34 Year Old Mommy Desparately Seeking Time Back! Philadelphia, PA

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As long as I can remember, I have been drawing on...

As long as I can remember, I have been drawing on my eyebrows. Since the age of 15 they came and went and required more and more maintenance as I grew older and wanted a "fuller" look. It wasn't until the year I was getting married did I finally go in and get them shaped...I was 32 and it was my first time ever! Up until this point I had been handling this job all on my own. I still cannot believe as I'm typing this that I let it go on this long. The salon I went to waxed and shaped my tadpoles from what I thought was nothing and even though there was way too much product, I at least looked normal. Fast forward a year and a half and after the birth of my beautiful daughter did reality set in...I do not have the time it takes to draw in and perfect my eyebrows every morning. I made a comment at the salon I had been going to and they said they were offering a new service. A brow build, basically painted glue that has a 3D effect and looks like hair. Flash forward to the second treatment and that's when I lost my eyebrows when water hit them prematurely. This led to my eyebrow transplant obsession over the next 9 months. I finally took the plunge on March 29th. Overall, the procedure was exactly as I had been expecting. Drawing my desired shape with the team was the most stess. Once that was done (although hard to tell the shape with a marker) we got to work. First comes the shaving of my donor site. I had FUE via Neograft. Then, they numbed the back of my head. This was painful but it was over in less than a minute and then I felt nothing. We had a little break after extracting them to harvest them before we got back to work. I ate a light lunch in between, it helped even though my nerves were crazy and I didn't have the best appetite. I had two Technicians transplanting the hairs and after about 2 hours, we were done. Immediately post op, I looked swollen on my eyes and forehead. I'm at day 5 - still have red scabs but overall the shape looks good. We went bigger in shape so don't be alarmed when you see the bushy eyebrows! This was what I had at age 14 and now 20 years later have paid to put back on. I will keep posting pictures as I think the more candid information out here the better. Also, if you have any questions please ask!!

Day 8 Post Op - Scabs and lots of them!

I have made it to day 8!! When you read that patience is a must with this process, they are not kidding! For me, this phase is tough mostly because now that the swelling and bruising are gone, my scabby eyebrows are all I can see. It's just a waiting period that we must go through to achieve our results. I will note that I'm not having doubts on doing this procedure but instead not adding more hair...but in the end it's more hair than I had so I'm looking at it that way. I've been spraying my eyebrows daily since Day 2 post op as the Dr instructed and yesterday I started to clean them with water and baby shampoo. I was so nervous but it had to be done. Having minor anxiety on how many hairs will grow and when but I assume this is normal after investing in such a procedure. Pictures attached of Day 8 progress. I will keep posting pictures and feedback on each phase. Thanks for reading!

6 Week Post

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