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Hello beauties so I live in thr philadelphia area...

Hello beauties so I live in thr philadelphia area and I have been thinking about lipo and bbl since I could remember I would say 10 years. I am going quite active I jog about 5to 10 miles and I bike. I look very youthful but my body wont budge. Lol I am very positive and open minded with a healthy self esteem which I think is important to ones outlook and expectation on body enhancement. Its my understanding that if the self love isnt there all the attention in the world wont put it there for you. Yes I never had a ass and I have done squats and squats..lol its tends to perk up every now and then but I have to continoisly keep up that momentum.

I am deciding between Dr. Robles in the dominican republic and GAbey here in Philly

With this surgery I am looking for a level playing field to work from. I will still be as active as I am now...just with more to work with...

Well I look forward to reading all of your reviews and dialogue. . Ask you questions when I need and if I am going to Dr. Find a sx mate :) lol got the realised terminology all ready down...

pre opp

vacation and surgery

So I have been thinking ..I worked for an airline a while back and I am kicking myself in the ass why of why didnt I do this in 2011 or 2012..lol

However I do believe that everything happens for a reason so here I am in corporate america now and finally making preparations for my surgery. .cool stuff!!

So I am going to the Dominican Republic to beautify my shyt lol ..I wonder what my personality will be like when I have an ass...when I walk my hips talk.... .I am already self confident like crazy maybe a bit too much lol..hmm ..reading everyone's profile so cool!

Got a price quote from Dr Baez Today!! It looks like I am traveling to the DR...

It didn't include a recovery house so if I find one that is decent I may b going with her. Here are the houses she gave to me...

Yasmin, Armonia, Maria, Gianna, Ruth and Daisy Anyone have any ideals....

made my decision Dr.Baez it is

So I told my boyfriend and my bestie/workmate today. And I began with I dont care what you tell me I wont change my mind..hmmm
Made deposit arrangements and now I am set. My ticket decreased to 360 from 598 but I have to Amtrak from philly to Newark which is cool because I work at the airport and I dont want to fly through it...hmmm ehehehehe excited...

57days to my new bod

Hey ladies....I am counting the days till I am getting my sr done in the Dr. I am making my list as what to buy based on what I will need for my body. I got a full work up by my Doctor and everything came out perfect ... I will do another in October...
I went over board and gained mad weight and now I finally balanced out. People can be so non supportive and I had to learn the hard way. Its OK this is what I want so whatever! I am debating between Daisy and armonia house for my recovery.

Senior and season divas do you have and pointers or recommendations. I haven't bought thing as of yet because I want to take my time ..

Baez beauty on November 19...I am excited...I don't have any wish pics because I just want her to sculpt me...snatch the waste and give me a bbl...

OK will try to update more often..

Until next time beauties!!

still waiting

Hey beauties!! Nothing to update hope all is well


So last year I had surgery a scheduled with Dr. BAEZ in the Dr. Things didn't go as planned and now I am going at it again.

This time I have my eyes on Miami and I married a butt man so there is major support..

I am looking at Dr. Fisher with Vanity OT Dr Ortega with spectrum and I also need to find a recovery house.

Any info will be highly appreciated.

Thanks beauties...
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