29 Years B Cup Now ,380cc or 400 Cc Hoping D Cup Gummy Bear Sientra Mp - Philadelphia, PA

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I love this site i feel like i have a lot of...

I love this site i feel like i have a lot of friends ,can t believe i am writing and not reading. I am a size b now going for size d . Talking to a doctor than i went to another one because i need more opinions. Is first surgery and want to make sure like everyone out there.....so i have my appointment on Tuesdays to talk about surgery i already tried sizes and diferent brands there i didn't know anything about themall i know i want gummy bear once.i will update with pictures too.i will see what the doctor will say first.

went to see 3 doctors .humiliated. ...

So to make my story short wen t to the hospital and ask for a good doctor first one took her time didn't know an answer to many of the qestions or she was repeating the same words I can't put more than 393 cc mentor I said I want sientra I just read about them and my best friend has them.she answered kind of angry...I can see your mind is set up for Sientra since you came.....after rhat visit I caled the nurse and I asked her to tell the doctor I will really like 400cc because it will only be a small difference.The aanswer was no again. Ok I tried another doctor ot of 3 hours of me being there he was in to talk with me only 20minutes.his answer was I can only try 330cc. At that point didn't even care because I lost my confidence in him for being there only 20 min with me and already asking me when do uou want the surgery . Wow.....wait a minute didn't even say what I have to say and scheduled a surgery? After one week went to the first doctor she came in and said well you are not my patient anymore you visited doctor N/A and he is your doctor now .I said ok.I couldn't belive that.what kind of doctor are u if you don't understand that people like to hear more options before they go under that knife let's face it is not easy. And finally the 3 doctor the best doctor ever she took her time explains any question she knows what she is doing made 3d pictures of my body show me how I will look like with different sizes so she said ok you want your brand and you want 400cc perfect .I scheduled my surgery and I feel good about I now I am actually glad it happen this way.now I have the best doctor I feel so confident and excited about it. Sorry if I make mistakes with my writing.

5 more days

Today i paid the surgery. I am nervous about it i don't know how i will react to surgery.

one more day before the surgery

So i got some chlotes with front zipper down in the closet because i wont be able to lift my arms . Than i got juice and light food prepared. I saw someone having ice packs prepared i Was told no ice pack. I will ask again the doctor why no ice pack. I also bought 3 different size sports bra from wallmart cheap and good belive me i looked to a lott of stores for those.its funny when i got to wallmart i was trying the bra on over the chlotes and i was smiling because i couldn't believe is me getting a bra. I don't own any.i am nervous is true but i will stil get a full night of sleep because i wanted those boobs so bad and i am not the only one getting boobs. I was talking to a friend of mine she had them done and she told me the first week will be hard and i will have a hard time breathing this is something doctors won't tell u . Of course because there is something there you were not used to.

few more hours ...to my surgery

I feel ok funny for the fact that i am not nervous i trust the doctor .and the nurse that called me today was so nice to the phone. I feel like i am just going to get my nails done tomorrow . The good part i never had a surgery so i don't know how exactly is . I took some pictures of my boobs now and i will try to sleep. I got food today light food juice etc. And i got my chlotes ready with front zipper only because i imagine i will have a hard time geting dress. I will keep you in touch with everything. Kisses.

surgery day

So i did well i am home now i did a great job getting front zipper chlotes the nurse didn't have a hard time getting me dress. So i left home at 7 got there at 9 30 because of trafic i waited till 11 finely they took me upstairs change chlotes put iv in ask me a lott of questions .i talked with the anesthesiologist . He told me they are going to put oxigen tube down my throat and i will feel dry the second day. Than the doctor came a sweet heart. Draw measurements on my boobs and let myhusband to come in and stay with me till they get the room ready, finally they took me in the surgery room 2 nurses the doctor and anesthesiologists. Lay me down on a verry worm bad thak god cause it was cold there. Cover me with worm blanket and the anesthesiologist was doing something at my arm i remember i looked at the sling and my eyes close. I woke up in a different room with nurses talking @ me i told one nurse that i want to vomit i didn have anesthisia before but when i gave burt naturally i vomit than too she had something readi o i wont vomit on me and imagine vomiting with short breath .i knew i am like my grandmother she is bad to the anesthisia i told them that before urgery. Than i saw my husband talking with the doctor. I was in a lot of pain. They drug me up again and i fell asleep . At 4 30 pm we left the hospital got home at 7 the potholes on the road did not help i was in. Pain .got more medication eat cereal and nap time. Nowis 5 am and i feel realy tight and in pain i feel like these medications don t work for me .Anyway i did good i am glad i am a life because they were asking me if i have a living will that is scary my answer was no because i am not ready to dy and this i not a heart surgery is a cosmetic one.i will keep you girls posted. I tried to put some pictures in here i couldn't i will try again whe i get to my desktop.

before pictures

Before pics I will add the after pictures too

feel really tight

Today I feel really tight ah I can t move and breath right .is pretty bad I eat I was hungry and I vomit again .....special when you are wrapped around and you need to vomit imagine that. I call the nurse she told me to get ibuprofen. And pain pills every 4 hours.I fel better now.

2 day after surgery

Well i don't want to do nothing today but sleep. My chest is tight but feel bether than first day. I am trying to write. My nurse told me not to use ice so i used anyway yesterday because i feelt like my boobs were on fire .so i put for like 10 minutes .and also the nurse said i can get the pain pills every 4hour ansd some iibuprofen everything 12 hours and that helped a lot . About food yesterday i eat half sandwich. And apple sauce and a lot of tea with lemon and apple juice i am glad i bought apple juice and sauce before surgery .i got 3 stool softness pills i was afraid i can t push down .next to my table i got a paint stick you know from Sherwin-Williams because i knew my back will be itching so i get my stick and i move it @ my back ohhhhhh god it feels so good. So make sure you got your stick.

1 week after suffering

Still seek my husband is miserablecbut whovcare s about him hahahahaah. @i feel seek all i eat is ice cream it will get better. And i know why my husband hates me like that cause i use to be the active one doing anything to him . I stop pain madication all i get is musle relaxer and ibuprofen. I LOVE MYBOOBS EVEN IF I SAY I AM SEEK FOR ONE WEEK DO IT gets your boobs done girl you deserve it.

before and after pictures

So I got to many pain pills i made the bigest mistake. I was seek and I feelt like I drog added. Is pretty bad .now ffinally I feel a little bit better .please dont take pain pills if you feel like you Dont really need to

15. days after

So I was wearing some type of bra too tight under my boobs burt me for wearing it so tight and every day .I chance it now is better but this one is loose and now my muscles are hardening. Special when I am cold . Anyway no pain for my boobs themselves. Just under a little pain. My scar is healing great the doctor did a great job for it.

I saw my doctor again

2weeks after I saw the doctor she said i am healing very good. I asked her about the scar if I should pt something on it she said leave it alone.I will see her again in 2weeks and I will see. They are still very tight but is getting better.

18 days after ...

Ok today I really don't feel good my boobs feel funny like they are ready to remove themselves off my body like I will drop them and I need to hold them .anyway I will use my wrap today because I don't like that feeling. And they feel heavy.

7 months later

Hello everyone so is 7 months sonce i had my surgery i feel good with my breast sometimes when i run i feel itchy @ my breast . I am happy with it the only regret i have is : i wish they were bigger. I was told by the doctor that my muscles were very strong and put a big preasure against the implant. Who knows ...anyway ih you have questions about the implant plase write me .
percec ivona

She is a sweat heart. She did a great job with my boobs realy i recommended her.

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