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This site has been amazing as I begin my journey....

This site has been amazing as I begin my journey. I just turned 44, have 2 amazing kids and want my pre-baby bod back. I lost 30 lbs with diet and exercise Sept 2014 - Feb 2015 and now have some excess skin on my tummy and droopy breasts. I've also lost a lot of breast volume after breastfeeding both babies and now have droopy, saggy breasts. :-( I've worked my butt off doing spin class and barre class 6 - 7 days/week, eating healthy, sleeping well, etc. I have come to the realization that I need some extra help to get where I'd like to be.
I have done 4 consults and I will be looking at surgery in March 2016. I must say that I've felt so good about the what I've accomplished on my own--the sizes dropped, the weight lost, how much more energy I have, sleeping better, etc. Then, you go to the consults and it kind of messes with your mind a bit--it's a discussion of your "flaws" and how they can be fixed. Don't get me wrong--I'm totally excited about this, but I feel like I got knocked down a few notches. (hope that doesn't sound weird)

Consult #1

Initial consult - had my list of questions ready, thanks to this site had a little idea of what to expect and it went well. Met Dr. M and staff, everyone was great. Very nice, professional and although my consult was at 5pm and I think the last one of the day, they never made me feel that way. I was not rushed, Dr. M really took his time to explain everything and he was the only PS who actually took some time to look through my wish pics on my phone.
He uses the Vectra to show you what the lift and implants will look like, but also uses the sizers. I'm not a fan of the Vectra--I think it makes the girls look wonky. The consultant mentioned it doesn't always work as well when doing lifts too. I told him I wanted to be a DD and with the pics, he suggested 500cc. When I tried 500cc sizers and they had it on the screen, I felt like it may be too big. Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed with this new experience. I finally agreed that 450cc would be good. Dr. M's was also the only consult who offered to show me before & after pics of his work. I have actually seen Dr. M's work as my hair stylist got her BA done by him years ago and has referred 7 people to him. He is excellent and really cares about his patients.
Anyway, when I got home and showed my husband the Vectra images and the pics taken on my iPhone of the 450s, I realized 450 is too small. Will ask for bigger in the next consult.
Here are pics with the sizers - 450cc and 500cc.

Wish pics

Here is what I am going for--btw I am like a 34B/C now. Used to be a 36D, I am 5'8" and 154lbs.

Here's the starting point

More befores

Here is a better representation of what I hope to improve. I want to feel good wearing a bikini! My tummy needs work. Ugh

Consult #2

Went to see Dr. R who is about an hour away--something that is going through my mind when deciding on my PS. Compared to Dr. M, this office is much more clinical. Dr. M's practice felt more homey, a little more upscale yet not snobby at all. When I walked into Dr. R's office, I had to wait for about 3 minutes until the receptionist behind the sliding glass window could come to check me in. I also saw a drug rep come in and was brought back. So, the doctor was very kind and the consultant was nice. I knew after the first one that I wanted bigger and asked for 600cc at least. They let me try on 520 srf, 616cc style 15 & 659 cc style 15. There was very little difference between 616 & 659. I liked these sizes much better. Dr. R also said I should definitely get silicone HP. One other thing I deal with is that I have a high belly button and since I carried my babies high, most of the fat/skin is above the navel. Both PSs said I may have to get the inverted T, but that will be an OR decision based on how much skin they can pull down and placement of the belly button. Dr. R also said that I have very little breast tissue left (which is the opposite of what Dr. M said), so he said that to get the best results I should do it in 2 stages. 1st - Tummy tuck, lipo and BL 2nd - (3 months later) BA. He said that I will not have to have a revision as soon if I do it that way. This was very surprising to me and not what I wanted. I really wanted to do it all once, one recovery, time off work, it also means more $$. (double OR, anesthesiologist, etc.) I also asked about the follow-up schedule and I didn't feel like I would see him as much as I would Dr. M. Dr. M sees me every time I go back, and likes you tdo come in every week for the first 6 weeks. I really liked that. Dr. R said the first appt after surgery is with the nurse, and then 6 days for suture removal, 10 days drains out, 3 weeks with Dr. R. I left kind of in a daze as I heard great things about him, but there were some concerns. I also really didn't want to do it in 2 stages. At this point I was concerned that perhaps because I increased the size of the implants, maybe Dr. M would say I need 2 stages as well. So, I called Dr. M's consultant to ask about the size and see if that would that change the strategy at all. I called and got the consultant, but she took my question and asked me to hold on for a minute. Then very quickly, Dr. M actually got on the phone and answered all of my questions. I liked how easy it was to reach him and he really always seems to take time with me.

