2nd Round Bbl After Baby - Philadelphia, PA

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I got pregnant six months after my first surgery....

I got pregnant six months after my first surgery. The first one went really great I love the way my body look. I didn't expect to get pregnant so soon. Fast forward my babies a year and a half old now and I gained so much weight from the pregnancy and just not exercising and staying fit. My butt is still big, but so is everything else. My flanks,upper back,fat arms, thighs. It's my fault really. I only wore the garment for the first few months and then after getting pregnant so soon I stopped eating healthy and exercising. After a lot of going back-and-forth with my decision I decided to go back round 2 in May. I started off the first surgery at about 135 pounds 5 feet six. I'm now around 180. I don't even remember anything about how to prepare for the surgery and I have very little time to be on the Internet researching so I decided to start this profile tonight and hopefully get some information from you experts LOL!I know a lot of you girls are really dedicated yourself into making sure the procedure who's right for you and since this is my second time around I don't want to mess it up this time. I promise to post pictures this week of my body after 1sr surgery before baby and now 2 years since bbl.

4 days post op

Sore. Stiff. Sick of being on stomach and its I my day 4. But the aftercare at dimarios is super impressive , daily lymph massages, and other aftercare. I would be lost without the aftercare. Have to wear padded garment for 3 months. This whole thing is so intense I forgot.

Day 6 post op

Bored and hot. I feel like such a loser cuz I can't clean or cook. Tried to take a walk today but only made it 3 blocks and turned around to come home. It. Was hot and every step I took on sidewalk hurt. It seems like I'm the only one in reviews still struggling to get by. I find this all so difficult. In better news, the massages at the office are super helpful! The post care is so great. And when I take off all this padding to shower I love my tiny waist!

Found old pic of 1st sx

So weird I was floating around on the dr. Answer question on RS and someone had a photo of me from round 1!!!! I did all the orange edits lol and I recognize the littlest details 100% me. I must have had it up on a review from ages ago, why someone would reuse is so weird! I haven't taken b4 and after for round 2 yet, hope it's just as good! Funny thing is I'm 8 days post today too! Same dr.

Six weeks laree

So like everyone else, the first week was ROUGHHHH. The first 72 hours I was stiff, in pAin, couldn't stand up str8, had to pee constantly from all the Lipo fluids, and non stop worrying about my drain. Especially when on night 2, the heavy drainage stopped, i was worried because the tube kept getting clogged so I would try to squeeze clean it. After that the massages hurt a lot in beginning but progressively got better.
I didn't sit, instead I kneel a lot. I also had a lying beach chair I lined with body pillows to lay on my stomach, elevate the head and watch tv. It was really hard for first two weeks. I don't think I could ever go back to work if I had to until 3 weeks. Luckily I did t have to, the post op care is great. The staff is very skilled. WARNING THE WAIT TIMES ARE LONGggg!!! Allow 2 hours many days. My butt is big enough, my waist could be slimmer imo, but my back arch is awesome and my belly Ll flat so I can't complain too much. I was 5'6 and 180 coming in so I was overweight. Anyways things starting to drop and soften. I started driving around 2 weeks with booth buddy and roll pro any continue till I'm 100% healed in six months with that car cushioning. Can't wait to start exercising because my arms and legs are so big! And now I'm
Paranoid to regain the weight like last time. Dimario is super skilled with sculpting and I'm lucky to have been his client. This procedure def gives me more confidence and happiness but it is very invasive and not to be taken lightly.
Dr Carmen Dimario

He's amazing. Is excellent at sculpting the body and go in for the natural look. But he definitely gave me a fat booty. The staff is really amazing too and I give you great follow-up sessions. I just was not great at always attending mine. Hoping round two goes just as well.

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