2 Years & 3 Surgeries Later I'm Still Not Happy!! - Philadelphia, PA

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The results from my first TT & BBL were barely...

The results from my first TT & BBL were barely noticeable. Regarding my BBL, my hips and buttocks did increase, which I liked but the volume in my butt barely got bigger. My teenage daughter asked if I had rescheduled surgery because she saw no improvement. Dr. Gottlieb did remove some of my back fat which he told me he used in the BBL. After my TT, my stomach did reduce significantly in size but I still had a very noticeable pooch (reminded me of my PMS bulge) in ALL clothing, whether fitted or baggy and it made me very uncomfortable. So much so that I started wearing a shaper and corset whenever I went out. He assured me that he had been aggressive in his approach but I found him to be too conservative.

I wasn't expecting to look like Nicki Minaj or Kim K but wanted to be confident when I wear my clothing and I didn't get that. After several visits and my results not being what they should've been, Dr. Gottlieb and I decided that a revision would be necessary so we scheduled this for October, 2014 and he assured me that I would get the desired results this time around. He promised to remove more back fat to use for the BBL and remove the pooch in my tummy. I asked why couldn't he just put the fat in my behind (@ the bottom) where it lacked volume but he said that's not how it is done. It was like the fat stayed at the top/middle area of my behind & the bottom part was still deficient. So, I went under for the 2nd time.

I noticed no immediate difference in either the tummy or behind area after the 2nd surgery but Dr. Gottlieb said to give it time. Almost 6 weeks after surgery, I noticed this hard, painful lump in my butt so I sent pics by email and spoke to Dr. Gottlieb by phone. He said all was normal, it was just a fat pocket that would eventually break up on its own. The pain got worse to where I couldn't sleep at night or even do anything using that side of my body. I called the office several times & asked should I go see my family doctor to get relief from this pain. Dr. Gottlieb said no because only they knew how to deal with whatever I had. I traveled 8 hours to get this looked at - I had a developed necrosis and it hurt like hell. Dr. Gabay looked at it and lanced it. I asked what that was and he had the nerve to tell me he had never seen that before & it most definitely wasn't necrosis. My husband was so annoyed that he would treat us as if we were 2 idiots that didn't know any better. I was still very upset but so happy to have the pain gone. We then made a follow-up appointment w/Dr. Gottlieb for the first of the new year. After we had gone home the cyst continued to drain for a full week, it was thick and yellow & ruined everything I wore no matter how covered up it was. I developed a huge concave scar at the site of the infection that was very noticeable through ALL clothing I wore regardless of it being snug or loose.

On the first visit in the new year, Dr. Gottlieb said we needed to give the concaved scar time to heal and that it would heal itself & the skin would go back to normal. That didn't happen! After many calls and emails, we scheduled scar removal surgery for end of February. I reported for surgery, they anesthetized the area and made 2 small incisions & Dr. Gottlieb told to give it time but that the skin would now go back to normal.

Of course, the scar didn't fully heal and there was still a significant dent in my behind. I was still not happy which I communicated to Dr. Gottlieb & he said third times the charm & he was sure that if I went under this last time, he could fix the concaved scar & give my behind the desired look. I was very skeptical but my husband compared it to a custom suit, sometimes you have to go back more than once to get exactly what you want. Needless to say, afterwards, it was no different than the previous look except that he deposited more fat at the top & that as the fat settled, it created a cellulite dent right above the concaved dent & it is still SO very noticeable. I would have to say he made it worst, so much so, that I COMPLETELY gave on follow-up visits or anything in dealing with Dr. Gottlieb.

I visited 2 plastic surgeons in my area and they both have told me that when too much fat is deposited in one area it can gather, harden and that causes necrosis, which Dr. Gottlieb confirmed is what I had. They also informed me that there is nothing they can do for the dent in my behind, it is something I will have to get used to, which has been very upsetting because this huge dent is very visible in ALL clothing.

Unfortunately, the 3+ surgeries with Dr. Gottlieb did not fulfill the goal - not even close. I am sorely disappointed. After spending over $11,000 (including surgery costs, travel, hotel & gas), I am still extremely dissatisfied and now find another surgeon to fix this botched surgery. When I started investigating this surgeon's practice, there wasn't much info on him so that is why I wanted to post this review so u can make an informed decision & spend a little more elsewhere but you'll be happy with your final results.
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