38 Years Old, 5 Kids, Breast Augmentation 10 Day Countdown!!!!

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Hi mom of 5 working on getting my sexy back. I'm...

Hi mom of 5 working on getting my sexy back. I'm currently a 34a and I spend a lot on vs bombshell bras lol. I've been researching drs and stalking RealSelf for months n finally found a ps to do my breast augmentation. I originally wanted to go to Miami but I decided to stay local . We agreed on 475 & 500 cc saline implants. I hope that is not too big. I want to be a full c. I am both excited and scared. Any advice on supplies I should buy to make sure I have a smooth recovery?


The anxiety is killing me. 8 days until boobyland. I haven't filled my scripts yet or brought supplies I need for aftercare. Any suggestion on good scar cream/strips??

3 days away

I'm so excited!!!!!! I have not slept all week long. The anxiety.....see you lovely ladies on the other side

Tommorow the big day

See you ladies on the other side

Surgery set for 8am. They just gave me something nasty to drink (citric acid). I have my in in and I'm just waiting for them to take me to the back. See you ladies on the other side

I mAse it to the other side

Hey ladies. I made it to. Ok glad. Surgery was at 8:00 am I was home at about 12:30 pm. I have not felt any pain so far just feels like I was working out. It's a little uncomfortable when I reach for things but I really have no pain at all.

Not sure why they look this way

2nd day post op. No pain. No pain meds. I only took my antibiotics today but my boobs look crazy

Feeling good

So today is post op day 4. I am having no pain and I'm regaining my strength. I still have some loose skin at the bottom of my boobs but hopefully I will get good news from my ps when I go to my pre op on tuesday

Post op day 5

Feeling great, No pain. No pain meds. I drove today with no issues. I have my post op appointment tommorow.

HEARTBURN/acid reflux whatever

Has anyone experienced heartburn or acid reflux after breast augmentation? I'm two weeks post op and feeling well. My boobs are still pretty high. I went to my post op this week and was told to start massages.

1 month 3 days, still high

They are still sitting quite high. I massage them all the time like my ps instructed. They dropped minimally but got the most part they are still quite high

1 month, 3 days, still haven't dropped

2 month boobiversary

They are filling out. I still have a little loose skin. They look small in clothes I wish I would have went bigger!!!!!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

I went for a consultation and both the staff and the ps are very pleasant, patient and informative. My consult was not rushed. He answered every question thoroughly and made me feel very comfortable.

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