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I am looking for a top notch BBL surgeon in the...

I am looking for a top notch BBL surgeon in the Philadelphia area. I care more about quality patient service & care than costs. I am looking to schedule procedure Jan/Feb 2013. My momma blessed me with a saggy rear and bearing 2 children didn't help any either. Looking to achieve a lift & roundness.. More natural than plump. I met with Dr. Gabay many years ago but did not continue w/procedure! Finally got the heart to proceed and looking to explore options.

Still looking for other PS for BBL in Philadelphia...

Still looking for other PS for BBL in Philadelphia.. Help ladies!

Have consult with Dr. Benjamin in MD in a few...

Have consult with Dr. Benjamin in MD in a few weeks. Will keep yall posted. Still searching for the perfect doctor to give me the perfect shape!

Consultation with Dr. Dimario - Jenkintown

Hey ladies. It's been awhile. I had to fall back bc I found myself obsessing over this procedure so I needed to make sure that I wanted sx for the right reasons. with that being said I finally went ahead n had a consultation at Nubody. When I walked in the office was packed! I was glad to see ppl in the office bc they don't have many pictures on their website so I really cldnt get an idea of his work. but let me tell u the ladies were stacked ok! everyone was very friendly & I got to speak with patients who were there for post op care. Dr.Di is big on postop care n I think u get like 25 sessions included in your price which I think is amazing. I met with Janet who is a beauty n great to talk to. she is the consultant & she helped me make the decision to go with the bbl vs tummy tuck. she said the dr does not like to do bbl & tt simultaneously for health precautions n less fat is extracted that way. I. hate these abdominal stretch marks more than my flat behind... but after seein how flat other pts stomachs were with the liposculpting I decided to rock out with that. she was very informative & made me feel comfortable answered every question n provided feedback. soooo I'm shooting for May 2014. probably.b making my first payment soon. something else that she brought to my attn was the technique of Carboxytherapy as part of postop care. strongly suggest yall YouTube/google it as it like repairs stretchmarks. a pt told me that it's a lil painful post sx due to ur tissues still being sore.. but I'm for anything that reduces the appearance of these tiger stripes!
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

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