo of the girls, so here it is! Although I don't even notice or think about it, I have minimal scarring, which is something that just comes with the territory. I honestly look right past the scars because the positive outweighs that aspect. I feel amazingly confident, I love being able to wear bras that fit properly, and I feel amazing in clothes. No one can tell that I've had anything done, not even friends that I've nown since childhood. I also love being able to wear tops that I would never be able to before - strapless, or backless, shirts that are not conducive to wearing bras. My suggestion to anyone who is en toying with the idea is to go and meet Dr. Eisenberg. He has an amazingly calming personality and is such a kind man. I was actually very sad leaving my year visit because I didn't have to go back to see him anymore.. but he did remind me that we are "bosom buddies forever" :) If anyone has any questions about my experience that I have not mentioned, please don't hesitate to ask. I know how grueling a process it is to research and find a surgeon while you're constantly asking yourself "what makes this one better than this one?!" Good luck ladies!!

So Happy To Encourage Others

I just wanted to say thank you for all the positive feedback that everyone has been giving me about this post. I hope that it will encourage you as you prepare to make such a huge decision for yourself. If anyone has any specific questions, please let me know.

Update: 8 Months Pregnant!

Hello, ladies. It's been a while since my last update because there really hasn't been much to say, but I am currently 35 weeks + 5 days pregnant, expecting our first child on February 24, 2016. I have been trying to read up on how this procedure will affect my ability to breastfeed, supplementing what Dr. Eisenberg told me years ago, but haven't found anything that really hit home with me. I didn't have many questions about it at the time because I was honestly the LAST person I thought would ever experience pregnancy... haha. The best advice I found is "pump as much as possible", but that still doesn't tell me if it will be enough to make this a successful experience. If any of you are curious as to how this procedure may affect you, keeping in mind that everyone is different, I will be glad to let you know the good, the bad, and the ugly.
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