After 3 Kids 5'6 190 Pounds I'm Ready for This Bbl Transformation and Gain my Confidence Back!! - Philadelphia, PA

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Hello again so i was browsing through real self,...

hello again so i was browsing through real self, and i ran across some reviews on Dr Gabay right here in Philly i too was going to travel and get it done but i was really skeptical i don't have much family here and i don't have anyone i trust rather than my fiancé, so i think I'm leaning towards Dr Gabay as their, any Gabay dolls out there thats satisfied, and open to talk about recovery, and things i may need ??? really anxious!

So I changed my mind

I may want to go with DR DURAN because her work is outstanding sheesh

Irked :(

So my fiancé was being a little nosey ass going through my laptop, and saw what I was trying to do. I bought a international card to call the doctor, so I can get a quote, and hopefully schedule an appointment. He's not on board with me, he's being extremely negative and an unsupportive jackass is anyone else boyfriend acting weird and jealous. How'd you overcome this I don't want to argue with him about my choices it's so sad. WTF

I really want to get my body right

Here's more pics of me before anything my shape I hate it

I will be contacting vanity today

Hey to the fisher dolls do you have to stay at their recovery house or is there a hotel nearby ???

Bout to put down my deposit for Dr fisher in Miami

I just spoke with a sweet lady she emailed me all the info I need to get this ball rolling I'm so hype

Just had a talk with my fiancé

So I just say down and had a talk with my hubby about what I wanted to do surprisingly, my baby is on board with me he said he will go with me and help take care of me YAY I'm so happy

So I just received a text from vanity in Miami

DR. Hassan at vanity cosmetics is having a special on BBL's for $4,000
Recovery house is 1200
I don't know how long the special is lasting or you can just call vanity cosmetics, if in fact you want yo get hassanified

Consult with Dr Gabay

So Im still undecided whether I should go out the country or should I stay here and do my BBL either way it's getting done I'm here at dr Gabay office to see if he can give me what I'm looking for enough my journey to find a great caring surgeon so far I have two favorites Baez and fisher so we shall see I hope he has lots of pics because the last one I went to I didn't like to much so wish me luck I'm hoping to make a decision soon.


I meant if not ;)

still waiting

Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

i go in for my consultation wednesday so i hope this is the doctor I'm doing my procedure with.

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