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Hi everyone, it has been very helpful reading...

Hi everyone, it has been very helpful reading about everyone's procedures and seeing your before and after photos. I really could use some unbiased advice on what I should do. I have suffered with breast asymmetry all of my life. (Left breast much bigger than right). It has caused me to be very insecure and self conscious. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I have wanted to have breast surgery for as long as I can remember, it just wasn't an option, financially. I just turned 50 in August and I feel that I am too old to do this and it is a frivolous way to spend money. With the love and support of my husband, I decided to go for a consultation with Dr. Adrian Lo. He has offices in Philadelphia & New Jersey. Dr. Lo and his coordinator made me feel at ease and I scheduled my surgery for December. I am 5'5 and weight in the 120's. I am scared that I am making a huge mistake. I feel I need to be happy with myself no matter how I look. I have suffered from a distorted body image & have had bouts with bulimia and anorexia in the past. I am scared that getting implants will make me look and feel "fat" and I will want them removed. Please, please, I need advice. I have included a picture of how my breast look now.

Thank you all for reading story.

Rice sizers


Stupid question!

I know this is a stupid question, but I see a lot of the pre op pictures look like everyone has tanned or used a self tanner?? Is that something that is done at the PS office or am I supposed to do that??

Sorry, this is all new to me????

1 month to new boobies!'

Ok, ladies I need advice. I am having breast lift with saline implant in left and saline implant in right. What size do you think is appropriate for me? I would like breast that are full and high on my chest. My pre op appt is set for December 13th. Still have no idea what size the ps is recommending and have yet to try on sizers. I called the ps office regarding this and they said to call them the day before so they will bring the sizers to there satellite office. So many decisions.

I know I am in good hands

I was having doubts about my upcoming surgery and a little voice kept telling me to get another consultation. I was simply amazed with Dr Sorokins website which made me want to actually meet him. I decided to contact his office and spoke to Bella, one if the Drs technicians. She made me feel confident that I was making the right choice by getting a second opinion. I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism, knowledge and expertise of him and his wonderful staff. He sat with me and explained which procedure would be the best for me to attain the look I want. He faced me toward a full length mirror and took the time to show me what he could do We went over pre and postoperative care and what I should expect. Marla, the Drs technician gave me sizers to put on, I think the right was 400cc and the left was 275cc. I then went to see Alisha and discussed cost and go over consents. I was given a huge book to take home and read along with prescriptions for pain medications and an rx for a mammogram. By the time I left her office I felt so comfortable. She knew I was on a time constraint and wisked me off to another technician( sorry I do not remember her name) who was so sweet and gentle when she drew my blood and did my EKG. After seeing Alisha one more time, the technician that drew my blood came in and said the Dr was concerned about my potassium levels and wanted me to begin a medication pre op. Wow, talk about being efficient. I am now feeling at ease and confident in my decision and am looking forward to my new additions.

Let the healing begin

1 week post op


9 days post breast lift & implants

Finally feeling a little better. Still am trying to get use to the girls!!

I love, love, love my new additions!!

I cannot give enough praise to my surgeon and his fabulous staff!! They are by far the best group of healthcare professionals???????? Thank you all for taking such wonderful care of me????????????

Scared!!!!! Should I start worrying??

Happy New Year everyone.

Today I am 3 weeks po and I am feeling that there is a problem with my breast. I have an infection on the right which I am on oral antibiotics and using antibiotic ointment on the incisions. My concern is the left breast. It is lower and pointing more to the left side. Am I crazy or am I expecting too much?? Please help!!

3 week post op

Most recent picture

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The black lines you see are showing where the lower fold of the breast are. The right does not have one. I don't understand why? The left breast is still pointing to the left, that I can live with, but there is no upper pole fullness compared to the right. Does anyone else see this, or is it me?



Still am unhappy with the shape of the left breast compared to the right. The right has a fullness upper and lower but the left doesn't. The right does not have a fold at the bottom and the left does. If I would have known that I wouldn't have had a result at least 80% perfect! I would never have gone through with the surgery. I was told if I am still unhappy in 6 weeks, he will discuss a revision. The most disappointing thing, I finally did this at the age of 50, only to feel like I made a big mistake. I wasted a lot of money on this "dream" of being normal. My husband loved me the way I was before, I just didn't love myself. Ohh well.

Ok, now what!!

I was told by my ps he could fix the left areola in the office. A little lidocaine to numb me up and reposition it. I'll have some stitches. He will fix the left if I want( cost was not discussed) but he wanted me to know that it would be fuller than the right and that fullness would be noticeable in a bra. He said I am sure you look great in a bra!! I didn't have the surgery to look great in a bra!! Anyway, my issue is that the left breast is still hanging to the left(the same as it was before surgery), it's only bigger and lacks the fullness of the right. They are two different breast. I understand that no one has perfect breast. I just expected them to at least be pointing in the same direction with the same amount of fullness. My dilemma, do I risk a revision and possibly look worse, or hope that the surgeon that I put all my trust in can fix it.

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I think if I would have know how my breast were going to turn out after 2 surgeries, I wouldn't have done it. My left breast looked much better after the second surgery, but that only lasted 2 mths. I was doing a push up and felt pain in my left breast. When I checked it out in the mirror, my implant had moved or dropped. I was able to see where my natural breast tissue ended and the continued. (If that makes sense) Also, when I flex my muscle you can see the same thing as well as ripples extending from the center of my chest out toward the implant.

I don't know what to do at this point. My Dr said it is normal. It doesn't feel normal to me.

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