28 Year Old, 3 Kids, 190lb, 5'7 Brazilian Butt Lift - Philadelphia, PA

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Hello everyone! I'm a little over two weeks away...

Hello everyone! I'm a little over two weeks away from getting a Brazilian butt lift with Lipo to the entire back and abdomen! I'm hoping for a really nice hourglass shape with Kim k look behind me ????, I'm really excited and nervous at the same time. I have 3 kids fro 7 to 1 years old, that's my biggest concern is caring for these three after my procedure. My doctors making me feel very comfortable with it all but honestly the horror stories I'm reading is what has me concerned!

Brazilian butt lift 2 1/2 weeks away !!

So I just got all my prescriptions filled and its a lot of pain meds which eases my mind a bit about the being in pain afterwards part. Just ordered a few garments because my dr. Doesn't provide those :( ..... Hoping I got some ones! My anxiety is a bit high b/c my dr. Informed me during my pre op visit that I'll be under local anesthesia and not general, he assured me that he's done all his procedures like this and has never had a complaint about it from his patients. I'm not too well with pain and already have high anxiety so this is really nerve wrecking!

8 days away from BBL!!

Hi ladies!! So I'm 8 days away from my bbl with dr. Mezrow here in philly! Where do I begin ? I'm nervous, I'm excited, I'm hoping everything comes out perfect or close to it and I don't regret anything! So I'm really nervous because the dr. Told me he'll be doing my procedure under local anesthesia. He says he never does any of his procedure under genera because recovery is longer and he gets better results this way! He said I won't feel anything I'll probably will be in and out of it during it all but assured me he will take it his time with me and make sure I'm completely comfortable the entire time! I have trust in him but I can't help but to read the blogs on here and hearing these horror stories of being under local anesthesia, so we'll see how that comes out. I'm also nervous because I haven't been able to find someone who can do the lymphatic drainage massages near me or even in philly specially at a reasonable price. I'm going to talk to Mary at the office on Monday to see if hey suggest anyone. To be honest I don't even recall the dr. Mentioning anything about getting a massage after the procedure at all! So I'm really going off of the girls on here and their experience. He won't be putting in a drainage so I'm assuming I should really look into the massages. I see some ladies on here are talking about depends to wear for after the procedure my dr just said get lots of pads so I'm confused with which I should get? I have all my meds already filled, he told me to buy this topical soap to bathe with starting 3 days before my surgery which probably is the only left for me to buy, he was old me not to waste my money on those expensive garments to buy two really good pairs of smoothe spanks that have no bottoms or zippers because of they did they would leave marks on my body so I went on eBay bought two pairs of spanks, I did buy a Lipo compression garment tho just to have. Is there anything else that missing that I should have???

List of all things I've gotten so far!

Prescriptions filled :
Chlrohexadine soap
Arnica gel

1 Lipo garment (eBay)
2 pair of high waisted spankx
1 pair of high waisted Lipo shorts

A pack of pads
A pack of leak protector pads for the bed
Gauze & tape
Boppy billow

Im hoping I'm not missing anything!!

The doc said he really wants me moving around a lot because I have the merina (birth control) in and it can't be taken out so to not get any blood clots. I anticipate some moving and not a lot of resting because of the kids so I just hope these pain killers really do its job! I've been practicing sleeping on my stomach and every morning I find myself either on my back or side :( the side is a no no for me because he's putting of the fat into my thighs also so I gotta get this down packed! I found a pillow that I hope will work because that damn bbl pillow & booty buddy are expensive lol!!


