42 Yr Old African American Mom - Glycolic Peel - Philadelphia, PA

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Hi Dolls, I'm back. In April 2015, I had a tummy...

Hi Dolls,I'm back. In April 2015, I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo. I feel great and it was a good experience for me.Now, I'm having an issue with my skin, I've always had dry facial skin but recently it's been more problematic. My forehead in particular feels like sandpaper. Between Jan 2016 and March 2016, I've had 2 facials by a licensed Esthetician and this week she recommended that I visit a dermatologist. My esthecian suggest I get a consult for a chemical peel. So, this the start of my journey.

3 Scheduled Consultations


I fully understand the seriousness of applying acid (chemical peel) to my face. I've been researching the pros and cons of chemical peels on ethnic skin. I believe the chemical peel can improve my skin tone texture and elevate the facial dullness that I am currently experiencing.

Consult #1
Derma Center Medical Spa
Free Consult

Consult #2
Penn Dermatology
$100 Fee, will not be added to any procedures

Consult #3
Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology
Free Consult

After each consult I will update my review.

Have a Blessed Day

DermaCenter Medical Spa Consult 4/1/2016

I had my consult with Melissa - medical aesthetician - at DermaCenter. She was very nice and professional, we sat in a sitting area, not an exam room. She asked what brought me in and I explained my symptoms: dry skin (sandpaper forehead), whiteheads and skin dullness. She asked what products did I use and I showed her my facial cleanser (Dr. Woods Shea Vision - Pure Black Soap with Organic Shea Butter) and my moisturizer (Advanced Clinicals - Argan Oil Intensive Beauty Cream).

Melissa stated from looking at my skin (not touching) that I had nice skin. She asked if had any irritation issues and I explained that I didn't. She touched my skin briefly and I showed her the whiteheads, which she noticed. She stated she has a client similar to my needs and would recommend that I start with microdermabrasion. She couldn't guarantee anything, she said we could try microdermabrasion and possibly a TCA peel. I might need a session every 4 weeks or once a month.

At the sessions, the skin is cleansed, then the peel or microdermabrasion is applied, light extractions are done, a mask is applied and scalp massage. Takes 60 mins for the whole process.

TCA peel ( I think that's the peel she was describing), you leave the medical spa with the peel on the face, it self neutralizes, cant wash the face for 8 hours. 2 days after the peel, the skin will start to crack, and dead skin will come off (shedding). During this process, just moisturize the skin (no makeup). Possibly, do this peel on a Thursday evening, peeling will start Saturday into Sunday, less noticeable for work on Monday.

She suggested we start with microdermabrasion and then a peel, play around with couple different treatments to see what works for my skin.

TCA peel $125
Microdermabrasion $150

Packages start at $400 for 5 sessions -- not sure for which treatments

The consult was free and quick (under 8 minutes).

Next week, I have consult with a different derm center.

Glycolic Peel


I went for a brow appt today and met the most wonderful, professional, knowledgeable esthetician, June Kim. #1 her skin was glowing, it was beautiful. I explained to her my journey to get glowing skin like hers and she immediately answered all my questions and gave advice. She consulted me on my face before touching my brows. I was thoroughly impressed. So my brow appt transformed into a skin care session.

She advised me that I need to start with the basics and cleanse my face which includes extractions - which I hate. Once that is done the treatment process will be able to penetrated my skin. So I am going to stick with June Kim to transform my skin. I was on my lunch break for my brows but I am return after work to get a purifying facial which includes glycolic peel.

I canceled my other dermatologist consults. I found my person.
June Kim

June Kim Medical Esthetician Blue Mercury 3602 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA Technical Proficiencies: Esthetician Board Certification (PA & NY) Permanent Makeup Certification (PA) Permanent Makeup Medical Advanced Certification (NY) Tattoo License at Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (NY) Peel Chemistry Beauty Defect Repair Technology Award Certification (LA)

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