28 Yrs Old No Kids - Philadelphia, PA

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From philly. I'm looking to get lipo of abdomen,...

From philly. I'm looking to get lipo of abdomen, flanks, back and arms with fat transfer to butt. So undecided it's either gabay or dimario. If u have any results or comments please feel free to share : ) I'm 145 lbs dd boobs looking to round my booty to be proportioned. Just want a nice shape with a little fatty, nothing huge just enough for a cute hr glass shape


So I decided colombia it is final decision. My girl went to liz vicent last year she looks amazing, I'm looking into cali colombia tho. If I'm ganna do it I want it done right. .ready to be shaped amd snatched. This journey will continue..hoping for august. Any recommendations hit my page thanks xoxo

decision made!

Dimario here I come!! Had my consultation with janet. I feel comfortable with choosing him. They take great safety precautions as well as offering post op care. It's about to get real!! Not ready for this pain but ready to look and feel good

before pics

Consultation with janet the other day she said I can do 1000 ccs here are my before pics. I'm nervous I know ppl will notice and know I did something to my butt but who cares right, ima look good. Ready for that snatched waist and curvy shape

date booked!

2nd consultation with Dimario today went very well, he's cool with a sense of humor. Deposit paid and date set! Anxiety is soon to kick in.. set for august!

Wish pic!

less than one month!!!!

omg I cant believe im really going through with this my surgery date is less than one month, im so nervous and not ready for the recovery pain. the only thing that concerns me about dimarios work is his abdomen lipo, I never had kids and I don't have any marks or stretch marks on my abdomen. so not sure how well my stomach will heal, I noticed some pts still have hardness and drain scars as well as feeling lumpy in the stomach area, any one who has any feedback please let m know. hope im making the right decision with choosing in state

surgery this week!

£ still can't believe this is happening! I'm really doing this! But I guess there is no turning back now..every is all set up and full balance paid. I hope I'm making the rt decision and everything goes well..I will keep u guys posted..

surgery done!!

Made it to the other side whoop whoop! Can't wait to take this damn faja off when it's time!

first 24 hrs post op

So the first night was fine, I was moving and lifting myself up from the couch...that's where I slept. So glad I didn't get my arms done because that's all u really have smh. The next day I already had a post op massage and drain session...shesh crucial. .it's bareable but definitely hurts..it's tsunami true when they say u have to b propane for this process. .u can't do anything! .. so glad my boyfriend is off to help me..u need someone around at all times!

female urinal

Best invention I ordered this off groupon. .so glad I have this makes ur life a hell of a lot easier..u don't have to worry about squatting or bending or pee running down ur leg! Trust me u will appreciate this

today is day 2

Sorry I don't have it set up correctly on real self. The over all pain is tightness and swelling but the real bad pain is in my lower abdomen I guess that's where the drain and incision is..it burns like hell like someone is stabbing me..but over all this is all tolerable it's just annoying because u can't do anything with out it hurting and it's so uncomfortable to sleep. When u sleep on ur stomach too long ur whole body gets cramped. I sleep on my sides to, but I try not to too much because I didn't get hips done I got laterals done ..over all I love my shape and the whole office said I came out really good because I was the perfect body type

loove my new shape

2 days post op

3 days post op

day 5

Today still the same able to move around, just stiffness from the faja and padding and my butt is sore that's about it, it's all bearable just annoying to have to keep all this stuff on and not able to sit on ur butt. I always sleep on my belly, so getting up u feel very stiff, more so ur back

post op day 6

Still very tender and stiff from the padding. It's true u do get tired of feeling this way and not being able to do much.. it's not even a full week and I'm over it.. but it sure is worth the outcome.. tomorrow will officially be a week and they said I may be able to get my drain out, since I'm tiny and don't have alot of fluid to begin with.. cant wait to get it taking out, I feel like I try not to move alot because I'm scared of pulling the drain and it burns when tugged on ...will update tomorrow gals..but so far so good!!

pre op and post op

I have a shape now!

before surgery

No waist and no booty, back roll,tummy, flanks

8 days post op

Flat stomach, hopefully my drain will come out today

8 days post op

Still holding volume hope it stays this size

Drain out!

So 8 days post op they took out my drain! That was the best day ever!! I feel like I can move more and I don't have to worry about it pulling! Every day does get better. And man with out the garment I feel so fragile. I had to take it of for a couple hrs to wash it , and man it felt like hell. Today is now 9 days post op so I go twice a week for massages since the drain is out. I can't wait for my massage tomorrow. O and on day 8 they had to stick a needle in my back to drain some excess fluid in my back. Ugh that needle hurt! But I needed that fluid out. Don't worry its common for the back, the drain doesn't usually get all of that fluid out. It's a quick pinch. But so far everything is good, just recovering and I haven't went back to work yet. My job is very physical so I need all the recovery time I can get..I'll keep u guys posted ttyl

feeling sad

17 days post op! Overall this journey is going great no health complaints, I'm healing well. . My problem is that booty greed is real! I'm loosing volume it was perfect whwn it was swollen, now it's shrinking! I want to cry, I went thru all of this and it's not as big as I wanted it.. im So glad I told him to put all the fat in!! Glad I didn't say I wanted a natural look, because I would have been left with nothing???????? I can't wait until I can work out to lift it.. I have to try n get my waist small as possible now to make my ass look bigger smh...round 2???! I hope not I can't even think about that rt now

18 days post

I think I'm loosing volume, or I guess that was all swelling : (

Flat belly

Love how flat my stomach is, I'm only 2 weeks post op
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Didn't get it done yet, still deciding on doctor

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