So ladies in found out this new app called SNAPCHAT. The REAL DR MIAMI records his surgeries and we can see them in real time and watch exactly what goes on in the O.R. He lets us see how he does his BBL's TT BREAST IMPLANT, NOSE JOBS, YOU NAME IT!! IM SOOOOOO ADDICTED !! This is not for the faint of heart!! Lemme just warn you all!! I couldn't watch the entire thing the first time around but I got use to it and I'm ADDICTED NOW!! He updates it every day so you get to all shapes and sizes that he does the procedures on !! HE IS AMAZING LET ME TELL YOU!!!!!! I kinda wish he was doing mine now :(
The app itself is a lil confusing when you first get on it took me about a week to fully understand how it works but once you get the hang of it .. IT BECOMES A GOD SENT GIFT!! This is also in my opinion a good idea for some ladies to get to see other ladies before and after and during our journies!! This is a really private app in my opinion because you can choose who you want to see what you post unlike these other social networks and the snaps only stay recorded for 24 hours then they delete and reset for the next 24 so nobody can keep your s@)* !!!! For those of you that want to look into it and watch a live procedure I strongly suggest downloading the app and watching ASAP!! His snap name of there is THEREALDRMIAMI We can share each other names so we can all chat as well ! Hope you guys enjoy this little piece of heaven I found ! The images in posting are of the surgeries he did yesterday so like I said ITS DEF NOT FOR THOSE WHO ATE SQUEEMISH !!!


So there's this woman her names ALAYA LEE , she has a website http://gorgeousclientelevip.com
Her fajas ARE EVERYTHING!!!!!! I've been using them for months now ((since November)) and they are a little price but solo worth it! She calls them BONELESS WAIST TRAINING but ummm as someone who's been buying post op garments left and right I know now that's exactly what they are!! DO THEY WORK?? YES YES YES!!!! When I put them on its definitely a struggle but gurlllllll the way I look in them afterwards let just say I COULD BE A KARDASHIAN LOL!!! It instantly snatches your waist at least 2-3 inches so I know it'll be perfect for my post op !! Her fajas are seriously the most comfortable things I've had on ever!! I can sleep in them if I wanted to (( which I have on a few nights)). She has this new one that's OMG!!! I think I'm gonna order it today to have I'm already 3 in with her, started with wearing a large and now graduated to all things medium! You def get your money worth and good thing is that (( against their care instructions)) if you wash it and throw it in the dryer it'll shrink some so it's like buying smaller size without spending the money! I LOVE HER STUFF!! All the creams and stuff I don't buy I really don't think that crap works lol but the fajas I can fed vouch for!! Please check out the website because for those of you who haven't bought a garment yet I know you'll fall in them with them as I have! & the models bootys are AMAZING TO SAY THE LEAST!!

3 DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!

Ok so I'm 3 days away from my bbl!!! Excited doesn't even begin to express how I'm feeling right now! There's like a million mixed emotions going thru me right now! I just pray that my money is being well spent and there will never EVER have to be a round 2 at this because I couldn't do it, the anxiety is KILLING ME!! All I'm worried about is my post op and being the regular mommy my babies depend on! Went to the dr. Because I have hypothyroidism so I wanted to best tested again to make sure eveything was where it was suppose to be at. He said it was a little low but not to the point where he would ask me to cancel my procedure ((whew))!! This is like the main reason why I'm getting this procedure, about two years ago I had Graves' disease, it's just a form of hyperthyroid where I went from weighing 160 to 108!!!! Yes NO LIE!! & this happened in a matter of like 6 months!! Iean a part of me was liking the fact that I could finally wear a bikini for the first time in forever but al the side effects were literally killing me, not to mention to my family I looked horrible and sooooo sick ( I mean I was stick compared to what I was before). & then my booty left me I mean all of like nothing stuck around at all it was skin and bones. Can you imagine I went from an 8 to a 00 so I started to hate it !!! Then I got pregnant and what do you know low and behold I began to gain weight my daughter regulated it and I was nice and juicy as my mom says lol!! So after I had her I dropped to 155 PERFECT.! My tummy was getting flat I had curves and my booty was like HELLO! Lol then like 4-6 months later the damn thyroid!!! It started with the HYPO ISH! so I went from 155 to 175 in a freakin month and a half like WTF!!! I have 3 kids so gym time was a joke because they were not having that! On top of it my youngest son is autistic so when I say I have my hands full!!!! Hunnayyyy you don't know the half of between therapist and school and changing diapers and feeding I'm lucky to take a shower alone for 5 minutes!! So from 175 from the stress and the thyroid combined I went back up to 185 which is where I am now , I fluctuate from 185- to 190 but I really can't help it!! So I decided WTH! I need this done and here I am after stalking RS for months the girls here and their results gave me the courage to say f&$@* it I'm getting this done like asap and once the dr took my before pics and showed what I looked like from behind ,,,, let's just say there was def no turning back !!! Lol so in 3 days I will be joing the post op team and getting this body 2getha!! Here are my before pics !!!!