Before pic

I am so ready for this Mommy Makeover - anyone else have the issue with the high belly button, possible inverted T scar? I am really hoping I won't need that, but all 4 consults said it would be an OR decision. Please tell me if you ran into the same thing. I hope I don't have to go there, but also wonder if I do--how is the scar? What will it truly look like?

Consult #3

Today I met Dr. B - nice doc, but didn't feel it from the moment I walked into the office. I pretty much knew this one would be out. I arrived a couple minutes early, but still had to wait over 15 minutes from my appt time to go back. The doc took his time with me and asked and answered all of my questions. I was curious as to his strategy--will he say he'd recommend doing it all at once (BL,BA, TT & lipo - true MM) or like #2, 2 stages? He said no problem doing it all at once and thought I'd get a really nice result. He had the Vectra and we took some pics. I actually went in asking for 650cc and when I saw it on the screen, told him I'm curious what 700cc's look like. That's what we ultimately kept--not that much difference from the 659 cc I tried on. I just think with the Vectra images, when you are getting a lift it doesn't really look good. I think they look like torpedoes, are wonky and mine seemed to really pull out to the sides. Doc said shadows created when a lift is needed causes some of those issues on the image.
Another thing I wasn't a fan of here is that surgery would be done in the hospital. I like the thought of a surgi-center where I am not exposed to other sick patients. (I realize everything is sterile, etc., it may just be in my head). As I mentioned, the doc and his staff were very nice. I just keep comparing to Dr. M and am leaning that way. BTW - Dr. B said I'd be best with Silicone, Mod Plus, under the muscle. So, my debate continues on whether I go saline or silicone...any opinions on this? (Keep in mind I was told I have enough tissue that I wouldn't really notice a difference between the saline or silicone) Thoughts?

I have a doc & a date!

Had a 4th consult & liked her, but just felt like Dr. Mirabile isn't for me. He really gave me all the time I wanted, I feel like he listens and cares about his patients. I was also referred to him and know several others who have gotten boobs done by him. He was excellent with them and they all have great results. I brought my husband to a 2nd consult with him. J wanted the hubby's take on the doc, the size I am looking at and what the aftercare will entail since he is the one helping. It was great and I put down my deposit for March 10th. I can't believe it will be here before I know it! And I'll be ready for bikini season!! Yay!! Btw--I decided to go 600cc saline under muscle mod plus. Keep debating saline & silicone & not sure what I should do...any advice?

Can't stop thinking about the changes to come

I've been enjoying the holidays with family and friends, but have been so busy and eating & drinking whatever I want. Looking forward to getting back to my normal diet and exercise routine on 1/2 and to push hard to be in the best shape I can for the next 2 months before my day.
BTW - I am back to silicone again...just reading reviews here and talking to others, I think that makes the most sense to me.
Trying to figure out if I should go for Exparel--my PS said he doesn't usually use it, but will get it for me if I want it. (at no additional charge) Any of you ladies have thoughts on this? He did make a good point about not using it because he doesn't want to mask pain if there is truly a problem. He wants to know about it so it can be fixed. Not sure what to do?
(BTW - the hubby bought me a tank to sleep in said in part he is excited to see what it will look like on in a few months from now. I'm excited about that too!)

Am I going too big?

