DiMario Snatched my Waist- Philadelphia, PA

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Hopefully i have done this right but I am posting...

Hopefully i have done this right but I am posting a few body wish pics. My BA goal is my avi. Click here to read my BA Review. Id like them to settle in nice and natural like Draya's. My body goals are Porsha Stewart from RHOA. She has a great body in my opinion. Once i get my courage up I plan on posting some selfies. Hopefully you ladies can tell me how realistic my goals are or leave comments on your own experiences.

Waiting on Quotes

So I'm waiting on quotes from Vanity in Miami. Dr. Baez quoted me 2800 but with airfare and lodging I'm thinking 4500. Yily was 3500 so she may be $500 more in TOTAL cost. If Vanity can do this for 3500 I'm there! I know people in Miami and airfare will be waaaay cheaper. Also, they take carecredit too so why not??? Everyone is my life is soooo against me getting BBL saying its to risky. I think its safe and IMO whether the fat takes or not I will still be left with a great waist. I do have my fears about lipo getting burnt, being lopsided, or the doc not being aggressive enough, but I pray on it. I think after I heal I will be so happy then I can move on to my BA. If I cant get a decent quote from Vanity then I will just do my BA first.

Talked to Vanity...

Vanity says I am not a good canidate for BBL. I showed them one of my wish pics and they said I can achieve that look with smartlipo. The cost would be $3000. The say its a seven day recovery. I would really love some input ladies!!! Thanks!

consult with dr gabay

I am weighing about 152 pounds currently and have a consult april 16. Im hoping to have this surgery by fall. I will post updates once the doctor takes a look at me and says what he can do.

consult in a few days!!!!

All I want is a snatched waist and fat asss!!! Im so excited. I hope one of these doctors can work their magic on me. I would love to have some of the results I have seen on RS. I think realistically I may have to wait until fall but hopefully I can make this happen.

Consult Dr. Gabay and Dr. Goldfarb

So after some research I narrowed my choices down to Dr. Gabay and Goldfarb. First stop on consult day was Dr Gabay. I waited about an hour to be seen. I then talked to a nurse about what i was looking for and my expectations. Next Dr. Gabay came in. He gave me a breakdown of the bbl procedure, checked me out and said i had moderate fat and could get the procedure. Cost 4800 recovery time one week and I could be back fo work. He said pain was no where near what i went through for my breast augmentation.

Next stop was Goldfarb. He broke down the procedure and checked me out as well. He said i could do smartlipo with fat transer. He couldnt guarantee i had enough fat for hips and butt but he would try. He also suggested i get a spyder lift. I dont really know how to explain that part but somehow with stitches they lift your ass. When i saw the before and after it definitely had me sold. I figure even if the fat doesnt stick i still get the nice S curve. My quote was 8K which was for lipo of stomach, flanks, fat transfer with spyder lift.

After i thought about it i decided i reeeeaaaally want to go with Dr. Goldfarb, but i cant afford 8k. I was thinking maybe flank lipo to make my waist smaller with fat transfer to hips with spyder lift. Then i can just work out to get my stomach down. I plan to send an email to see if the doc is willing. I will kee you all posted!

Flank Lipo and Spydr Lift

After some thought i decided to go with flank lipo and spydr lift only. Im hopeful the doctor will have enough fat to transfer to my hips but if not a smaller waistline will be enough. I cant afford stomach lipo and would rather do these changes gradually. In addition I looked at my pics from last year when i was 148 ish to now with me being 158 I legit look the same. -_- so after the procedure i will lose a little weight and the should be good.

So tomorrow i will make the 50% down payment and hopefully make my appt for May 27.

Some more pics

I know i need ab lipo but i would rather see how the flank lipo with spydr lift tuns out. I have no problem with losing weight if need be and i can deal with my pooch for the time being!

My theory is i never have my stomach out and i have been wearing some form of girdle since i was 19 i doubt i will ever stop LOL! I am excited to be getting some curves whoop whoop!

Change of Plans DiMario Here I Come

So I went for my third and final consultation at Carmen DiMario's office. I got to the area early but still ended up being late because I was at the wrong office! I ended up meeting with the patient coordinator Janet Vega. Sweet as pie with a body snatched to the Gods. She looked me over and said I had moderate fat. She told me a bit about their office and what they do at their site. They do full body transformations so if I was looking for suttle I was at the wrong office. I met two patients and when I tell you their butts were HUGE!!! Omg!! The patients were nice enough to speak to me about their experience. The both looked great. The doctor really seems to take great detail with the waist. I explained that my main concern was achieving a waist. I never really had one and that was the last piece of the puzzle for me to feel complete. I was quoted 6000 for stomach lipo, flanks and bra roll.