Last Consult before SX on Monday!!!!! YASSSSS

So I just had my last phone consult with my dr. Just now he reminded me of everything I needed to bring, what to Do with the soap starting Saturday what to eat afterwards, all he kept saying was IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU I CANT WAIT TO DO YOUR PROCEDURE!!!!! I swear he like so awesome, I love how much he really cares and how much attention he gives his patients! He told me to call him if I had any question at all doesn't matter if it's 4 am just call and leave a message and he'll call me back asap! & I know he will because I've done it ! Lol ! I finally told my mom what I was really getting done! I thought she was gonna be very judgmental but surprisingly she was the complete opposite, she actually said omg I think I wanna get mine done too lol!! So she wants to wait to see my results and then she said she'll set up her consult how bout that! Lol.... I'm so excited I can't wait I need this weekend to like flyyyyyy by !!

New BOOTY in less than 24 hours!!

So I'm less than 20 hours away from my new booty!! I go in at 8:30am tomorrow morning! Started bathing with the cleansing soap yesterday dr said to do it twice a day until tomorrow morning. Got everything I need, just countdown time ((LITERALLY)) from this point on. Gonna clean and make sure the house spotless so nothing has to be done! I know I won't be able to sleep at all so I will check in right before I go in!



Sitting here in my pre-op room started taking all the mess, just about done. Im about to change so the dr. Can mark me all up! I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!! But I just keep thinking about my babies!! lord keep me safe and allow me to make it home to my babies AMEN !


Hey ladies I'm home now I'm sooooooo tired. I have to lay down for a bit I'm so Nauseas, soon as I wake up I'll be posting a very detailed update!


Hey ladies so I promised I would leave a very detailed update, here it goes!

Got up yesterday was told to arrive at 8:30
In the bag I had all the pain meds and 3 different types of fajas (different sizes) just in case. So I get the the dr. Greeted me took me into a room he asked me to give him all the meds I had, then the party started lol . He gave me two antibiotic pills to take about 15 min later he gave me two OxyContin to take, 5 minutes later he gives me 5 Valiums to take, then 4 perks to take ( I think). About 10 min later my nurses gets there comes in to introduce herself an older lady named hazel, she was nice but u can tell she was of them lady's that'll be mmhhmm yea hunny and just ignore what u say . 5 minutes later the dr. Comes in tells me to undress so he can mark me so he starts marking me telling what kind of butt he's gonna give me, he said with my body type I'll look better with a pop at the top I said ok. It I don't want it to be heavier than the bottom, I told him to go as big as possible because I know in a week I'm gonna have to be driving so the more that stays the better. Then we go into the room, they tell me to pee before I get on the table. Oh wait he gave me a shot of something I can't remember what it was I think it was nausea medicine or something. Get on the table remember I was under local anesthesia so I'm still awake he starts poking me with this huge needle to put the anesthesia under my skin, WHEN I TELL U THAT SHYT HURT!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!! After about an hour of doing that I was somewhat completely numb,( still awake). Then comes the Lipo. That wasn't so bad until he got to around my belly button it hurt soo bad buT beauty is pain right?! He does the from and that back (still awake) hazel keeps complaining about how itchy I am because I kept asking her to scratch every where ((HELLO I JUST TOOK A MILLION PERKS)) (they make u itch). Pain was def there but bearable. Turn around start doing the back then he starts injecting the fat did it hurt? HELL YEAH!!!!! I felt him hitting my muscle and as a natural reaction I would jump or flinch. I kept it together, so now I'm starting to get sleepy! LIKE WTF!?? Where was this when I needed it!? Before I knew it he's like your all done I can't put anymore in or else you'll Pop lol he was like look back at it u see that big ol booty lol. I def did see something back there. So here I am standing up off the table hazel trying to help me put my garment on & to be honest she was acting like she ain't know what she was doing arguing with the dr about the pads to use. I kept telling her I had to pee dr kept saying if u can hold it I don't want u to be too dizzy and pass out just sit for a minute I was like huh? I can't sit this ASS hurts!! I started to get nauseous. Dr came in said they called my ride they should be on their way any minute now.hazel finally gets my garment on and I go to the bathroom when I come out she has my bag in hand and is rushing me out the office to the car I was like huh he's here already I'm all done? She's like yea I was but wait I have to ask the dr something she's like he's gonna call you just relax I'm like but he has to show me how to massage she's like just walk come on he's gonna call u. She was really pissing me off like u don't even know. Because I know that's the dr style at all her ass was probly just tired and wanted to go . We started at 9:30- ended at 2:30 . When I asked him how Much he put in me he just a lot girl a lot . she didn't even help me get in she called my bf and told him to come to the door to help the rest of the way. I told him to get the pillow I had or in the back of the car and helpe sit on it. We get home my bf helps me get settled in the bed I was so out of it, later that night dr calls asked how I was doing I said in pain a lot and nauseous he told me what to take and to change my pads that night and get sleep he eat nothing but chicken noodle soup and ginger ale I said ok. Aye like 2 spoons of soup and ran to the bathroom to throw up. So no dinner for me I did drink a lot tho. Go to change my dressing and let's just say she did a HORRIBLE JOB OF PUTTING THEM ON and she didn't even cover all of them up because he told me I had 11 incisions. I could only find like 6 of them looking in the mirror and I'm like oh I def got a bigger ass but this shelf is so big u can tell I got work done I wanted a heart shape not this shape but ok I can't judge right now I'm only a couple hours post op and I'm super swollen. But he said I should be able to see a drastic improvement with my belly and back and that I DONT SEE AT ALL! I still rolls in the back and my stomach was omg! I can fee the fluid under my skin so i say Ima give it the benefit of the doubt because I'm so swollen. Dr. Called me twice so far today doing better walking around but can't stand straight up and not really leaking too much which I'm finding really odd but we'll see I can
Only function if I'm on these pain meds if I don't take them I'm screwed . Update more tomorrow