Oh my...now I'm nervous. My pre-op is next week and I am starting to wonder if 600cc is too big. Should I stick with 550? 575? I am 5'8'', 154lbs. I know my waist will be smaller after the TT, I don't want to have "circus tits"--especially at 44. The other thing is I am getting a lift and 600's are large. It will prob mean another revision somewhere down the road. Will 550 have less chance? That isn't really a big difference. I just don't want to go to small and be disappointed. I prob need to play with rice sizers to check it out again. I also don't want to limit my ability to buy bras, bathing suit tops, clothing. I'd like to be a DD. That is actually the size VS bra I wear now (but we all know how accurate that sizing is). I don't fill it out right (esp. The upper breast) and they are all padded. So--will I be happy with 600cc? Anyone debate this and can I learn from your decision?

Had my pre-op

Pre-op was done yesterday and I paid in full. I thought they'd tell me some things to buy, butt I didn't get a list? Looks like I will have to look for a list on this site to make sure I am prepared. Please let me know if there is anything you bought that was invaluable. Thanks! Oh, and had my mammogram this morning too. Gave me yet another vote of confidence in my choice of Dr. Mirabile as the tech who did mine knew him and said "he does amazing work!" She sees boobs all day long! Anyway, it made me feel good in my choice. Counting down now...

Anyone with a high belly button had a Tummy Tuck?

I asked this before and nobody responded. My bb is very high (waist is high) and PS said it would be an OR decision on inverted T. Has anyone had a Tummy Tuck and gotten an inverted T? How bad was the scar? Did it cause complications?

Question on sports bra - advice?

Did you ladies buy sports bras before surgery? If so, did you just guess and go bigger knowing there would be swelling? I just bought the VS Knockout bra but worry about the size--I got 36 DDD thinking I'm going for DD, so will need it bigger initially. What do you all recommend? Thanks!

Only 3 weeks to go!! ????

So, I'm excited & nervous at the same time. I haven't told many people, but was just thinking that I go to a small boutique barre & spin studio 6-7 days/week & haven't figured out what a I should say to my other regulars. I know it will be noticed that I haven't been there in 2+ months & then am "thinner". DonI lie and say a hernia? Part of me says say nothing unless asked...but ai am pretty "what you see is what you get". What do I say? Btw--I read questions about a extra looking like the BA. I've posted the 700cc's I had done and honestly am hoping I don't look like this! (Totally torpedoes!)

A week and a half to go

I keep going back and forth feeling nervous and excited! I was reading the pre-op ppwk again and my stomach was in my throat. Thinking "what am I doing?" Then thinking about it after spin class and how hard I've worked and now how much better I think I will look. But, my thoughts are going back and forth all day. (Having trouble concentrating at work) Just keeping my eye on the prize and ready to get this done. I think these feelings are normal...????

I made it! Surgery done!

I'm on the other side--the flat side as it's called here. Btw--why is it called that? Shouldn't it be the curvy side as we get more curves? ;-)
Anyway, I had my surgery yesterday. Had to be there at 11:15, went in at noon and was done by 3. Although I was so zonked by the anesthesia I didn't leave until 4:45. That was a long day without anything to eat or drink. When I got to the surgi-center they were ready for me. Dr. Bob talked to me, marked me up and off I went. It was uneventful and I woke up feeling groggy and exhausted. I was a little sore mainly in the tummy area--I felt nothing of the Lipo on the legs and honestly thought he forgot to do it. (He did it) The most painful part was getting out of the car--the hubby and I didn't have our "system" down yet. I just came home, got in the recliner surrounded by pillows, at some soup a piece of dry toast, and drank a ton of water. No nausea, no problems eating. I was famished. I was in & out of sleep and pretty much did that the rest of the night. The annoying part is that I seem to have to pee at least every hour because of how much water I've been drinking and I need help getting out of the chair and walking. I only have one drain and it doesn't bother me too much. (Yet) It hurts coughing, but I have to get that stuff out of my lungs. Yesterday the tummy was the part that hurt the most, I didn't feel anything on my boobs or legs. Didn't sleep much at all--maybe 30 minutes here & there all night. I've been taking Percocet & based on advice here--staying ahead of the pain so I'm comfortable. I haven't really looked at anything under the bandages, so no pics yet. Oh, I went in thinking I was getting no 595cc mod plus, but told my PS I trust his judgement and he had pics on file of what I hoped for. I ended up with 550cc and from what I see am happy. My hubby also said that he came out and told him he was really excited about the tummy tuck results--thought it came out great and I did NOT need the inverted T after all! I was happy about that. Funny thing is, he said after he detached my belly button he got 2 more inches of skin. (Shows how deep that was!)
So, Day 2 I am feeling more sore and still exhausted. But overall, bearable. I'm so excited to see the results and promise to post pics when I finally get the guts to take a peek.
Hope all of you are doing well--I can't tell you how much this site has helped me answer questions, make decisions and know what to expect.