Even though i didnt meet the doc i ultimately decided to go with this doc because the patients looked great. Seeing the after results is what sold me. I will meet the doc at my pre-op appt. Anyways pray for me guys. Date is June 1. My weight is currently 158. New body here I come.

Deposit Paid!!!

My pre op is this coming wednesday and I am getting medical clearance on the 26th. Everything is moving super quick but I amexcited to finish up my body. One more year of utter brokeness for the body I want. Im willing to do it Because ultimately i have all my debts on a five year repayment plan. I have a good job, but i do realize i spend to much money. This is my last hit before i calm down and come back to reality lol. Im excited though. I have been told i have moderate fat. My plan is to ask for natural hips and the biggest butt possibly anticipating i will lose 20-40% of the fat. I want my waist snatched for sure. If i come out the surgery with nothing else a snatched waist is mandatory.


So I had my pre op appointment last week. It lasted about one hour. I met the doc we discussed my needs and expectations. He actually seemed very nice. He told me i didnt have a whole lot of fat but to bring a pic surgery day and he would try to get me as close as possible to my goal body. I got my scripts they weighed me and i left. I think they weighed me because they couldnt believe i weighed in the 150s. Im deceivingly heavy LOL. This coming week i will buying supplies and I cant believe it but monday will be surgery day. I have confidence in DiMarios sculpting skills. Like most ppl I am nervous about my tummy after lipo but i keep reminding myself i can always get that fixed down the line. I composed a pic collage for the doc to work from. I am ready to finish this bod....whoop whoop

Surgery Day

Today i bought all my supplies and cleaned my house for surgery. I prepared my older son for how the next few weeks were going to be. I have a great son he loves his mama. The only thing i wasnt able to buy was the female urinal, but after i chit chat with my mom she said worst case pee in the shower lol. Gotta love my mom she always has a practical solution. I was able to take a poop today as well which was nice. Hopefully if i cant poop for a few days it wont be a total nightmare.

I decided to tell the doctor to make my butt as big as he can i know i not the biggest girl but i want a ridiculous butt i want to look like miracle watts or lira galore. This will be my last surgery so lets do it big.

I have a little worry. I dont want to die or be deformed but i think worrying happens before any big event. I just wanted to feel beautiful not die or become deformed. I know they say dont get surgery for other people but i would be a liar if i didnt say 20% of this wasnt a big screw you to my soon to be cheating lying ex husband! Great dad but what a POS husband he was LOL.

I took my pre op measurement: waist 32 hips 40 weight 154 height 5'4" since busy season ended i lost about 4 pounds but to be fair i stopped drinking too LOL. Prayers i make it through with no regrets and a snatched body!

Made it to the other side

Made, very nauseous upon standing. Threw up on myself.....gross. Will update more when i feel better.

Feeling slighty better

I have walked around alot more today and ate more solid which i think has helped. I did not take any painkillers today. This has been hard! My family and friends have been here to help me and im so grateful. I was blubbering like a baby. I can deal with the pain and soreness but the nausea is not for me. Also i found out im supposed to wear the garments and padding for three months....huh??? They said six weeks in consult. I dont mind the garment but the padding limits mobility.

My stomach looks awful. When i take my garment off for massage i want to cry its just soft wrinkly loose skin. I hope it gets better but if not thats on me i elected for this procedure. So yea feeling a lil down but will try and pick myself up.

Wish and After Pics

Still making it

I took my first shower today it was pretty much impossible t o put the garment back on LOL. My gf had to help and it was a struggle for her. Idk how ppl where these for three months. I agree the compression helps with discomfort and swelling but i need something i can manage on my own im basically a single mom and cant have a friend here everyday for the next three months.

Overall my tummy is looking slightly better still very numb and sensitive but from day 2 to now i can see some slight change. Im hopeful that things will only get better and better. Im happy with my choice DiMario is not very hands on but im happy that he found enough fat to give me the shape i wanted, hopefully i retain as much booty as possible!!!

