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Hello RealSelf Beauties, like many of you I lurked...

Hello RealSelf Beauties, like many of you I lurked for sometime extensively researching BBL procedures, dealing with the pre-op emotional roller coaster and now finally it's done! Almost 2 days post op!

I decided to make a review because I really appreciated all of you sharing your experiences as this is one procedure you MUST be mentally prepared for.

I kept up with many recovery reviews and knew it wouldn't be easy but I wish I'd 1. Tried to drop a few pounds prior to the surgery because now I feel my upper body is too big. 2. I wish I asked more questions about recovery to my surgeon because I got different answers expecting to be garment free by 2mos post op and 3. I Wish I didn't tell him not to go big!!! I showed him a realistic wish pic but stated that I didn't want a big ol Kim k ass or a big heart shaped brazil butt. I wanted a natural euro butt...but I feel like its now too small. Especially since I know it will reduce some. I Also don't understand why I don't have a garment with the butt out, I def need more we go....

Prep was cool the surgical team made me feel comfortable. The surgeon marked my body up and i felt confident be knew where to target. on the bed i remember praying, crying and the anesthesiologist telling me "you won't remember anything I'm saying from here on out. Then I wake up, it's all very vague. My dad was my escort, I rode on my butt home with towel rolls, I think the ride was a nightmare but its so vague because I was still really drugged up. I have a feeling I may have sat on my ass...because my dad didn't really know why they placed rolled towels and I was freaking out the entire ride (so he says because I still vaguely remember). Waking up later that day my mid section felt like fire. Moderate aches everywhere else but my stomach felt like the day after the worst ab workout times a 100. I had lipo to the upper and lower abs, bra rolls flanks lower back and partial pelvic area. Transfer to the butt. Everything else is bearable except my lower abdomen and pelvic Area, it takes two ppl to get me out of bed every two hours to pee, I haven't had more than two consistent hours of sleep. Once I lay down I feel stuck, literally can't moved and have to be dragged our of beg on the blanket and then pulled up by my arms. Long story short, this shit hurts!

Yesterday was day 1 post op and day one of therapy. I've had a consistent low level headache that changes sides of my head depending on which way I lay. I feel like I'm tasting a funny gas scent coming up through my mouth. Moderately swollen everywhere except for the lower pelvic area which is uncovered by the garment and had a big pocket of fluids build up. Hurts like hell to lay on it, especially with layers of maxi pad bandaging under my garment.

I'm wearing a faja, maxi pads over incisions, compression stockings, and a big ass diaper. The diaper is to help protect from leaking.

Therapy was awfully painful but I felt so much better afterward (temporarily until I swelled up again). I rode laying flat on pillows in that back of an suv with the back seats down. I don't recommend riding lying down in a low car or using towel rolls to sit so soon. I an unable to sit with rolls because my stomach is too insure to hold myself up. U dont realize how much u depend on your core muscles daily for minor things until you can't use them.

The therapy session worried me a bit. The nurse cut open the stitches in the two incisions below my bikini line in the front, then stuck a Qtip in both to begin the drainage. THEN she used the opposite end if the Qtip, just wood, no cotton and open the incision more. I don't know what or why and didn't feel it was sanitary enough to stick wood in my incision. I'll address that with them next week, I just didn't understand that part. Or the how clean the rag was that was used to wipe my up incursions over and over after being laid back down in the utility cart and exam table. So the massage itself was so painful, so much fluid oozed our of everywhere. I was in tears and screaming and breathing like I was in labor. The difference the massage made tho was worth the pain. My bf cane in and snapped some pics while I was on low stole, and everything looks good except for me thinking my butt is too small.
Definitely an improvement from before tho, waist not as small as I hoped but I know there's swelling and it's just too early to tell. I pray my butt doesn't reduce drastically.

Today I don't have much of a appetite yet, I slept for 4 hours in two hour increments and made myself get up and walk often to reduce stiffness and increase circulation. I haven't passed a bowel yet, I stand over the toilet to pee (or pee in a cup and dump). I need help ever time I go, since I can bend to pick up my pants or diaper. No shower yet because I had no energy last night. Going to wait for my bf to come today to help.

I see a lot of ppl talk about foam and boards, my nurses padded me with folded adult diapers under my faja (one vertical over my abs, two horizontal across my back wrapped around to my sides....woahhh it feels like boards very stiff and supportive. There are overnight maxis covering all incision points. And after first therapy I've been leaking ridiculously.