Caring for the kiddies after bbl 1 day post op

So some tricks I found out lol! My boys have bunk bed so I sit the ones who's diapers I have to change on the highest part of the bunk bed or even on the table to change their diapers so I don't have to bend over because hunnnnnayyyyyy I feel like I got hit with a damn Mack truck lol! Every time I drop something I get the kids to pick it up for me because I can't get back up if I bend over u would junk I tummy tuck or some ish lol. The tablet thing some girls were saying they use don't do ish for me but leave weird marks on my tummy. Guess what faja I'm using??!! The one I use to wear on an everyday basis that I orders from alayalee the Brazilian no boning shorts one?! Why? Because it's tight enough just long enough because I'm not leaking from the booty incisions, and because the others one are f'ing ridiculous trying to put on while your that damn swollen. I was literally in tears damn near about to pass out having hot flashes and everything trying to take the other faja off! This one hooks from the from and even tho it hurt to put on some it's nowhere as painful as the other ones and it compresses just as tight! Ummmm the dr said to drink
Only ginger ale, & he right it fills u up even when u ant eat which was my case and it doesn't make me as nauseous as water does. The only issues I had with the kids were when I was laying on my back the kids would accidentally jump on the bed and hit my butt or my daughter would ussee as her crutch to stand up on the bed like WTF JOURNEY!!! Lol take the Benadryl at night to help u sleep cuz percs give u insomnia and don't forget to take the iron pills too! The dr said I could shower tonight using the special soap but to not have the water too hot and not stay in too long he said just rinse off and come back out. So I did he said to put a lil bit of neosporin on each insicion which was 11 but they're literally the size of the tip of you nail se so small I couldn't even find them! And cover them with a band aide so I did that too put a couple pads over the incisions I knew were leaking which honestly was only like 3 of them and put my garment on and now I'm writing this waiting for my mess to kick in so I can take my ass to sleep! Good night ladies day two will be written tomorrow

Post op pics day 2 ... Brace yourself!