Pre and post op

Day 3 and feel a little better

I slept well most of the night last night and that really helped. Still sore and stiff, but already notice I'm feeling some improvement. It's totally the TT that is more painful, the BL/BA are not so bad. The Lipo on inner & outer thighs now hurts, but not too bad. However, my thighs are SO swollen. I've attached a pic to show what I mean. Can't wait to see the full results! I changed my clothes and see the boobs under the bra--I like the size. I also hated the fat part right under my arm that was accentuated due to the side sagginess. Even though that is still swollen, I can tell that looks better too. Haha--I am full of positive thoughts today. Thanks everyone for the encouraging words.

Don't sneeze

Ouch! Someone said it before, but take it from experience. Try not to sneeze (or cough) if. You can help it. OMG...

5 days Post Op - I got a peek!

Went to my post op and heard all looks great. No T scar - Dr. Bob and I are pleased. Got my binder adjusted and new dressings. I needed that so badly and now feel like a new woman. Doc said to empty & measure drainage Thurs to Fri at 9 & to call him. If all looks good as he expects, I will be going in to get the drains out Friday. Yay!
I also got some pics today and am really excited about what I saw. Btw--I wanted to mention the boobie tattoo. Dr. Bob told me with the lift it would change the way it looks. That thing was a mistake I made when young. Hahaha I really don't care about it, so now I call it my "setting sun" ;-) Anyway, today is a good day and I hope the rest of you ladies are feeling great!! Xoxo

Pics at 5 days post op

8 days post op - feeling disappointed

I was hoping to be getting my drain out today, but just tt the doc and he said "I am very close", but is going to wait until Monday. :-( So disappointed. I know if they come out too soon and fluid builds up you need to be drained with a needle, so better safe than sorry, I guess. I'm just so tired of the drain. Mine is huge--it barely fits in my sweatpants. (I told the hubby I know what it feels like to have big balls lol) I think now that is the biggest discomfort and it is also keeping me from a shower. (Also, told the hubby he has another weekend with stinky) only so much you can do with wipes, lotion, deodorant and perfume. I know--I need to suck it up. I asked for this and it would've been coming out sooner than they originally told me, but I got my hopes up.
Also, wanted to ask if anyone else feels like their nipples are sore? Like the rubbing feeling when you didn't wear a bra all day. That's how mine feel now. Reminds me of the raw feeling when I breastfed and ai wish I could put some lanolin on them. (Was told I can't put anything on them for fear of infection)
One more concern--I looked in mirror and am hoping it is swelling, but feel like My waist/torso doesn't look as little as it did the other day. I fear that since I can't exercise and my appetite has returned I'll gain weight. Ugh. I know--need to eat healthy, lots of protein, limit carbs, etc. but still worries me. Anyone have advice or experience this?
I think I'm feeling a little down today. I heard it happens at some point. I return to work Monday and will have a lot of catching up to do.
Thanks for letting me vent. Hope you all have a great Friday.

HotMama is a new woman!

