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Just last week (11/21/13) IDr. Hoang Nguyen...

Just last week (11/21/13) IDr. Hoang Nguyen performed abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery on me at the Perleman Center for Advanced Medicine, at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, under the direct and constant supervision of a Penn faculty doctor. I am 53 years old and had lost 120 lbs over the course of several years, via diet and exercise (no lap band or other weight loss surgeries). I had a lot of flabby, loose, unattractive excess skin, which I was eager to have removed, so I scheduled a consultation and was assigned Dr. Nguyen. I really was hesitant to take such a radical step, but my curiosity alone compelled me to seek the consultation. In the process, I investigated several other for-profit (non-educational) surgeons, including some clinics, or "surgery mills," if you will. My phone consultations with these other practices seemed very cool and business-like, with more questions about my financial health than my physical status, so I did pursue them further. I went to UPenn to meet with Dr. Nguyen, and immediately I was captivated by his warm smile and gentle, compassionate "bedside" manner. I felt as if I was talking to a friend, not a clinician. Both he and his chief of surgery consulted with me and took all the time n the world to give me a detailed explanation of my options, and expected outcomes. I came in with fear and trepidation, and I left with excitement and hope. I returned later for a physical screening, and then on my third visit, my procedure was performed. EVERYONE I ever encountered at UPenn hospital, from Dr, Nguyen, to his assistant, Wadia, to the chief of surgery, the nurses, medical assistants, receptionists and even security and parking staff were absolutely professional, compassionate, caring, and re-assuring in every possible way. I felt so safe and comfortable every step of the way. I never was rushed. Even my dumbest questions were answered with respect. So far, one week later, Dr. Nguyen says that everything went exactly as he intended it, and that I can look forward to an excellent result, once all the swelling goes down (which will take weeks, at least). I do have some pain and discomfort, but I was told to expect that, and of course, I've been sliced from hip to hip, so how could it be otherwise? I totally recommend Dr. Nguyen and UPenn hospital to anyone who needs major medical services. I am so grateful and optimistic, and I am sure that my positive attitude, reinforced by my great experience, will contribute to my successful outcome. All best wishes to anyone who reads this and needs Dr. Nguyen's or UPenn Hospital's services. Also, I received first class services for less than half of the prices I was quoted by private practice plastic surgeons. If your experience is anything like mine, you will be thrilled. I am actually hoping I can return next year for a mini-face lift -- but one major surgery at a time is all I can handle, LOL.

2 weeks after surgery

Dr, Nguyen says I am healing great, and a I feel great! Yesterday he took out the fluid drains -- what a relief1 They hurt more than I expected, but one day later, I feel so much better! And I can already see a slimmer me. I am completely thrilled with my results so far, and so thankful to Dr Nguyen, who has called me almost daily to check up on my progress, He is a a GREAR doctor! I feel so safe under his care. His whole staff also haas been wonderful to me, I am elated!

12/5/13 update

Two weeks post surgery, the drains are out, I'm wearing compression underwear, the swelling has already gone down DRAMATICALLY, most of the scar (at except at the right side drain point) is MUCH less visible than I imagined it would be, my energy is rebounding, my pain is minimal, my spirits are high as a kite. I had a doc appt today and there was a Macy's next door to the doc's office, so I did a tiny bit of shopping -- I bought a Ralph Lauren polo shirt in the BOY's department, LOL! A size 14-16!!! It fits me snuggly, too snug to be really comfy but PERFECT to show off my new physique when I return to work full-time on Monday. The pain, at times, was beyond INTENSE and one night I had a little emotional breakdown, too, because the pain in my body eventually turned into pain in my heart and mind, but two weeks later, I am so happy I endured it all and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. I am on my way to a whole new me. And seriously, I hear about people going to Thailand and South Korea for cheap procedures. If you live in the US, make it easy on yourself and come to Philly. The University of Pennsylvania Hospital is regarded as one of the finest in the world, and if you are lucky enough to get here before Dr. Hoang Nguyen finishes his residency here next summer, you'll get first class care at steerage prices! I've seen him twice for follows ups already and he calls me almost every day to check up on me. His assistant, Wadia, is first-class, too, as was everyone I encountered at Penn Medicine.

pain has moved from body to brain!

So 15 days post surgery, feeling GREAT, plenty of energy, plenty of mental clarity, not meds, not even Advil. Still wearing compression garments (for a month, and only off to show, doctors orders). Wound up in the ER yesterday for a (false alarm) ultra sound, as I have some edema (fluid retention in my left foot (only). If it happens in only one foot/leg, it could be a dangerous blood clot. It was not. Ultimately, no big deal. Today, I feel NO physical pain, but I am an emotional wreck! I actually balled my eyes out watching a re-run of Lassie, when it looked for one harrowing moment as if Lassie would not be able to chase off a wolf before it snacked on Timmy's beloved pet rabbit, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! My doc says "the mind and body are one system, and trauma in the body means trauma in the head/heart." Makes total sense, just very uncharacteristic for me. My scar is much less prominent than I thought it would be, and I feel like a million bucks. OMG the first few days post-surgery were so miserable and painful that I every minute felt like a lifetime, I thought I'd never get through it. Then, everyday, so much more progress than I ever thought possible. I cannot begin to tell anyone who horrible the first few days were -- you'll never know unless you go through it -- but was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 weeks after tummy tuck

I can't believe how much progress I am seeing and how great I feel just threes after surgery! I've lost 10 lbs since the surgery -- original weight 285, pre-surgery weight 167, post surgery weight 171, now 161. Doc cut out 3 lbs of skin and lipo'ed out 1 lb of fat. He said he weight gain, post surgery, was all retained fluids. Indeed, I had a little edema in my feet (since passed). I've been back to work full-time (more than F.T., actually) since Monday. My head is clear, my energy level is high, and while I still have some minor discomfort across the incision site, and especially at the site of the right drain, which is still The underwear is the most uncomfortable aspect at this point. I can't wait to to get home each eve and take it off, LOL. I am incredibly happy with my my surgeon, my hospital, my result and my recovery process!!! Still a good, solid 15 lbs to loss, but I'm not worried about it -- I've really learned to think about food differently.
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