Sorry that was long and boring but as honest as I could be. It's hard, you just have to remind yourself how great the results will be nice you're healed. I'm trying not to be sad or bit picky but I can't help it. I has a very square body and was beginning to get ab apple shape in the middle, my flanks were almost even if not wider than my hips and my butt was low wide and kinda flat. So we will see today once I shower how it all looks. I want to share pics but be careful real sellers, those pics will forever be available online via google images so try not to get too specific of Location, personal info and identifying things in the pics if you don't want to be known for your bbl.

4 days post op. better day by day

Hello RS,

I apologize for the cranky review full of grammatical errors that made it hard to read. To be honest this blog is a way to vent without having to whine and complain to anyone else. I was in pain, drowsy from meds, and feeling down. I learned the over critical depressed state is typical after a procedure like this. Day 3 really was better and now on day 4 I feel like I'm thinking clearly without all the mixed emotions.

I'm really glad I did it, even though this recovery is really hard. The team at the office is great and therapy was still difficult but the nurse was patient. Everything was clean...@booteehopeful thank u for the comment, you're right, I overreacted a lot this weekend. i just realized pms is in full swing and I will likely be in my cycle thus week! Yikes!!???????? praying my cycle on top of draining doesn't suck as much I imagine.

Day 6 post op

Day 6 is sooooo much better! The past two days I started to be able to get out of bed by myself, bowel movements are more frequent, less discomfort, and I will attempt to sit on the rolls today. I am starting to see my shape and my ass looks nice. Still swollen in the lipo areas but the contour is there. Massage therapy was still hard yesterday, I cried. Praying today is easier. But all in all im really happy I did this. I appreciate the comments and inbox messages. Don't hesitate to ask. Im glad to share my journey.

Day 7 Post Op....loving what I'm seeing

It's funny because I read tons of reviews and knew that this roller coaster would have its ups and downs but im still shocked. It's now day 7 and I'm in love! Lol finally washed my hair and let it out from the sweaty bun it's been in for a week, got mybself together a bit (concealer and mascara...minimal shit that i have neglected for a week) and stood in a full length mirror and finally smiled from ear to ear. Still swollen but I can see the shape and to my surprise MY ASS is NICE, not too big not too small, natural. Don't want to get ahead of myself, it could be swelling in the booty too but I like it! Lol I promise to post pics once I can edit or at least go home where I can take pics without the background of my little sister's room. Lol home is all I need now. Thankful for family support but I need mi casa ASAP. Getting the rest of my stitches out today and praying draining goes as easy as yesterday. Later RS xoxo

9 days post - pics finally

Pain is minimal, still discomfort...especially with sleeping. Getting out of bed myself but it isn't easy, it's gotten much better but still not normal. The body is looking good, I wish my waist was smaller but there is still a lot of fluid and swelling in there. My back stitches are still in, they come out Monday.

Wish pic...he did good

2 1/2 weeks post...cheated on my diet...

My waist and butt both went down an inch when I measured two days ago but everything is looking good. My booty greed and paranoia has kicked in heavy. I'm happy with the size and don't want it to shrink because while it looks big from the back, the side projection doesn't give much room for shrinking. My stepson elbowed me by accident in my right cheek last week and I've started having butt pains all over. Is this going to make my butt shrink?? What's whose is my eating the past 3 days. I was doing great until I hit a family function...1 big ass pork BBQ rib, a burger patty (no bread tho), 2 blue crabs no seasoning, spoonful of potatoe salad (omg it gets worse)....I'm now using unsealed butter because I'm over this fat free Pam spray.....annnnnd I had a scoop of ice cream, a dozen mini chocolate covered pretzels, and so e fat free welchs fruit snacks. (This feels like a Catholic confessional!) Therapy is going to suckkkkk tomorrow....I immediately feel the difference in my body. The sodium almost cause a burning pain I the areas where I'm still retaining fluid. Self torture! Lol but all is bland eating mess is making me cranky. I want to eat!!!

Other than that, all is good. Thank you Lord!
Undisclosed surgeon inbox me for info in Philly

Dr. D seems cool, he was straightforward and to the point. He was honest about may not being able to get my waist super small and very detailed when marking me up. I'll update once I see him post op.

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