Going for Tt & Bbl , Need a Better Look..;) - Philadelphia, PA

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Hello rs, going with dr gabay deposit in now it's...

Hello rs, going with dr gabay deposit in now it's waiting time ...... ;)

Havnt seen to many reviews but so far the ones I've seen is convincing ,. Going for a tummy tuck and bbl . I do hope he can work some magic and give a better look . Anxious and scared I just hope it's all worth it all at the end ...

Can't wait to be a gabay doll ;)

Love handles got to go ! I need more shape fullness more curves ... Ughhh girl problems :( Tired of hidein my stomach . There's just certain clothes I wish I can wear and I can't because of my stretch marks and my pouch ughhh . I just can't wait I need some magic done ... I need a new look ..

Ladies be honest,,,

Do you guys think I need a tt. I really don't want to !! just want to ?lipo and bbl I only have one child almost 2 plan on haveing one more but noo time soon my stomach doesn't hang ALOT but dr say I need one ,.. I really just want a better hour glass figure or close .. What do yous think ,

Any one no ladies who hAve gone or seen good bbl tt w dr gabay

Havnt seen a lot of post op bbl or tt with this doctor I seen him once said I wanted a big butt he said I don't have a lot of fat I weight 174 , what do you girls think ?

Dr hasan I got my eyes....

I have my eyes on dr hasan his work speaks for its self .... I think Miami it might be ... Will see . Btw I only put the 400$ for gabay I can switch my mind not really worried about 400$ to pay 7thousand and not get what I want ... Willll seee

Patiently waiting ...

pre-op app ..... 5 days left....

pre op visit went kinda quick.... filled out paper work... got my prescriptions . took a few pictures . got my blood drawn . I was given wipes 2% chlorhexidine gluconate cloths . for skin preparations for my prescription volume , Percocet , I was told to get bacitracin ointment & spanxs & that was about it ....my current weight is 167 ... I will be getting my inner thighs lipo'd as well for free =] I was told basically not to purchase much things I will be given everything I need compression garment. I still havnt got a faja , but so far . I have purchased a few thing .
-first aid kit
-medical tape
-loose pajamas
-guaze pads
-non-padded sports bra
that's basically it ....
I cant wait to get this surgery over withhh!!!
if theres anything im missing that's going to help me with recovery please let me now it would be so so helpfulllll.....

i made it to the otheer sideeee..

1 week 2dys post

.... wellllll lemme jus wrap it all up into small details by day

(((day 1))) - **after surgery I was pretty much in and out of sleep .... the pain from 1 -10 was above 100 .... lol back pains was so sharp and I was so dizzy and exhausted!!! **
(((day2 -))) ** was a lil better the pain was about 8 . what bothered the most was the fact I couldn't get comftable no matter how I tried . the garment erks my life I pissed all over my legs twice. in order for me to sleep I had to take a Xanax .**
(((day3-))) **i was up able to slide my self on and off bed and walk up and down only because off my percs !!! they were life savers** btw my boppy pillow was soo dam helpfulll
(((day4-))) ** stuck on my recliner . thinking was this all worth this ... lol I was just so bored . swollen in between my thighs. at this point my xl garment was no longer fit it would slide on and off I was just angry . ive been sleeping on my ass and scared of this whole thing being a fucking waste of money **

(((day5-))) I was up like nothing ..... I was walking all over the place ...... everyone kept telling me girl you should be sleep no I was outside in the sun sitting on my chair with my boppy enjying my little time outside**

(((day6)))- I went to magalys spa around castor ave paid 100$ down for my massages its 200$ for 10 massages scheduled & tried on a Colombian faja size M ... MY THIGH only got in after that I said nooo take it off. my thighs still are sore im not squeezing my ass in this shit !! ....

(((day7)))- I did get a massage &&& let me just say I wish I took a whole bottle of percs instead of two !!! the heat wrap I got put over my tummy and back was a relief but when I felt her hands pushing down against my skin I just screamed and jumped all over the table ... but after all the pain my swelling in my tummy did go down I was able to stand up straighter and she did squeeze me into the faja size M my shape was 10x better my ass poked out more ...

&& that's how my first week was... now im ok every day it gets better and better my back pains come and go sometimes I fiill like I cant move I need the help of hubbys arms to get off a seat or bed .....
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