27 Years Old, Two Kids, 300-350cc Mentor Silicone - Philadelphia, PA

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Ok so, I just went to my Pre-op appointment today....

Ok so, I just went to my Pre-op appointment today. Just got back... So last time at my consultation, we decided on 350cc silicones... Today, I went down to 300cc and still indecisive! I'm 5'1; 105 lbs and quite petite. I've always wanted BA since 18 but was put on hold til I finished having kids. Well here I am, determined to get them. I freaked out about the whole breast implants illness thing... I guess I'll try have to try it to keep for sure if it's right for me! Anyways my surgery is in 6 days!!! I have mixed feelings... But more excited than anything right now. I'm only still thinking about sizes...
What do you ladies think? 300cc or 350cc? I want to be a full B small C... But not sure if itll look good on me. dr Lo suggested HP implants... I will show before pic later since I'm busy w my two year old right now.

Sizing and surgery tomorrow!!

So I came by the office to make payments and address my last concerns before the surgery tomorrow!!
I emailed their office on Sunday and got a call on them on Monday as soon as they were opened. Very professional and caring. Anyways, I was arranged to talk to Dr. lo and he reassured me that my implants and size won't look "fake" on me. I told him he could decide on the right size on me as I was unsure of what I wanted... He'll probably go between 300cc-325cc, and at the most 350cc is those fit best on my frame. He's so confident that I really don't mind, as long as I wake up feeling good and the boobs look proportional, I don't really care for how many CC's were put in. But I did make sure he won't get to 375cc and plus since those aren't the looks I'm looking for.

Well, I'm so excited!! I was going to take before pictures but it's so dark in my room right now due to my son already sleeping. I'll probably snap some photos tomor morning before I head out for surgery w my husband. I've decided to sleep early and not think or do last minute researching... I'm just going to let it sink in and let it flow! I'm off to wax my armpits and take a good night rest as I know the up coming days won't be easy...
Anyone reading this, pray for me! ???????? Update later!

Today is the big day!

I'm currently in the waiting room, waiting to be called in for surgery. Kind of nervous honestly... Been telling everyone I'm ok. Lol but the pressure is on! But I think I'm happier than worried so that's a good thing. :)

Just got back to the other side! :)

So I had my surgery, he staffs were awesome and Dr. LO was definitely the best. I had a great experience with my surgery, just hoping for good results. I'm all wrapped up right now so I don't know what I look like. Dr.lo ended up doing 300cc on me and told me my breasts are going to look the bomb! Can't wait to see my new girls... Dr lo said I'm going to be full B small Cs like how I wanted, we shall see in the upcoming weeks! But anyways, as far as pain goes, nothing unbearable! I thought it would be way worse but nope, just feels tight around my chest and boobs engorged just like when you're breast feeding. If you've had babies, this is similar. Anyways, I keep peeking and poking at my breasts and they are pretty soft, which is great Bc I have to report to dr.lo of it gets hard, that might be a problem. So, so far, so good! I'm applying an ice pack even though it's not crazy pain. :) my husband stayed home w me. He's a doll. He changed me and did everything for me... My two year old is w the babysitter, he doesnt want my son to bother me or hurt me unintentionally, since he usually clings onto me. I promise photos later!

1 day post-op!

Hello guys! As I promised, I am posting some before and afters for u to see. Overall, it's awesome right now. My arm still hurts so I couldn't position the camera... Anyways, they're very symmetrical even tho I was told my breasts aren't even, so I'm really glad! Pictures don't show how awesome my girls look! Still, need a lot of dropping and fluffing, but so far I'm really happy! And sorry, I don't know how to rotate the pictures!


So my husband helped me shower since he didnt want me to raise my arms up... Anyways, incisions look bad right now, hopefully they'll look better as time goes by. I can't take a pic of them since I'm currently in a dark room. Will post one at a later date! Btw, I included a before photo of me since I forgot to last time.

So it's my second day post-op

I was feeling really energized and happy the whole day until 5pm... I started feeling depressed about my size and the cleavage gap. I regretted the whole surgery. I thought maybe I should've just never had it done... Seeing my 21 month old but can't really get close to him breaks my heart. So, I felt really emotionally, I realized after I took the meds that's when I felt strange. When my husband came home from work and picked up my son, I was able to talk to him and hold him. Everyone he gets too close, his daddy would say "mommy 's hurt" and he would back off and lift up his shirt and point to his armpit and say" mommy hurt here, mommy hurt here" lol he's so smart. We never even mentioned it or never even point it out to him. For some reason he's more observate than his 6 and 9year old sisters. I felt better after talking to him and kissing him. After that I went to the bathroom mirror and looked at my naked breasts and they're looking good. I guess I was having the first few days post-op depress symptoms that my doctors' staffs were talking about. Well, I feel much better now! I did some research and I see that so many women who are 3-4 days post-op go through the say things in their minds. Well, I hope those we are considering breast augmentation won't be discouraged by this! Everything is going to be alright!

