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My mommy makeover is in 2 weeks and I'm so nervous...

My mommy makeover is in 2 weeks and I'm so nervous about it! I can't stop thinking about it! I have 1 child that is 11 years old. I gained 70lbs with my pregnancy and have lost all of it and left with extra skin and saggy breasts. I'm excited for my new body but unfortunately I'm letting fear of the unknown get to me. I really could use some positive feedback! :)

Wish pics

Before pics

3 days until mommy makeover surgery!!

My surgery is coming fast and I'm still trying to decide between saline and silicone gel. The silicone scares me because if he ruptures I won't know unless I get MRI. But I don't want any ripples and want more natural feel and look. Feeling unsure...

Surgery done

Had my MM surgery today and it went went however the pain very bad. My breast I don't feel much but abdominal is extremely painful. The worst is getting up and down and I and out of car. My doc requires postop tomorrow so that's not gonna be fun. I was able to eat chicken soap and crackers and take my meds.def gonna take 2 Percocet on my next dose. Hopeful that it will get better and better with each day. I'm all wrapped up so I can't wait to see what I look like tomorrow at my appt. I'm hoping my breasts aren't too small. Will post more pics as I can

1 day postop

The pain is bad but it's not totally unbearable. Taking my pain meds every 4 hrs and laying on my recliner. I have been drinking a lot so of course that means having to get up a pee often.but I'm thankful that I have an appetite and have been able to et chicken noodle soup last and scrabbled eggs with English muffin this morning. Also saltine crackers are a must!! Going to my 1st postop appt in a few hours so hopefully everything looks well. I'm anxious to see.

3days postop

Well I finally took a shower. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and felt good getting clean. My breast pain pump came out today and man my breast are in a lot of pain now. They are so swollen and my right one seems like it is not placing right. I'm trying to ice and massage them but it's so painful. Is this normal?

4 days post op ????

Well today was not a good day. The Percocets got me constipated which was extremely painful even though I was taking stool softener. So I decided to drink prune juice and omg don't do that! I've had about 5 rounds of bad diarrhea! Absolutely horrible! On top of that I've been dealing with some phlegm in my chest and trying to cough that up which is so painful and close to impossible! My breast are sore but I iced them and did massage them for a bit today. I'm hoping and praying that my stomach issues are done now so I can focus on healing and getting better

6 days post op and feeling a little down

So I am feeling a bit better with my tummy tuck. I'm able to walk by myself to the bathroom and little around the house so that's a big step. I am also weaning off of the pain meds. So now I'm able to really look at myself and self examine myself and I'm a bit down. My breast look uneven. The right one seems to be more in my armpit and not in my cleverage area. The left one seems a lot bigger and little swollen. Im hoping that they both settle into place and are the same size and not lope sided. My belly button also looks weird and I have a big rash around it but I think it's just from the one wrap I used. I go back to my ps in 2 days so we'll see what he says. I'm sure I just need to be patient but I'm just feeling down because this is a lot of money and my body has gone thru hell and I just want to be happy with my results.

3 weeks post op

Well I'm 3 weeks and 2 days post op. I wish I could say I feel great but I don't. I'm doing better that's for sure but I'm not great. I went back to work this week and it's been challenging. I get so exhausted over the littlest things. I've been coming home early and taking a nap everyday. I just can't wait to feel like myself again! This is definitely a process!! My results are getting there. My belly has been getting so swollen this week it feels like it's gonna rip open! It's very uncomfortable. But I'm on my way and just have to take it one day at a time!

5 weeks post op

I haven't wrote for awhile but a quick update. I'm now 5 weeks post op and feeling a lot better! I'm still sore and healing but I'm getting there. You have to take this one day at a time! My tummy tuck incision and new belly button are healing up good. I will start scar treatment next week. Still can't feel my belly and not standing fully straight yet but almost there. My breasts I have had some issues with. Was having yellow crusty discharge in my bra for a week so I saw my ps and he remove 2 stitches that didn't dissolve. They are itchy too but he says this is all parts of healing process. No infection or anything. Today they are looking better. I've had a hard time finding bras tho because I'm so tiny! I ended up with 30DDD!! I was surprised and surely don't look like a DDD lol.

8 weeks post op and feeling great!

It's a long journey but I'm getting there and can finally say that this is worth it! I feel a lot more confident in myself. I'm still healing but I'm doing well and on my way! :)

Almost 3months post op and still swollen!

Will the swelling ever go away! I wake up every morning with a flat belly and a few hours later I'm swollen and gradually get worse as the day goes on. I only weigh 116lbs and I'm 5'6" yet my belly looks bigger than it did a year ago when I weighed 136lbs! The swelling is driving me crazy! I had no idea this whole thing was such a process!!! I've been very patient but I feel like enough I'm ready to be 100% myself. It still hurts when I sneeze and laugh! I just want to feel normal again

Doing well...but thinking I'll need to have breast redone!

So I'm almost 8 months post op! I'm doing well except my breasts seem to be a little saggy and I can really feel my implants. My PS just tells me it's because they are saline. But I know others who have saline and they are perky and don't feel bubbly like mine do on the sides. My belly still swells after eating certain things and after exercising. My upper stomach seems to swell more now then my lower belly. I also still can't feel my stomach in the middle. But hopefully that will get better over time. Overall I am happy with my results

1 year post op!

Wow can't believe it's been a year! It has definitely been a journey! But it was worth it!! I'm so happy with my results and feel so much more confident! Of course there are some things I would like to be better like my boobs but no one is perfect right?! If you're thinking about having a mommy makeover I would say do it! But take your time finding the right doctor for you and do your research! The recovery is long and you definitely need support to help! ????
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