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After almost three months since the surgery, I am...

After almost three months since the surgery, I am certain that a revision surgery is necessary.

The results are barely noticeable. My hips and buttocks have shrunk. I added upper body sculpting to my bbl package but still have back fat and heavy arms.

Dr. Gottlieb assured me before the surgery that he would be aggressive in his approach but after reviewing the results it is apparent that he was too conservative.

I did not expect a body like Kim Kardashian. Rather, I wanted a body I could be confident with in any type of clothing.

The surgery with Dr. Gottlieb did not fulfill this goal- not even close. I am sorely disappointed.

I am going to schedule a revision surgery with him soon. I dont know what to expect. But until I have been able to review the results of the second surgery, I will refrain from rendering a final opinion on his work. For now, I will say that Dr. Gottlieb is extremely conservstive in his approach and if you are looking for drastic results, he may not be the surgeon for you.

I will be returning to Dr. Gottlieb!

Ladies, please note: I still want to go to Dr. Gottlieb for my revision surgery!

I am certain that this time around, my goals will be reached. After some thought, I realized that I did not explain my goals and desires before my first surgery with the Dr. I think this resulted in results that are different from what I expected. I wish I had communicated better.

The facility itself is very clean and the staff is cordial. Dr. Gottlieb is easy to reach, patient and understanding.

After further conversation with Dr. Gottlieb and his compassionate approach to my desire for revision, I would recommend this venue to women seeking bbl surgeries, as Dr. Gottlieb does not make false promises, as many doctors do, and is very realistic about future results based on a woman’s body type. The honesty is appreciated.

FINAL Result


After my first surgery with Dr. Gottlieb in October, I knew I was not happy with the results within a few weeks. My hips and buttocks shrunk as the swelling from the surgery decreased. I had paid extra for upper body sculpting, yet I still had all the back fat and arm fat I had specifically requested he remove.

I was sorely disappointed and suspected that Dr. Gottlieb had not harvested the fat cells properly before putting them back into my body. Nonetheless, I retained an iota of hope.

Accordingly, I scheduled a revision surgery for March 2015, over 3 months later. By the time of the revision surgery I had gained almost 10 pounds. The weight went mostly to my arms and back. Understandably, at the time of the revision surgery, Dr. Gottlieb made a point to bring up my weight gain, stating that it minimized any result the surgery might have achieved . However, he seemed to put complete blame for the lack of results on my weight gain, conspicuously shirking any responsibility or possibility that the lack of results was due to his lack of skills. I guess any surgeon would do that.

I made my goals clear to Dr. Gottlieb at the revision surgery, setting forth the need to sculpt my upper body and add more fat to my buttocks and hips to achieve an hour glass shape. At this point Dr. Gottlieb said that given the previous deflating, he would put all the fat into my buttocks and none to my hips to ensure some result for the butt. I agreed.

Fast forward to now: I have lost weight. But the arm fat and back fat remain. You cannot tell that he touched those areas or made any improvements at all. My stomach is relatively flat when standing but has weird rolls if i sit. He did nothing to my waist.

The silver lining is that my butt does have a little more oomph. The difference is slight but noticeable.

In conclusion:

If you are looking for a caring and nurturing doctor with good bedside manner, then you might find Dr. Gottlieb inadequate. He is friendly enough but was not present to speak with me after I woke up from either surgery.

If you are seeking dramatic results, you will be displeased with Dr. Gottlieb's results. He will not transform you into a Duran Doll. I don't think he has the capability or equipment to do so.

Importantly, even if you are just seeking a noticeable and distinct change to your shape, you will be disappointed. Although I wasn't seeking Kim Kardashian curves ( which I told him) I did want an hour glass figure. I have not achieved this with Dr. Gottlieb. For all his hemming and hawing that my weight gain ruined any result his surgery might have had on me- If a surgeon is good at performing a BBL then the results should be clear within a few weeks. There were no results within the first few weeks, before my weight gain, confirming that he either did not harvest the fat properly or is just not a master at doing BBLs. I'm not discounting that weight gain can alter the final look- but its not the sole reason for that. And to be clear, I did not become obese. Plus I would have thought a few extra pounds would have given Dr. Gottlieb more donor sites to draw fat from.

All in all, only go to Dr. Gottlieb if you already have a little bit of a butt and want slightly more. He will suit your needs if subtlety is all you seek. If you are looking for someone to sculpt your body skillfully and add a distinct bump to your rump, then he is not the surgeon for you. I fear that whatever boost I have achieved in my rear will dissipate given his apparent lack of expertise.
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