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I am 36 yo 5' 2 and 136lbs and need to be bikini...

I am 36 yo 5' 2 and 136lbs and need to be bikini ready by the summer. I have considered plastic surgery ever since I started my weight loss journey two years ago Aug 31 2011. I have lost 122lbs with the aide of gastric bypass and have maintained my weight loss for the last year.

I went on real self, talked to other people who have had TT and went doctor shopping. I went on 3 consults. one in delaware, one in MD and one in Philadelphia. I decided to go with Gottlieb because he comes across as confident and pleasant and the price was right. Money isnt everything. I considered a Physician in MD who absolutley took my breath away but I cant afford him because of the associated hospital fees.

Gottlieb did not promise me the world....but he was confident enough that I could have a small waist outer thigh lift vaginal lift and lipo for my BBL. I was told by each physician to consider gaining weight for a better BBL result, but since I have had gastric it doesnt work. My preop is on April 26th very excited. will post my before pics later.

15 days post op

I got my drains removed on monday may 20 th which made me 14 days out. My binder that was given on day of surgery gave no more back or tummy support it seemed to be stretched beyond its capacity from the swelling. I started wearing my ardyss waist cincher and ardyss butt lift garment. Gottlieb agreed that it was a good choice. I also started to get necrosis in my belly button one week postop. He told me to let it get air use antibac soap and use dry guaze. I have started using bactroban for the last two days. I'm so critical unsure if there is improvement. I can say that swelling has gone down a lot and I am much happier with my results! I was shocked that the drains wrapped all the way around my body! It was not as painful as I imagined the removal to be.
I still have pain and nausea and muscle tightness. I am 7lbs down since surgery. They still have not told me how much skin or fat was removed or transferred. I will post earlier pics of belly button then again in five days. I hope I don't lose my belly button. I go back on wednesday for another follow up. I like my ps he is very attentive and patient.

day 14 photo

Finally posting new pics new belly button and neuroma

I am 9 1/2 weeks post op. My belly button has been normal for two weeks now. Dr. Gottlieb injected kenalog into my belly button scar which has lightened scar and flattened scar....its on its way to recovery!
I still wear my gel silicone wrap for scar therapy its like a miracle wrap....very itchy!
I have pain in my left groin under tummy tuck scar that started one month after surgery. It stops me in my tracks when I sneeze laugh or cough. I have trouble sleeping on my left side or when I try to sit up. Tylenol helps heat works the best. My PS states that it will go away with time but after reading other posts... idk!

before pics

These are a couple of before pics from my chart.

my belly button

I am so happy that my belly button revovered. I am going to make an appt. In dec for kenalog shots for my scar around my waste. Hopefully it will lighten like my belly button.

before pics

I tried to download before don't know what happen.
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