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Hello my BBL sisters, I have been silently...

Hello my BBL sisters, I have been silently stalking each and every one of your profiles to figured out who and where I'd go to get my Jessica Rabbit on lol
Ok well let me start off by saying I like my body but I wanna be in love with it if that makes sense, Im 5"6 I weigh 175 my measurements are 38,30,36 I'd like to describe my body naked as havin a boyish frame I have broad shoulders, boy pockets and very athletic legs (hoping I can post before pics from my phone) now don't get me wrong again I like my body I just wanna be in love with it I love my boobs and I just wanna love my butt the same way lol.

Ok so I've been heavily be researching the doctors on real self thanks to all you lovely ladies for the pic and journals I won't lie my 1st choice and idea was to go to DR cause I know that they would have laced me but sadly that wasn't in my cards ,then my next option was to go to the butt man himself Dr.J but sadly he wasn't in my budget :-( so my last choice was Dr.Salama in Miami thou he was cheaper than Dr.J he was still a Lil pricy for me so I kept the search going then I stumbled upon a review for Dr.Gabay in Philly who for me is great cause I live in NY so before I called for a consult I continued to read the reviews a view the pictures if his work I won't lie not all reviews were good reviews but I pushed forward and kept on researching after reading and re-reading the reviews I was convinced that he was the guy I was gonna go to plus the quotes that I've seen on some of these reviews were just great for what I was working with budget wise plus his work seemed to be pretty good as well:-) yayyyyy for me.

So I called they gave me the email address to send my pics and I waited to hear back from them . As I waited I still read reviews and the i ran straight into a road block he doesn't accept CARE CREDIT!!!!! Nooooooooo!!!! Is all I thought now what come to find out they do accept medical credit which is like care credit, but yet another block I didn't get accepted I have to get a co-signer just what I needed someone all up in my BI (oh well sometimes a girl has to put an H on her back and handle it if she wants that ass,ass,ass lol)
So I was subjected into asking my brother who offered to help me if I needed it shit he was sending me pics and everything lol. So I called him on his bluff to see if he'd co-sign and I was a shocked when he said yes but want to check his credit score (can't be mad at that ) so now I'm waitin on that to apply again

But then today 2/15/13 I got a call from the dr office and they said that the Dr said that I didn't have enough fat to get the butt I want :-( ( I swear all I heard was you don't have enough fat to get the procedure done , my brain was playing tricks on me lol) so I said to the coordinator that if the Dr could give me a call cause I was not gonna let this stress me out. So around 3ish Dr.G gave me a call and we discussed in more detail what I was told today he basically told me that I didn't have enough fat for my desired booty based on my wish pics I sent him which was cool with me I'm not trying to get not Nicki booty lol I wanted to be more curvy ( cause lord knows how I'd be with that kinda ass yikes lol) so I explained to him that if I couldn't get my wish booty that I want to at least have my wish body meaning taper my waist to like a size 28 and give me whatever volume he could give me, he said that he thinks he could get at least 800cc to each cheek I said I'd like a Lil hip action to if you can he said we'll see so fingers for me ladies cause these boy pockets if mine needs to be filled in lol. )So I guess I'll be eating a Lil bit more for a Lil extra weight not to much thou ) so now that we were on the same page he gave me a quote for 4700 which made me do my happy dance and I also have an in office consult for march 13th at 1pm.

I'm excited cause it really feels like its really going to happen so between now and then I have to gain a Lil weight and hope my brother gets approved as my co-signer or not flake on me and change his mind oh and try and get a ride out there as well.

Any who ladies I just wanted to finally start my journey and get as much info and feed back that I can get from my BBL sisters ........ TTYL

Hey my BBL sisters, So I'm not gonna go with Dr...

Hey my BBL sisters, So I'm not gonna go with Dr.Gaby I found a Dr in New York that gave me a good price.
I'm going to go with Dr. Ayman Shahine he's based in New York on 34th st but he has offices in brooklyn and New Jersey .
I did my research on him read a few reviews but not a lot he has a lot of before and after pics on YouTube but their pictures straight after surgery. So I made an appointment for a free consult
And the girl I met with her name is Marley she was nice and informed me that the doctor will give me nice curves and that she had him do her as well and she was happy with her results
*side bar* I couldn't see her body like that to say she had anything done.
So as I waited in the waiting area I saw 3 girls that had gotten it done 2of the girls did there's on Friday and they were there for their massages (oh yeah they do the massages there so that's one thing down I don't have to worry about) I touched one if their butts and it wasn't hard but looked firm she informed me that the pain was no joke which I'm aware of , she said he was a good doctor only thing is he's not on time which I also knew but they said he does good work
So after my research and then talking to actual patients I made up my mind so I put my down payment in Thursday so wish me luck ill keep you guys posted

So I've decided to go to DR for my surgery!!!!!!!

Hey my BBL sisters I know I've been gone for a bit, I let the dream slip away a bit but I'm back on my bbl crazy where that's all I think about lol.
So I had a financial snag so I couldn't get it done cause I had grown women priorities to take care of ????but I feel a wave of good things to come so I'm back on my search and review shit!! So I'm going to DR in late march early April, I'm torn between two doctors the wonderfully sculpted work of Dr. A Duran and a doctor my sis went to a DR. Leonardo Mendez
I've seen reviews on Duran but my sis doctor Mendez none I can only go by the work he did on her which was a great job!!
So my question to the BBL community has any one gone to Leonardo Mendez for a bbl and if so could you please tell me about you experience!!
So my first thing on my agenda is to get my passport, I've already received a quote from Mendez for $3000 US which is what I expected I'm still with on a quote from Duran so I'll keep you posted on that , so this is just a quick hello and update ttyl BBL family!! Besos????????

