5'4, 150, 32 F/G Breast Reduction - Aetna Success or Failure? - Philadelphia, PA

Hello, all. Please bear with me on this long post...

Hello, all. Please bear with me on this long post as I am hoping to get anecdotes from those who have successfully obtained approval from Aetna for a breast reduction!

I have a consultation for breast reduction the first week of August and am anxiously awaiting the date. I am 32, 5'4, between 140-150 lbs, and a size 32F/G bra. My insurance plan is an Aetna POS II and I'm hoping that it will cover all or part of the procedure, as I'm not sure that I can afford the operation without it. I have read the Aetna plan guidelines and read extensive reviews on this site re: breast reduction and I am both hopeful and apprehensive about obtaining approval. My main worry is that, according to Aetna's chart, I would have to have 600g of breast tissue per breast removed and I just have no idea if that's even possible.

I have experienced similar symptoms as most on this site: neck pain, shoulder pain, upper and lower back pain, numbness in my hands when I lay on my side, difficulty in exercising due to shortness of breath and the buoyancy of my breasts (and I strap them down!), stinging/tingling pain between my neck and shoulders, terrible posture, and tension headaches, etc.

My other concern is that I have no documentation from physicians/physical therapy to corroborate my suffering. I complained about back pain due to my breasts to my PCP in 2013 but do not believe that she documented this complaint; instead, she handed me a card for a chiropractor. I did not follow up with this referral as I'm not comfortable with chiropractic treatment (professional/personal bias). Aside from this, I have tried massages (several years ago), I practice stretching and posture exercises, exercise regularly (including weight lifting exercises focusing on my back and abdominal muscles), have purchased a very expensive bed (approx. $2,500 tempurpedic mattress) and pillows, and wear very supportive and expensive bras (approx. $180-200 a piece) to no avail.

Has anyone had success in obtaining approval from Aetna WITHOUT extensive health provider records/documentation? Anyone have experience with the appeal process? Looking for real life personal stories about successes or failure, as I can hardly stand the wait!
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