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I am 31 mother of 5, after 5 kids my body has not...

I am 31 mother of 5, after 5 kids my body has not been the same I never had a butt I have always had to work on my body now that I am divorcing I want to be NEW! ! So I went to see Dr Gabay & he gave me a very nice price for the whole procedure.. I am kinda scared & happy at the same time, how painful will it be

The count down begins.. 14 more days to my pre-op appt and 20 more days to my surgery yayyy

Ok so I went in to finish paying my balance and scheduled my appt for my procedure for june 11, 2013 and my pre-op is on the 5th of june.. I hope everything goes good.. I have a lot of questions :) Lets start with what Is the best kind of Garment should get? I here a lot of ppl talk about the garment messing with some of the bbl results..what items would I need for home? Do anyone know what is done at the pre-op apt ? is it the basic blood work and talk to the anesthesiologist ? I started taking the multi-vitamins and Vitamin C that they recommended me to take. Do anyone know how long will I need to recover from this I took off until July 1 2013 ? I will post some before pictures tonight so everyone can see my before body..

Before Pics

Before pics of my body..


I am so excited, 8 days to Pre-op & 14 days until my Big Day... I can't wait..

Pre-op day

Today was my pre-op day Dr. Gabay took some pictures and answered all my questions, I had some blood work drawn and said great we will call Monday and give you a time to be here on Tuesday!! I am kind of excited I asked what it the amount fat that is taking out of body and he said a lil over 4 Liters which is great because I am getting a TT also. I told him please take me in on both side to create a very nice curve and add as much as fat as he like if not ALL lol. I said I don't want a Biggg Butt but a very nice high round butt with cuff at the bottom Ahhh me and my wishes I hope this turns out good ... countdown to surgery on Tuesday June 11. 2013


My procedure is scheduled for this morning I can't sleep I am nervous, anxious and scared all at the same time. I now know how my patients feel when they are mad because they are NPO ugh i am so thirsty.. I am glad someone started this site because this is truly a journey to take when your a woman and you want to speak about it and you have open minds wanting to respond and to give their opinion. I will update whenever I feel up to it this week for now GN..

3days post op

I am 50% disappointed n 50% n love wit my shape I originally asked for a high round butt wit a lot of cuff at the bottom well that's not what I got my butt is wide n Flatt n the middle but he did a really great job on my stomach n waist area everyone is telling me to wait it might round out but I don't think so "(

more pics

Also the garment he put me n suck it's not holding it slides down ohh n he also did my inner thighs he says he put in 1100 CC n each but I don't think he rounded it to mold n2 anything

18 days post-op

So I am 18 days post-op and i have lost all the fat that he has transferred into my butt. It look like that i have a lil butt by wearing the garment but when you take it off I am back where I started from :(. I still have a lost of swelling in my belly, I guess because i can't find the right garments to wear, I purchased Dr. Rey shape wear from sears it is kind of ok butt I think I need something better.
Ok ladies the pain, What the HELL... No1 on this site said if you take the garment off there will be instant swelling burning and pain OUCH..you can't really sleep but i guess beauty is pain.. I got it under control now but that was an experience to go through. But i guess I am ok with my results but i wish I had a butt to go with my shape


u no I need to ask everyone how long does it take for the navel to heal? mine look like death draining and by my stomach keeps swelling its still not healing n its almost 3 wks post op!

19 day Pics

Having some issues

Ok I am almost 6 wks post-op and last week on Monday my incision that was closed opened up on the left hand side and I been draining red-yellowish fluid out of the incision and its a lot and its still draining. I made an appt on last thursday and seen the doctor and he says its ok!! I said how can that be ok it was closed and it opens back up by itself be ok ?? but my stomach was so swolled in hard and after that incision opened my stomach went down alot.. I am confused ! I also mentioned to him that my naval is draining the same color fluid out the odor is very bad, it's brown in color on the gauze very yellow in brow in color in the inside now I just looked this morning it has a black spot inside I think it is infected.. I told him he said its ok ??? no no I dont think so a week in1/2 ago they told me put bactroban inside of it 2x a day I told him it burns and make it itch and hurt him and his assistant said "well try and find something over the counter cause we gave you 2% cream " WTF>>> Im done I said Yall have until next week if its not better I am getting a 2 opinion. But I cant wait that long I not feeling to good and I am in pain from the naval all up and down my stomach muscles that he tightened.. All my nurses I work said honey thats infected !!!

7 mos post op

Hi ladies I'm just updating some photos, I like my overall shape that he have me I wish I had more ass... Do anyone no when will the swelling stop? What do you eat and how to exercise to keep the shape? My abs kill me after I try to work out then I have to wear the garment for days! But I think I want to go back next for more fat added in my booty n a breast lift! Do anyone no of a good doctor that does a good lift?

Back at it again. ..

HI ladies, so I've been thinking that I wanted more shape and definition to my body and again I am going to the same doctor BECAUSE he has to fix my navel and I did gain a little weight so I asked could he fix a couple of areas for me and place it where I want him to so he says yes!!!! Yahhhh so I want to go in June ill up date my profile once I set a date. ..

Hi my realself family

So I decided to go back in and have my Mabel and some revisions done I gained a lil weight that I been trying to loose so I am gona have my Dr add that fat back into my BBL.. N yes I have to go back to the same Dr.. Hopefully I get the steaks that I was looking for.. But here are some update pics..

Update on my Cupcakes

I have been seriously considering round 2' with Dr. Gabay 1st because of some unresolved issues, I want a more rounder full butt, take away some of the hips he gave me in the 1st round and I want him to be a bit more aggressive on my back and flank area.
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He was very nice & helpful at the initial consultation

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