21 Years Old Labiaplasty - Philadelphia, PA

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I've wanted this surgery for years but due to such...

I've wanted this surgery for years but due to such a high cost and being a college student, I couldn't get it done. Also people would tell me it was "normal" and brush it off I still was persistent. Mostly because it would cause discomfort, tampon insertion and sex would be difficult, I couldn't even wear certain underwear (ex. fully lace thongs) because it would cling and cause inflammation and pain. I finally brought it up again to my obgyn and she had it covered by the insurance which I was thrilled about. It also bothered me self esteem wise too. I hated it so much it was hard for me to form relationships because I was always nervous of what someone might say when they would see it.

Well I had my surgery bright and early Friday morning 6/17/16 along with an Mirena IUD insertion. So far the pain has been okay, except for random spurts of intense cramping due to the IUD. Ive been icing it occasionally and cleansing it after every urination. I did have some minor bruising. But the swelling and some poking from the sutures is what has been bothering me the most. A lot of my swelling went down since then but now i feel the stitches more and I don't have my follow up till 7/8/16 so we shall see how things go from there! I have been having lots of discharge, which at first I thought yesterday was pus from an infection, but I'm having a hard time cleaning it off because I don't want to rub too hard and hurt it does any one have any ideas ? Ive been using warm water from the hand held shower head seems to somewhat take care of it. Im just really worried about getting an infection. I will keep you all posted for who ever would like to hear more along with photos!


Sorry about all the hair. Im too nervous to shave just now. But more swelling went down.

finally most of swelling is gone

nervous to shave still, afraid I'm gonna cut something when i try to get in the folds now. any one have any recommendations. I'm just so used to shaving an holding it out of the way when they were longer kinda cant do that anymore.

been a little behind with the pictures sorry!

so this was the 29th of june, i had a little dehiscence of a few stitches

this was taken on 7/5

no infection, been doing normal routine of rinsing with water after the bathroom and using a blow dryer on cool to dry it off

finally worked up the courage to shave!

this was taken last night. i took my time and so far I'm soo happy with the results! i love it ! i still have a tinny opening inside that you cant see to well with this angle. Doc says it should be all healed in another 2-3 weeks ! i will post my next update then !
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