So I'm swaying towards Dr.A Baez

Ok my bbl sisters I've come to a new snag in my bbl journey, I told y'all about my sisters dr that I was gonna go to but I've been searching and searching for reviews or pics anything but I haven't found nothing
But thanks to the bbl community I've read about so many up and coming dr's
I emailed dr.duran like 2wks ago I called spoke to Elizabeth and all but still no respond , so I emailed Dr.Baez and she just got back to me with a great quote here's her email ...

Thank you for thinking of me for an evaluation of plastic surgery, forrealization of all the surgeries you requested the most important thing is that you must be healthy and the cardiologist must approve that we can perform all procedures. The price for the surgeries that you are requesting lipo to abdomen, waist, back, thighs, flanks and Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer to butt) is US$ 2,700, which includes:

-Airport pick up
-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Chest X-ray
-Cardiovascular evaluation
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups
-Medication post-surgery
-lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound massages are not included

you can gain ten more pounds to have enough fat to transfer to butt and get close to your wish pics. The amount of fat transfer to your buttocks depends on how many cc can be extracted with liposuction.Your results also depend on your hemoglobin level if you want to get excellent results you really have to be healthy and no anemia. I recommend you to begin taking vitamins (C and B complex, folic acid, iron) and please ask your primary can doctor to take some blood test like glycaemia, full blood cell count and creatinine at least to know if you can have all surgeries done.

Important info:

Your date for surgery is important because I work from Monday to Saturday, I just have two patients per day except Thursday and Saturday that I just can have one patient (I also have to go to a public hospital to perform reconstructive surgeries), you also have to arrive one day before surgery to be evaluated and have lab work done, if you are arriving early is better for you because lab test can be done from 8.00am to 6.00 pm.

Medication included in you package are antibiotics, analgesics and gastric protection medication, all drugs provided are given to take by mouth. There is also ten session ultrasound massages included; the massager will give you some lymphatic drainage massages too.

Your compressive garment included is a Fajate’s brand item if you want one more garment it cost 120 dollars.

I work with a team, my cardiologist will evaluate you and my anesthesiologist will examine you and discuss what type of anesthesia suits you right, you might have epidural block or general anesthesia. Anesthesiologist and cardiologist have the last word about how many procedures can be done safely on you.

If you smoke or use addictive drugs you must quit them, two or three months before surgery an two months after too in order to get good results and no complications. Plastic surgeries are for healthy people or those who have any clinical condition but are under control, if you have any disease you have to consult and get approval of your doctor before surgery.

If you need transportation or a recovery house we can offer these services with an additional fee. You can hire a taxi driver at a recovery house, from my office or from yellow pages, a round trip from my office to the place you are staying it costs about 10 dollars.

You will have to stay in Santo Domingo from 10 -14 days depending on the surgeries you will get. Your follow up visits are included and you don’t have to pay more money for them, you don’t have to pay to the massager; you will have to pay only if you receive any service that was not previously included.

It is not necessary to deposit to my bank account to lock a surgery date, you just have to confirm your surgery 3 weeks before traveling here but you can if you are willing to do it. I just accept cash and payments with credit cards have a 15% taxes by the clinic. This is how you can deposit/wire, you can transfer from US$500 to total cost of your surgery. You can do this from now or when you have everything set for your surgery. Once you go to a JP Chase Morgan Bank ask to deposit money in a bank in Dominican Republic, this is the info for the deposit:
Bank: Banco Popular Dominicano
Account Number: 778276212
Recipient: Australia Altagracia Fragoso Báez
Once you deposit the money you can send me a mail and i will confirm that everything is ok.

Questions or doubts about the price or the elements included in your surgery package just email and I will reply as fast as I can.


Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

I know she doesn't have many reviews but the ones I read had me want to see what she was talking about .....
So my sisters I will keep you posted on my journey next step passport....

It's offical I got my date!!!!

Hey my bbl sisters, so it's offical I'm going to dr.baez to get my bbl done I'm scheduled for April 1st yayy!!!! Meeeee lol I'm so excited I'm gonna keep reading reviews on her cause I'm so addicted to RS (it's my new guilty pleasure) anywohoo that's it for now
Gotta get my passport so I know it's real lol

Ttyl my bbl sisters

Is this the right faja????

one month till im a baez beauty!!!!!!!

hey ladies long time im one month away from being on the flat side I've been taking my viti's i have a Dr. Appt to chk my blood got mostly all of my supplies( just waiting for my maxi dresses) my bags are packed and im doing the gym thing so that i can slim dowm my arms and back anywho just wanted to give a quick up date
happy healings to all my bbl sister

The new me on it's way

Hey ladies I just want to update you guys on my sx
I had sx on May 6th with the lovely Dra.Baez she as lovely as everyone says so I've documented my journey on YouTube for those that want to know my whole review of my trip
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

Decided to go to DR yayyyy me!!! Dr.Baez

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