Here are a few post op pics ... They don't really do justice because in person it's wayyyyyyyy bigger but my stomach is full of fluid so it's still
Not flat and I'm not really draining ??!!! Worried about that even tho the dr keeps telling me its normal on top of it all , my daughter is freaking teething!!!!! So while I'm cranking and crap she's even more whiny and cranking :(( like I said never gets a day off ! Lol so mommy has to recover even more faster now. Pain is bearable now it does just fee like a really bad car accident when your body is just sore but the pain mess make me feel like I can walk a marathon because it takes almost all the pain away. I'm still having a lot of trouble bending, haven't been able to do that fully yet. And I swear these two days feel like two weeks already like I just wanna sit down and eat dinner :(( my neck is killing me from laying down so much, & my knees are killing me from putting all the pressure on them trying get up all the time. But girls it's really worth it! The only thing I'm not satisfied with is my stomach to me it's still fat and not shaped enough dr said it'll def come down a lot more in the coming weeks so let's lee out fingers crossed for that!

Day 3 post op ..... FEELS LIKE week 3 :(

So it's only been 3 days and I never realized how much I took for granted not being able to sit on my butt!! I just wanna sit down and eat dinner with the kids ! :( now the countdown begins to when I can sit back down again lol! The swelling is going down a lot now! Last night I called the dr at like 11 pm again because I started to think what if I got Seroma in my stomach and that's why it's so swollen and so hard but the time I woke up this morning my stomach swelling had went down a lot! It's still swollen but no where near how much it was yesterday so thank God for that! (Here's the gross part) so I pooped for the first time today and um let me say it was so weird and uncomfortable! Lol I called my best friend and asked her how does she wipe her big ass cuz I can't even reach back there lol!!! So let's just say it was def a challenge and wipes were a must lol! But it felt sooooo good to release all that mess! I rolled up a towel and use d it under my legs for support since I couldnt sit down on the seat it worked ...somewhat. But today I'm felling much better still can't get out the bed without taking the pain mess first and letting them kick in cuz my waist still kills me !

Swelling going down!!

I'm already seeing a lot of the swelling go down but I'm scared that the swelling was what was making my butt look so big :(
I don't want it it to get any smaller ! I can see I really big improvement In the Lipo from my back, it' has a nice shape but my front ehhhg not so much I still have swelling and it's no where as flat as I thought it would be , weird because I see nice figure from the back but when I look from the front i don't see that hourglass shape, I'm def gonna need like a tummy tuck or something to tighten this skin. (( which is something I'm not ready to get financially and emotionally)) the dr told me
He wants to try Velashape on me but the problem is he's says it'll cost me about $250 a session Ima need like 3-4 of them and it's no guarantee it'll work ..... Umm that's another $1000 on top of the $7800 I'm paying off now .... Don't think that's an option right now. I kinda would want the TT but after watching it snapchat I can't imagine myself getting it done . Feeling a little depressed hope this money isn't going down the drain


I can't wait for this thing to come already I can't wait to just do something as simple as sit at the dinner table and dinner with the kids again! They keep asking mommy why can't u just sit and my mistake yesterday just outta routine I served them dinner and went to sit down m my oldest (7 years old) screamed and said mommy no u can't sit!!!! LOL!!! I was like awwww and then I was like omg I wonder if he knows! Lol I told him I had surgery for my kidneys beside kids (especially) have bigs mouths and he's the type that tells his teachers and dad everything!! I can see him sitting in school or going to his dad's and saying mommy got surgery to get a bigggg butt and she can't sit down lol! Don't need that dramas especially from his damn dad so for noes white lie will have to do! They are so attentive I love it! My youngest (18months) not so much that girl don't care about nothing lol! She wants mommy to pick her up she wants to lay next to me just to mule kick me (( PAINFUL AINT THE WORD!!!)) but everything is going wel", I think the worst is behind me now! I do get some sharp stinging pains sometimes in one buttcheeck don't know what that's about go my follow up visit next wed. Let's see how that goes! Body is sore as hell but not from the procedure from laying down all day on my tummy and my neck,elbows and knees, WTF! They hurt from all the pressure I'm always putting on them! Everything is completely bearable tho ... My mom keeps saying beauty is pain girl lol! I said I know I know she was oh I can't wait til u come over Ima be like BIG BOOTY IN DA HOUSE LOL!!!! She is too much but she's there's even if it only thru FaceTime lol! Can't wait to get out the house having cabin fever!!


