30 Year Old - One Infini Treatment After 3 Picosure - Acne Scars - Was This a Mistake. Philadelphia, PA

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I tried Picosure for 3 sessions to diminish acne...

I tried Picosure for 3 sessions to diminish acne scars from my cheeks and chin. The scars were a combinaison of ice picks and rolling, as a results of years suffering from acne.
The procedure was painful, even after the application of a numbing cream. I didn't have a watch so I don't know for sure how long the numbing cream was applied for, but it didn't feel like an hour for sure. Maybe 20mins. This might explain why for me the treatment was REALLY painful. Much more than Picosure.
She did 3 passes on the areas that needed treatment (not the whole face).
After the session, my face was very swollen especially around my eye. The redness was intense but I was expecting it.
What I was not expecting was for the swelling and redness to last so long.
I was told 24h to 32h. It's been 48h and I am still very swollen and it's getting closer to my eye which is very uncomfortable.
The redness I think is not going anywhere for a while, especially now that crusts are starting to form.
There are some conflicting informations online about post-procedure protocole, at least when it comes to icing.
At this point I have no choice but to ice as I want to reduce the swelling under my eye.
I don't know what to do as far as makeup to cover the redness. My dermatologist doesn't want me to put anything but I just can't go to work looking like this.... :-(
I don't know guys. I feel like this was way more invasive and much more downtime than what was described to me.

72h post treatment - I'm itchy

Today, the swelling is way down. Maybe the steroids I was prescribed have a lot to do with this!
The warnings are pretty scary so I'm trying not apply too often. Only twice for new (vs. 3times a day).
I'm really upset with the state of my skin. It's really dry and itchy because of the crusts that have formed everywhere the needles went in. I'm trying not to touch but the product I'm using doesn't seem to be moisturizing enough (using Biogel). I hope I didn't make things worse by having this treatment.
I hear results start to show after 12 to 14 days. At this point I just can't wait to get my face back without all the burns and crusts. ..
I'll post pictures again soon

Day 10 - Not happy

Here is my skin after 10 days. I'm really upset.
I'm actually lost for words. This is so much worse than what my skin looked like before the treatment.

Day 14

The discoloration and persistent redness is really difficult for me to accept. I worked so hard on getting rid of the discoloration and brown spots that acne scars gave me.. I went back to my dermatologist today for a follow up and she agreed to do a very light microderm to help clear the discoloration faster.
Here are the pictures from this morning. I'll put pictures in 2 days to see if the microderm did help

Day 17

I'm lost for words... 17 days after the procedure.... all i can say is "I wish i never did this"

day 20

no improvment with the discoloration.
Skin feels dry. I apply moisturizing and drink water as much as possible. Avoid makeup as much as possible... i's just not improving at all. Scared to do anything to my skin outside of microderm that gave me good results in the past... This is terribly frustrating.

Day 27

The discoloration is not as bad so that's a relief.. but I have to agree with all the negative comments about laser... the scars are MUCH worse than they were before... I can't believe I agree to something that made my skin like this.. That's what I get for being naive I guess... this is such ashame... I'm told the best effects are visible at 3months... I think it's a joke but I have no other options than pray and hope...

Day 30

Not much improvement. Just keeping you updated.
Apparently the company who makes this laser says they have reported cases of grid marks; all of which resolved within up to 8 weeks. So technically I'm half way through... Trying to learn about Protein and vitamin C as ways to improve healing. Would love to hear from anyone who would have some knowledge on this subject!

End of week 5

I have not seen any improvement this week. Slowly loosong faith here.

Found pre-infini pictures

After being asked about pre-treatment pictures, I found those.
Hard to tell where the scars were (which is why I'm even more upset I let myself be convinced to do this). Look at the dark rounds.
Now keep in mind, this was "post-picosure" which is a laser treatment but more gentle. This treatment gave me a temporary skin tightening effect which made the scars almost disappear put only for a few days (till the tightening resumed). Looking back I should not have listened to the derm. stick to picosure for a couple more sessions...

Also, got some messages about seeing my doctor. I am seeing my doctor every 2 weeks. She is at a loss as far as why I am reacting the way I am and suggesting an other pico session to speed up recovery. Treating laser damage with an other laser AGAIN scares me but this seems to be the consensus among professionals! Not decided on this yet.

I hope this feed allows other people thinking about doing this treatment to reconsider, especially if you know your skin does not heal well. It's not worth it.
My personal opinion is that this treatment is maybe good for those with no skin issues that are looking for tightening.

I was trying to completely get rid of a couple of scars that were fairly discreet and look at where I am now..

End of week 6

small improvement of discoloration. texture still pretty bad...

i can see the light and the end of the tunnel..

Since my last update, I let my derm convince me to go pack to light picosure treatment, once a month. I had 2 sessions and they have made a huge impack on the pigmentation which is almost gone. Right now I am struggling with the sun damaging my skin which is very sensitive now and still healing.
The scars are improving, I still feel like i have razor cuts all over, but I'm being patient now that I can see some improvement!
I'm getting married in 5 months... there is still time to fix this!! Fingers crossed!
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