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Since I was in my late 20s my mantra has been:...

Since I was in my late 20s my mantra has been: "New boobs when I'm 40."

Now here I am: 40 years old, mom of two (youngest almost 3 years old), and it was time. Having gone from what seemed like a large-but-manageable 34D in college, I was now a droopy 32G, and heading for "National Geographic"/granny-boob territory. When I had my consultation with my surgeon and he asked why I wanted to have a reduction, my answer basically was: "I'm done with these. They served me (and my boys) well, but now I want them put back where they belong, and made as small as you can get them to be."

My surgery was October 21 and went as well as could be expected; the only unanticipated thing that happened was that I stayed overnight rather than go home the same day due to nausea from the anesthesia. My drains were removed the following morning before I was discharged from the hospital; a total of about 640g of tissue was removed and the end result will probably be in the full B-to-small C range, which is perfect. My insurance did not cover the procedure.

I took Percocet for pain for 3 days, and then was able to switch to Tylenol. The itching is KILLER but a large of dose of Benadryl at bedtime seems to do the job. I also took an antibiotic for a week after surgery, but this is not something that every surgeon does.

If you can - get someone to come stay with you for the first several days to help out. Also if you can - don't go directly home. I went to a hotel for the weekend after my surgery so that I could sleep and recover through the first days that are the most difficult.

Even though I had to pay out-of-pocket, this was totally worthwhile - happy birthday to me! I've already been "shopping" in my own closet and it is amazing how much better your clothes will fit even immediately after the surgery. Right now, the hardest things are that I can't pick up my kids, and can't go to the gym! Small prices to pay.

It is now exactly 3 weeks since my surgery and a...

It is now exactly 3 weeks since my surgery and a lot has happened!

I am back to work full-time - the first week I took off, the second week I worked at home - and it is more tiring than I anticipated, especially commuting (which for me is 45 minutes - 1 hour each way). Where to put the seat belt?

My recovery has been complicated by a wond infection that developed into an abscess, which the surgeon had to drain in his office (VERY painful!). It is definitely a setback since I was hoping by now that I would be talking with him about going back to the gym, etc. But I am told that in the end the cosmetic outcome will not be compromised, and that is the major thing. And it is MUCH improved now, after draining and antibiotics - but still more swollen on that side, so I'm a little lopsided, though I'm the only one that can tell ;)

The best part about going back to work this week has been shopping in my own closet - so easy to get dressed! Though sadly, some of my previous favorite jackets are now TOO BIG and I guess I will have to give them away and go to the mall... ;)

The other amazing thing that has happened: I am...

The other amazing thing that has happened:

I am a singer (not professionally, but perform classical singing in community groups/amateur recitals, etc) - and I went to a rehearsal the other night for the first time since my surgery. Singing is SO much easier now! How nice to be able to stand up correctly and breathe properly without trying to hide and/or support ginormous boobs! :)

Went back to my surgeon's office a couple of days...

Went back to my surgeon's office a couple of days ago - 3.5 weeks post-op - and the abscess that was there last week is completely resolved and the incision, which he had to open a bit so it could drain, looks almost exactly the same as the other side (and almost like nothing even happened). He took all the tape off and the incisions look beautiful! - though it feels weirdly "naked" now... ;) I cannot believe how SMALL I am now - I am guessing B+ size? - which is exactly where I wanted to be!

So. worth. it.

5.5 weeks postop. Everything is easier --...

5.5 weeks postop. Everything is easier -- everything!

Seatbelt still an issue on long drives but I generally hook the shoulder belt under my arm and that helps.

Sassybax bra tops are the bomb! Supportive and comfortable; pull-on or even can be stepped into and pulled up if overhead motion too difficult. If you are D or less after surgery you will love.

Now about 2.5 months out - still loving every...

Now about 2.5 months out - still loving every minute; the best thing I have ever done!

What a pleasure to get dressed in the morning! What a pleasure to work out without bouncing all over the place! What a joy to do yoga and be able to actually bend over or lie facedown without boobs in the way! In love, love, LOVE!
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