How did you all accomplish driving when you started out??!! Gotta start driving the kids to school soon

ALOHA BEACHES 6 day post op

So this week has been rough! The first few days were ok then I would say day 3-5 were bad just cause of the soreness and I'm try a ween off the pain meds. Been tryna get use to using this bbl pillow (( still a working progress)) the swelling is CRAZY!!! I still have a ton of it & I have some really sore spots in my back and stomach I have a lot of kidney issues so the pain is a lot near that area too. So appetite hasn't be so good. It I guess that's a good thing right! Lol I've been eat half the portions I usually ate before the surgery and I get full really quick now. Ohhhhhh let's tackle this poop situation so that by far is probly the most challenging thing to do! Lol!!! For some reason the iron pills I take make me wanna poop a lot (( I know TMI)) lol but I gotta be real with u girls!! So I don't have the issue of constipation , I do have the issue of try a figure out how to sit without sitting. So this is my lil regiment when I gotta go #2 I got a towel that I fold long ways and then roll up like a log I sit that on the front part of toilet seat and sit on it with my thighs((yeah now I know what they mean by that)) I have to lean forward a bit so my booty don't touch the seat so there pressure on the booty. Now it's a matter of waiting and crap lol! So to wipe I have to use wipes and I have to go in between my legs to the back part because my arm is nowhere near enough to reach from behind lol!! It's been working so I hope all that TMI helps somebody lol! I've been using the arnica gel here and there and it's helps with the bruising , thee swelling I'm not too sure of. And the pain I don't think it does crap for that! My dr still calls everyday to check on me!! ((( I SOOOOO LOVE HIM FOR THAT))) he was like oh I saw your pics on realself and you look OMG AMAZING!!! I was like aghhhhhh you did??? Lol omg yea he was like I need to take a selfie with my face next to your stomach lol!! He is too funny ! Soy postop app is wed. He says trust me the swelling is just gonna keep going down and your stomach is gonna keep shrinking and shrinking you'll see. I stopped draining completely now. My butt is still hard I noticed that one of them is a lil bigger than the other one and it has more of a cup at the bottom than the other one too but I noticed that the shelf on the bigger is softer than the shelf on the smaller so I'm wondering if I started to drop on one side and just not on the other?! Idk I'm trying not to be negative about it so I just keep saying its still swollen girl it'll fluff out! But it better cuz I don't want two size butt cheeks! The seelling in my stomach is unreal! I want it to just be flat already!!!! I haven't done massages my dr told me not to get them and to save my money so..... I don't know what to do! But I'm gonna upload some more pics now. There's not much of a difference but whatever. And I know I'm gonna invest in a full length mirror soon so the pics will be better lol!!!!

14 days post op tomorrow!