More Pics healing

buying a new faja

Idk how ppl can wear this girdle. I have to buy a new one I can't get in and out of it alone and have no daily help to do this. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Volume Loss???

I already feel like my butt has gone down some but i am so irritatated by all this padding and this drains i dont even care. My back and my sides are burning from the compression. I feel no surgery related pain or soreness per say. Well except for this God forsaken drain. Ugh i keep asking myself why did i do this....why didnt i just stay spongebob!!!! My drain placement is the most annoying ever. I cant get comfortable on my stomach because i can feel it.

Im just agigtated. It hasnt even been a week and im already over it. Also im done following that diet. Im convinced they made it for people looking to lose weight or overweight patient. No sugar, no salt, no carbs? Really? Dont get me wrong i get the no salt part but i think smaller ladies would need moderate amounts of salt and carbs to maintain volume. Also im dyyyyying on that thing. I was 156 at surgery but i have a more athletic build, im solid. So theres my rant. Im praying i feel better once the wretched drain is removed God willing tuesday.



Couldnt resist taking my measurements even though i have three mens diapers stuffed in my faja

Waist 31 (with padding)
Hips 42

I think my goal waist should be 26 or 27 minimum my chest/shoulders are broad.

Pics of New Faja

I will review once it arrives

What a difference a drain makes....

Got my drain out today and i must say it makes a huge difference with how i move. Massages still hurt apparently around my belly button. I have to believe that's what it feels like to be stabbed LOL. We switched from a diaper in the front to a foam board. I bought mine on Amazon but they actually sell them in office for $20. I took another shower today, yes i kno im dirty but i will use the weekend to practice getting in and out of this faja. My natural waist now is 26"!!!! I dont think i wont to go much smaller. The discomfort gets better each day. I think this may realistically be a two month committment then i may be a night time faja only kinda gal. Happy to say my stomach is not like puddy anymore still gross just doesnt looked detached LOL.

First Day Back to Work

Can we say longest day ever LOL!!! I am grateful to have great managers and supervisors. I literally had to get up every 45 minutes because i woukd get so stiff sitting. I am tryin my best to stay on my thighs because i would hate to mess my new booty up. My new faja also came today. Its an extra small and has a zipper. Hopefully in a few weeks i can move to that. I think tomorrow i may take a pillow to work as well. I feel like the pressure of trying to stay up on my thighs is affecting my butt. Guess its booty paranoia! Stomach is looking better each time i take the faja off. Im amazed at the human body's ability to heal. This time last week i was crying and uncomfortable now im just numb. I will take it.

So Happy I went for it

I finally feel like i have a cute shape


Yesterday I had my first Carboxy treatment. It was not as uncomfortable as the massages but still uncomfortable to say the least. I had to get fluid drained from my stomach. Vanessa came in and was like "somebody hasn't been following the diet." I laughed and told her I was hungry lol. Im trying my best but no doubt this has been a struggle for me. Some days I wake up like I can do this other days like this 90 degree day its tough. The board is much more tolerable but being bound up all day everyday is the pits. If you can do this procedure in the winter save yourself the added discomfort. At this stage my goal is to make it to six weeks in the garment and padding. Pray for me!

Feeling Sick

So I woke up today at 3am with the most absolutly horrible stomach pain. I had diarrhea all day and still have it. I havent had anything to eat which sucks because the diet was already super limited to begin with. I could not be in my garment today with all that going on. To top it off my post op care appt was canceled. They called asking me why I did not show up to my 2:30 appt. I advised them I requested several times to have the 2:30 appts changed. I work so 2:30 is impossible for me.

Overall i feel ok. No pain at all just numb. As usual the garment sucks but i am adjusting to wearing it. I can tell my butt has gotton smaller but its retaining its shape so i have no complaints. I really think a major part of the volume loss is the the weight loss. I have gone from 156 to who knows what but I can imagine I am in like 148-150 now. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow and I can go back to work.

Another thing i wanted to point out is my stomach. Think it kinda is what it is. I have had kids so i have stretch marks. I know when i would lose weight before lipo my stretch marks would be very visible so now my stretch marks and saggy skin are even more pronounced. Im not upset because I know my skin was not great to begin with so I cant expect magic. Planning on a mini tummy tuck in my 40s anyway LOL

One month Post op plus Pics

Well tomorrow makes a month since surgery. I must say the first month is a true rollercoaster. The first two weeks it felt awful. I thought i made a mistake. My stomach was like pudding and the skin ws literally detached from the muscles it was gross. I thought it would be like that forever but it eventually gets better. The next two weeks stomach is better but then in my case because i had stretch marks from having kids the anxiety about the stretch marks and wrinkles mad me sad but these past fmew days i am realizing even thats not too bad.

