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I am excited and nervous of getting my breast...

I am excited and nervous of getting my breast reduction. I have shoulder marks and since I lost a little weight my breast dropped closer to my belly button. I have more back pains as well as neck pains often and wearing a sports bra is uncomfortable. I have trouble finding bras and working out with my heavy breast can be uncomfortable.

My boobs look so small

I was a 38 h and I asked for a triple D and to me it look so small like it's an A cup. Is it because i have only been one day post op?

Day post out

Anesthesia was the worst after the surgery I kept throwing up and I was dizzy but today I am a little more hopeful. To me personally this look smaller than a triple D but I do feel better with my back be chest already and I still have sensation on my Nipples . I can't wait until it has some shape

5 day post op

So I still have my drainage and it will be removed tomorrow thank goodness. The bleeding slowed down but last night it started bleeding more again and also I am leaking through the incision. Maybe it is because I am doing way too much when i shouldn't. But it does have me nervous. I guess for me I can't wait for my breast to look like breast. I am so eager for tomorrow so all the tapes and drainage to be removed. I will post a picture tomorrow . I just hope t do not have an infection or something wrong since I have been leaking through my incision And through the drainage.

Feeling way better

So today I got my drainage removed and I have no infection or anything. I am so happy about that. She states that the swelling is going down and everything is going smooth. She always stated that I am still very busty and the reason I feel so small is because of what I am accustomed to. I am allowed to do cardio and lower body workouts only until I see her again in a week. So I am very happy about that. I am still wearing some gauze to cover the holes of where the drainage was. Today I am content

Infection or no?

I know Dr.said the skin will peel off and I can start using cocoa butter which I have been faithfully every night . After I shower I clean the area with a baby wipe and then I apply the cocoa butter and I take supplements . But it's as if there's a big dent that I am not liking. I will see the doctor on Monday the 28th but should I be concerned ? My nipples I have sensation but the side of my boobs is still numb . Please can I get some advice
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