25, No Children, 32B/A Currently , 5'9, 115 Lbs. - Philadelphia, PA

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Hello, Age: 25 Height: 5'9 Weight: 115 approx....


Age: 25
Height: 5'9
Weight: 115 approx.
BS Now: 32B / A

Surgeon: Dr. Adrian Lo
Date of surgery: 11-25-2015
Incision: Armpit
Size: 350-400+, Dr. Lo will ultimately decide during surgery

So like most people here I'm not too happy about being part of the no boobs crew. I've been wanting this for a long time and feel like this is the right time in my life. I scheduled for the day before thanksgiving so I hopefully don't need to take any days off of work as I will already have the 4 day weekend.

Dr. Lo was my second consultation but to be honest I booked the sure very before I even had the consultation. My sister also had her breast done with him and he's really the only/ best guy for getting it through the armpit.

My first consultation was with Dr. Gartner in Paramus. To be honest it was a strange experience and being that it was my only experience I tried to see the best of it as I was so determined to find someone. But after going to Dr. Lo I can say for sure that my experience with Dr. Gartner was a bad one. He didn't want to do the surgery through the armpit and tried to scare me out of it but the actual problem was that he was experienced enough for the job, which is fine but I prefer honesty rather than scare tactics. He wasn't very open and you couldn't ask questions until he was done because then he would seemingly get annoyed by your interruption. And when it's your first consultation you're excited and curious with a lot of questions and you don't want to forget them ! Sheesh. The worst part was the lady who's name I do not remember but when we went to discuss price and payment and I told her I would think about this further and get back to her she gave me a nasty speech about how I just wasted the Drs time and hers and I should know before I come here if I'm going to do the surgery or not because they advertised a free consultation. What was that about. I was so determined to get the surgery done that I had intended to call her back that day when I got home, my best friend convinced me (she went with me) to go to at least one other consultation. Glad I did.

Anyways, Dr. Lo was soo super confident and his concern is with how you want to look, your expectations and basically he fills in the rest. Which I think is great because he's the doctor not me! He does explain his decisions also. So he figures it out then tells you why and it was so effortless. He also said going through the armpit would be perfectly fine for me, he see no issues with it. Because I want to be pretty big but not crazy big, he explained that before he puts the real implants in he puts fake ones which he inflates to different sizes. He does his thing and picks the one he finds looks and fits best based on a number of factors.

The ladies are awesome! Tammy answered so many other random questions we had, the more personal lady questions lol but she was fantastic! So open and informative and nice!

Then, Mildred the money lady lol she was just as great. It was all about accommodating me, financing options, appointments and more boob questions lol and before and after care. Wonderful experience with all of them.

My surgery is a little less than 1 month away. Update you then!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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