What i learned through the first month is compression really helps. Its a pain in the ass but i think it has really helped my shaped progress and my stomach stay formed. If you had kids and suffered from stretch marks dont expect perfection you may get it, you may not but because our,skin is less elastic we have to be realistic about the results. I bought a second garment and for me the zipper kind ended up being more irritating LOL. You will get use to doing the clasp om your own laying on your back in the beginning I thought it was impossible but its definitely not. The reason the zipper garment is irritating because the pee,hole zips and because im in an extra small that part is riding up which is a bit annoying. Lastly booty greed is real. I wish i would have had more fat to have a bigger butt. My doc gave me a great shape as promised but im sure,as you ladies know there is nothing like a juicy booty.

All and all this was and will continue to be a whirlwind journey but i do not regret it....not one bit.

Official 6 Week Review

Hi RS Beauties tomorrow morning officially makes 6 weeks!!! I can officially sit on my new arse LOL!!! Overall i still have belly and lower back numbness so its hard to sit for long periods. I am also still doing carboxy treatments which SUCK. Worst 15 minutes but if they say they will help i will trust the doc. Energy wise i am pretty good. I still feel tired sometimes but I also have a pretty busy life.

I noticed when I dont where my garment and my skin "puffs" back out my stretch marks are not that bad. I have gotten lots of compliments from my family on my new body. They say i look very proportionate. We took my cousin to the strip club this weekend and i must say i think i was giving the strippers competition!

My hopes moving forward are that my butt either gets bigger or stay the same. I def have booty greed i think my butt is tiny and my friends think im insane. Id love to go round 2 but i cant imagine where id even get fat from to do it LOL. Its so funny going through the process and seeing the logic behind the ups and downs of BBL. These pics are one close up before and after of my stomach and my current booty. Also i tried to show my scars the one isnt the greatest but next year my plan is to get a tattoo over my stretch marks and the one bad lipo scar.

Another Pic

about last night

Im about 2.5 months out. Im wearing thermal body shaper in the pic. Still loving my butt. Still have tons of booty greed lol. Small waist and big butt is all i need LOL!!! I still lo key hate my stomach, but i dont fully blame dimario. My stretch marks and loose skin are more apparent because my stomach is flat. Only thing i kinda blame him for is my one lump on my lower tummy, but hopefully at my post op he has an action plan to correct that.

6 month review

Hi guys, just that quick it has been six months. Overall i am still happy with my body. I think my booty retained a decent amount of fat. I wish i had more fat for a bigger bum but i am beyond happy i went through with this. At six months i have no issue sitting and the numbness in my back is gone. I still have some numbness in my tummy. Mostly the lower abdomen. I also have diastasis recti. It shows alot more now that i have had lipo, but my stomach is looking better and better each day. I want to wait a full year to decide what i do in regards to my tummy. Scars r healing pretty well too. The dent i have near my pubic area is not as noticeable. I also stopped corsetting but i want to get back to that. My goal is a 26 inch waist, right now im 28 or 29 ish.Hopefully my 30s will bring my hips lol and all this work will really fall into place. Overall i would suggest this surgery to anyone who wants a better shape.

waist train

Tryin to prep for summer. Hope all my RS ladies are doing great. No changes. Im looking for tummy exercises to help my tummy

One Year Ass-a-versary

I can officially say its been one year fellow ladies and I am just as happy as I was the day this journey began. Not much has changed from the sixth month mark. My weight ranges anywhere from 155 to 160. I think for the most part i have retained my shape but somedays i do feel a little fluffy in my mid section. My scars have healed fairly well but i still notice them. My cousins say they are not very noticeable but i guess because i know i can "see" them more. Overall i am pleased with the procedure. My stomach does not look great but to be fair I need a TT. I have diastasis recti. The only way to correct it is to have my ab muscles resewn. Its doubtful i will get a TT it would b nice but im sick of spending money lol. So for all the ladies considering this procedure if you want it go for it. Things will never be perfect but i am much happier with my body. I feel complete and beautiful.
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