Sorry for the delay! Been trying to catch up on all the mommy duties since the sx. So update! I wish I could say the pain is getting better, idk if it's just my body or I' just can't handle pain well but I'm still in pain!! If the kids mistakenly touch me I flinch my waist and stomach are probably the most tender still. Almost the bruising has gone away so thank God for that!! Because when I tell u my stomach was black that is no exaggeration!! So you guys know I told you I was gonna have to start driving only a week after surgery right which would have been last Monday, I drove that day for about 20 min and I couldn't do I wasn't ready at all!! Every time I hit a bump I wanted to scream and it felt like I was a new driver lol. So I payed off driving probably I would say until the end of the week like Friday or so then I was better with the soreness so I could tolerate more. I went for my post op visit with the dr last Wednesday and he said looked really good everything seems to be healing good, a lot a lot of swelling but other than that all was good in his eyes. NO SEROMA!!! Which was one of my bigger concerns of this ball I kept feeling. So wed night comes along and all hell broke loose!! I started getting these really bad stomach pains I mean they would stop me dead in my tracks. So I waited to see if it would get better and no luck couldn't eat or drink anything had really bad diarrhea (( I know might be tmi)) but gotta tell yawl everythang!! So by like 10 that night I ended up going to the ER! Told them I had sx and idk why I was kinda embarrassed to tell them lol! I was like I got Lipo with fat grafting lol! So the young student came in to ask all the ?'s and was like ok so where did they put the fat I was like ummmm in my butt he was like oh ok so try to like lay as comfy as u can so I take a look , I was like yea sure :/ lol! Then the real dr comes in looking younger than the damn student lol so I wa alike great you look at my ass too , he was like yup and I gotta a sample from there to make sure u don't have any blood in there I was like WTF!! So I got fingered in my ass smh lol!! Funny now that I think of it tho !! They did a cat scan to make sure I had no infections from the sx and no fluid anywhere THANK GOD THANK GOD THANK GOD EVERYTHING came back negative they said I had a hella lot of inflammation but nothing else! I want alike great so why does my stomach feel like it's getting ripped open they said I think you got a bug!so great I mean I guess it could be worse I took the fluids they gave me which made me feel better and left after a few hours. The dr is such a sweetheart he called me everyday twice a day to check on me since the surgery and was making sure I was ok after I told him I was sick! He has such a huge heart and I can't thank him wniugh for making me feel like I can't really count on him as a dr when I truly need him! He called 8 am 11 pm it doesn't matter he makes sure I'm good! Oh I almost forgot at my post op visit he suggested I do the velashape so I got for my first session for that this Thursday hope it's not money down the drain because I really can't afford a f up right now! Oh so back to the pain in my tummy, chileee I think my period was tryna come down because I've been spotting a lil after that we visit smh good time to visit me huh? Because this is the issue at hand with all that! U can't wear a pad with these damn garments and if I wear regular panties and not the garment I look like mrs. Puff from spongebob after an hour (( moms will appreciate that joke)) lol. So I've been tryna come up with a lil bit of this and that but nothing seems to work because if I wear a frame t and my panties it feels like it stops the blood circulation in my ass and then I get these sharp pains around my ass so that's a no no! And since I'm Evernote more swollen because of this lol fake period my garments are even more tighter and I can't sleep at night! Yes the damn struggle!! Like can I get a damn break?? My butt is still rock freakin hard my shelf left me :(( I was so sad like I was really loving it and now it jus disappeared on my ass literally !! My booty really went down a lot like it's still big but it ain't huge and I think if and when my stomach goes down maybe I will fall in love with it but right now I'm jus not feelin it all right now! My stomach is like no where near flat , it's better than it was before having the surgery but in my head I had this vision of a flat tummy nice curves ( I mean I know I was gonna have loose skin but at least I could have my hour glass figure and it jus ain't there yet!) my dr said I gotta give it time that tummy will continue to shrink for the love of God I hope he's right now because depression is creeping up on my ass quickly like was this worth it? Is it worth the pain I'm going thru? A lot of ish is going they my head! I mean don't get me wrong when I go out I see a difference In my silhouette it's a lot nicer but like i said it ain't that vision I had! I'm prayer my stomach gets it together because right now it's still fat and lumpy as hell!! I mean lumpy!! My back I have no complaints about that thang is transformed!! But I will have to do a lot of squats to tighten this booty and make my legs look a lot better I can't wait to be able to get back to the gym! So right now I'm playing the waiting game and trying to get this stomach together! Pray me for yawl I know it's nothing that should waiting my prayers on but for my sanity I have to lol! I'll post some new pictures tomorrow!

Knots all in my stomach!!!!!

Ok so does anyone else have a million knots all in their stomach and back?they're painful and some of them dissappear the next day and reappear in another spot the next day. The dr told me to massage myself in a circular motion but my body is still so sore I really can't bear to touch it. Any advice would be very very helpful!! Thanks!

New pics 3 week post op!

New pics sorry I've been gone kids got me super busy! Not to mention still
Not 100%! Gotta find someone to take a back pic sorry ladies! & the faja I have on compresses the booty a lil too!

More pics 23 days post op

So still have a lot of swelling specially in my tummy and waist started velashape treatments too! Still have that cement in my waist feeling, but overall I love my figure and I can def see a major difference!! & the back fat is gone lol!!!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

When I intially met Dr. Mezrow , he was very open, friendly and "real", he told me what I needed to do in order to achieve the results I was looking for, he didn't just take my money and let me get whatever procedure I wanted, he made me wait, try some dieting and exercising that he recommended and then had me come back to follow up. After that point was when we discussed my options what would benefit me best and then I chose what I wanted to do, he then gave me a week to completely think about it and had someone call me the next week to go over my decision and set up an appointment for the procedure at that time. He is a very kind and friendly doctor who listens to everything you have to say, answers every single question even if you ask the same one 10x's ! I can't wait for procedure , I'm counting down the days now!

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