I got my drains out!! Woo hoo! My PS also removed my BB stitches and Lipo stitches. Boy, without that drain (I actually had 2 entry points that fed into 1 huge drain that was as big as my whole hand) I feel like a new person.
I was told I can switch to Spanx if I want, but prob want to still wear the binder especially at night. I am also free to walk upright and can sleep anyway I'd like. I just moved back into my own bed last night for the first time--went from the recliner the first few days to the guest room for the past week. I'll prob stick with sleeping in my back (better to prevent facial wrinkles anyway. Haha) I also drove myself to my appt which is a half hour away. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, oh yeah...and It was my first day back to work!
I feel like I am part of the living again.
Dr. Bob said everything looks great and whatever I am doing to keep doing. I asked about the "flab" I was worried about on my side where the binder stopped and he said not to even think about flab for a long time. It is all swelling...and did I look at my flat tummy and little waist? OK, OK, he's right.
He said I am to come back on Friday to get my tummy tuck stitches removed and then on Tuesday for my breast stitches to be removed. One thing to mention as I was a little confused--my PS doesn't use tape. I see everyone in here with rape on their incisions and wondered when I get that? Found out he just keeps he ABD pads over them--no tape. Works for me.
One other thing I wanted to mention, the meds. I was given Percocet and told I could take 1 - 2 depending on pain. I ended up taking 1 every 2 hours pretty much to stay ahead of the pain. I think that helped me. But, by Sunday morning (day 3) I was done. I switched to Tylenol & never looked back. By Tuesday, I took 1000mg of Tylenol maybe 3 times a day and by yesterday I am only taking it before bed. That's what worked for me, but everyone is different.
I can tell it has been a busy day as I am getting tired and it is only 7:45pm. Wanted to share my good day with you, my RS friends!
Virtual hugs to everyone!

Two weeks tomorrow

Can't believe it has been 2 weeks already. The pain is in the rear view mirror and I'm feeling pretty darn good. I am still a little sore, stiff and swollen everywhere first thing in the morning. I also still have swelling especially in my torso, but it's not horrible.
Getting the tummy tuck stitches out Friday and Breast stitches out Tuesday.
Haven't tried on any bras (not even sports bras yet--I want to wait until the stitches come out) But true shower feels fantastic and I am still so happy to lose those drains.
Here are a few pics from today. My stitches are dark blue and the tummy scar looks darker in the pics than I think it does in real life. But not worried about it at his point. I'm happy with the size--I still have lots of d & fing to do. The breasts are looking better and better.
Hope you all are doing great! Happy Spring! Bet we all can't wait until summer to show off the new bods!

3 weeks today!

At exactly 3 weeks and feeling more and more like myself. Been off all pain meds including Tylenol for over a week. I got the tummy stitches out last Friday and told I could switch to Spanx. I still wear the binder mostly--it is easier to deal with and more comfortable to me. I also got the breast stitches out on Tuesday. Woo hoo! I got rid of the granny bra and pads and am much more comfy up top too. They did see that I have a small spot that opened under my left breast at the point of the T. Said it is normal and gave me something to put on it once a day that will close it up. I'll keep an eye on that. Overall, doc said everything still looks good & is healing nicely. I can walk, do elliptical or stationary bike. So glad as I feel like a blob. I still get swelling toward afternoon/evening in torso--especially just above my scar. Hoping that will get better as time goes on. I wore leggings today for the first time (didn't want to stretch my good ones out) & a friend, hubby & I all noticed the difference from the thigh lipo! But I still feel some swelling & tenderness so excited that it will only get better too. I am trying not to push it as ai continue to feel better, but am happy to feel more like myself again. Started using scar treatment on Wed. - bought BioCorneum from my doc. It is first silicone-based gel and all the nurses rave about it. I figure--no sense skimping on the scar treatment after spending all that $$. ;-)
I also tried on a few things and posted some pics. I still couldn't fit into my jeans from pre-surgery so I know I am still swollen. But liming what I see this far!
Hope you all are great and having a fab week! Xoxo