Incisions and etc

I'm uploading my before and and current incisions under my arms... Aren't as bad as I thought.
Anywho, i started to regret on the size that I got... I should've went w the 350cc that the doctor had suggested. Due to all the comments from my families, I decided to stay small and be safe but now I regret it so mcuh! 50cc aren't much of a diff but I don't know, maybe that's probably the "perfect" image I had in my mind... But i know for sure I will not go back just to add in another 50cc! Lol I just wish I listened to everyone else on real self if I second guess myself, I should just pick the bigger size but oh wellZzz what's been done cannot be redone. ???? I wonder if it's too early to know the final results?...

Feeling down

Sigh... I'm feeling uncomfortable right now and for the past 24 hours I couldn't get my mind off the CC's that I chose. I regret not getting the 350cc-375cc that my doctor recommended! I feel my breasts are looking nice but are way too little for my frame. I don't blame on anyone but myself Bc I was just so afraid of looking too top heavy.... :'( I'm just so angry at myself as I know I do not want to go back to get larger implants. I can't find the time or money to do it again. Doctor said it'll take some time before I get used to them and like them.. But I already do like them.. The only thing is they're way too small! I love wearing v neck T shirts and even after implanta with my breasts still high, my nipples still show! Meaning I didn't go big enough. And I literally still wear extra small shirts with my nipples shown... I kept telling myself that I look better than before and I haven't had any complications yet so I should be optimistic. But I'm just depress Bc of how much money and pain I went through just to look a cup size bigger... ???????????? no projection what so ever. Ughh I hate my choices... Pictures later

A little dizzy today

Don't quite know the reason why I've been feeling a little dizzy these two days.. Maybe Bc I offered to watch my kids while my husband went to work. I felt bad that the baby had to keep going away for me to rest. Even though he doesn't bother me, he does make a mess around the house and I did run away and clean up after him... Maybe that's what caused the dizziness. I tried to drink a lot of water also... Doesn't help much unless I lay down. I was kind of anemic before my BA tho, that problem played a big role in why I feel light headed at times. My husband stayed him today but he had to take his parents out for something personalZ I'm stuck w this little bad boy for a couple of hours. He's fast asleep right now so I'm resting as well.

Anyways, my boobs are looking a lot better today and a lot softer. At times thing feel very sore and tight, much like engorged w/ breast milk. I sometimes get a stabbing sensation on the sides of my breasts, closer to my rib cage... Maybe that has something to do w my nerves or the position I was in while getting operated. Usually those uncomfortable sensations come early in the morning and at night time... Goes away during most of the day time. I hope they'll heal faster... Other than that everything is wonderful. I was having boob greed for a couple of days butn over it now. I think they got my frame quite well the way I imagined them to be before getting the BA. Right now, looking at them, I think I would've been mad at myself if I went bigger.

2 weeks update

So tomorrow marks my two weeks since surgery! I'm pretty content with the result. My only concern Is that my left is higher and bigger than my arm breast... doctor said it'll change with time and one may take longer to drop than the other. My right breast was always lower than my left though... hopefully they will even out and look better. My 2 week post op is tomorrow! Will see how everything goes. I still wish I did go bigger but at least theyre a very natural size...

6 weeks post op!

Omg it's already been 6 weeks, didn't feel like it. Well, I'm still disappointed in the size that in chose at times... they ARE the size that I originally wanted to look, I guess I have some boob greed. Anways, my breasts have soften a lot compared to the first couple weeks. No major change... I guess they do appear more natural. I just sometimes hate myself for deciding to go smaller at the last minute. I think 350cc would've perfect... oh well. I'm wearing a 32C and 32D in VS. I guess it depends on the style.

4 months update!

Hello girls,
It's been 4 months since I had surgery. Everything went well up to last week.... I felt fitness on my right breast. I think maybe two weeks before that I kept feeling a burning sensation and thought maybe my son was on my breast and made it uncomfortable, however; I recently felt discomfort on my right breast. It started hardening and so I scheduled to see my surgeon. I explained to him what I went through and told him I think I might have capsular contracture... he examined me for two seconds and said that I shouldn't have been on the internet reading too much stuff... and said I was fine and my breasts look decent even after I told him my right breast originally was lower than my left but for the past couple days, it has been sitting up higher. He reassured me that I was wrong and told me to keep a watch for two weeks and see if anything Changes. Well two days later, I felt nothing but pain and discomfort. I called in and demanded to see the doc again. This time, he took a look and asked what did I do that made it like that and that I was fine all these time lol... I told him I was in there two days ago and he sent me home...to make the story short, I am truely truely disappointed with my doctor... I am truely unhappy bc my breasts aren't the same... doc prescribed me Accolate And told me to take it twice a day for one month and come back to see if it helped... :(( bad luck for me, all the pharmacies that I went to or called up didn't have it In stock so one pharmacy had to order it...I can't take it until 2pm tomor... I'm praying for it to work... pray for me please! I'll update soon. Gluck girls...
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

He knows how to do his job. He's very confident and not quite a talker but I'm sure I could trust him! I'll update later. ;)

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