5 weeks

Today marks 5 weeks PO and I really feel great. I haven't had any pain in my tummy for several weeks, but do see swelling sometimes (especially later in the day/evening) I've been using the scar treatment I bought at the PS office and he said in a few weeks we will laser the scar too. (Another perk for using Dr. Mirabile) My breasts are definitely dropping and may be close to where they will stay? Not positive as I see 3-6 months for d&f is what everyone here says. But, I am happy with the size and fullness. My breasts themselves don't really get sore, but I think it is my nipple and areola that do. The skin feels irritated and the bra presses on the nipple. (Wearing sports bras & those types) Does anyone else have that experience? The spot under my left one is still there but just about healed. I sleep on my sides comfortably except for the areas of Lipo. (Which I find strange) The Lipo spots on my inner & outer thighs are still sore, feel bruised & seem swollen. (Is that normal too at 5 weeks?)
My stomach is flat and I love my new little BB. I still don't have a super little waist--always was more boxy, so think it is just how I am built. I also am dying to get back to my workouts which will help lose a little and tone more.
I just took my first biz trip since surgery and had these nice young men help me with my bag in the overhead bins. That was my only fear and I found such nice people to help.
Got my Botox last week too and with that and the "new" body--I feel pretty darn good. For those of you preparing--it really does getter better & better every week. The first 4 days are rough and the drains were the biggest pain in the neck. But,you will be surprised at how quickly you start feeling like yourself again as long as you follow doctor's orders, take care of yourself and don't overdo it.
Next I want to try in some bathing suits since none of my tops fit me anymore. I'm looking forward to that.
Happy planning and happy healing! Thanks for reading my journey--you guys have really helped me get through this experience. I hope I can help someone too. Xoxo

Update - 9 weeks PO

I'm feeling really good now. Working out every day--not quite where I was pre, but getting stronger and building stamina. Not really any pain anymore. My abs feel tight and I can't stretch fully yet, I also haven't gone back to a barre class. Worried all the planks, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. will be a little too much right now. Had the scars lasered a few weeks ago (it comes as part of Dr. Mirabile's MM package.) They seem to be healing well, but I know it will take some time. Tried in bikinis finally! Very happy! Love the girls and love the flat tummy! I wish my waist and love handles were a little smaller, but I just don't think I am built for that. My PS measured couple weeks ago and said I lost 6 inches at my waist! I am really happy with my results! The boobs seem to be dropping nicely and I do have sensation in both nipples. Haven't gotten measured for bra size yet...soon. Looking forward to swimsuit season finally!

Next goal - reduce cellulite. Anyone try FasciaBlaster?

I just bought one and got mine. Two good friends from my Spin & Barre Studio swear by it. I'm going to try it. I still have some cellulite on the back of my legs and butt that I want gone. Wondering if any of my RS ladies have tried it and what results did you get? I see some amazing before/after pics on the FB site. Only like $100 with shipping--would love to improve that area too now that the tummy & breasts are looking good.

3 month post-op update

Still very happy with the results. Finally broke down, got measured and bought 3 new bras!! Nice to wear something other than sports bras. I measured 35 DDDD (yes, 4 D's), since I am In between I got 36 DDD bras & they fit fine. (Measured at Nordstrom's) Love these pretty bras. Just went back to PS today for another follow-up & we lasered the scars again. He says they look great, going back in 6 weeks for another scar lasering. I am very happy with the size, I think they are proportionate to my body. (Although the size sounds big to me, I don't think they look that big as you can see in the pics) especially in clothes. I'm loving rocking my new bikinis and finally feeling confident. Who knew J could actually walk around in a bathing suit? (I was always glued to my chair) Hope you ladies are having a good summer and healing well. Anyone getting ready for surgery, Inhave no regrets. I'm sure you will feel the same way. Good luck!!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mirabile and his staff are very professional yet personable. I truly feel like he cares about me, my health and helping me to achieve my goals. I was referred to him by a friend who has referred many others and we all agree that he goes above and beyond for his patients. You always get access to his cell and can call him whenever you'd like. He let me come in for 2 consults solo and 1 with my husband just to be sure I got all my questions answered and figure out my size for the BA. I never felt rushed, he spent as much time with me as I needed. His office and surgi-center are very clean and comfortable. I also got to see him for every follow-up visit (which I went once a week for like the first 6 weeks) I really liked his follow-up routines--not all the PSs I spoke to had you see them every time. (and not as often as Dr. Mirabile--he keeps a good eye on you for any concerns you may have) His work is amazing! I'm so glad I went with him. I'd highly recommend Dr. Mirabile (and have).

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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