30 Year Old Treated with Ultrapulse CO2 After 3 Attempt on Fractional CO2 - London, GB

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I have suffered from acne like many of us here...

I have suffered from acne like many of us here since i was 8 year old. I thought that the scar will fade with time, unfortunately, my acne was pretty severe so the scarring remains. I did some research and decided to tried on CO2 laser. In the past, i have tried chemical peels, salicylic peels (which i believed is 50% and above), derma-roller, but the scar remains. I did more intensive research and came across CO2 laser. I had 3 session of Fractional CO2 but the scarring is still obvious. My doctor decided to try Ultrapulse co2 laser (125mj) this time on my skin. I took some pain killers as i my pain threshold is fairly low. I arrived an hour earlier as usual to have the anesthetic cream applied to the entire face. It was fairly painful and after the treatment (0-2 hours), it actually did not look too bad compared to the previous fractional co2 treatment that i have had . After several hours, my skin started looking raw red and was oozing and cluster of blisters developed. Yellow liquid was oozing from treated areas to form crusts. I tried not to scratch or pick at crusts as it can cause scarring.. I cleaned my face with tap water for several times throughout the day to keep it clean and prevent secondary infection. I am on antibiotic course for five days (ciprofloxacin 250mg twice daily). On second day, my skin started going dark red/brownish, looking like i had suffered from a severe sunburn. Skin feels tighter and still oozing and cover with blisters. I am now in my third day post-treatment, i was experiencing itching and stinging. I am drinking plenty of water, orange juice, consuming lots of greens (kale, spinach, goji) at the meantime, to help with the skin renewal process.

Day 4 post CO2 laser

The itch intensity has increased and getting tighter so I am assuming that new skin is forming underneath. Not sure why I am feeling more tired than usual but I am consuming lots of warm lemon water and lots of fruits and green vegetables as they contain vitamins and minerals that are required for new cells formation. I have also applied a generous layer of MEbo ( a scarring ointment that contains sesame oil) on my top skin layer as advised by the consultant to keep the skin surface hydrated.

Day 5 post laser

My face is still itching and feeling tighter. Each time when i try to smile ( i went to work today) , i can feel the burnt skin underneath the ointment "cracks/peels off". I can see some new pink skin resurfacing so i am getting excited over it. I cleaned my face with simple skin wash and ate lots of fruits, nuts, and spinach and had fish and veg for dinner to ensure that my system is getting all the nutrients that is required, again for cell renewal. I also soaked a face towel in cold water and use it to clean my face three times a day to reduce the chances of bacteria accumulation on the skin surface that can lead to more blisters and secondary infection.

day 6 post laser

My top layer of the skin has peeled off and the treated area (cheeks) appear pink and I have couple of blisters forming. I am doing some research on healthy diet that can promote healthy skin and cell growth. As the skin is very likely to stay pink for few weeks, I will start updating my post-treatment on weekly basis instead of daily.

Week 2 (day10)

Redness is still visible but definitely improving compare to few days ago. I have a few new spots and am using benzoyl peroxide for those spots so hopefully it will dry up soon. My skin is constantly peeling although i have been using serum and thick moisturiser. I am relating this to cell renewals which can take up to 12 weeks.

5 weeks post treatment

The redness has subsided and it is not obvious unless you are standing within one arm's length from me that you could see a define line across my cheeks where i had the laser done. I have developed some sort of allergic reaction so my face is covered with tiny pimples; i thought it was the laser that caused my skin to be more sensitive and had triggered the outbreak. However i did not have the laser carried out on my forehead and it is also covered with spots. I guess it is due to hormone or allergic reaction. As it was fairly itchy, i am currently taking antihistamine, cetirizine twice daily. I cannot tell if my pores are less visible but i can see my complexion has become clearer ( area not covered with pimply spots). It is also fairly sensitive to the water temperature so i try not to use hot water ( uk is not the warmest country on eaeth) but cold water to clean my face.

PRe-tretment picture

As requested, these are the pictures before my treatment that Dr Tapan and his team had taken.

July update

My scar is still visible and the unknown caused of allergic reaction that i have developed after the treatment has improved slightly-not itching as much and red lumpy pimples have calm down a bit. I came across some individual peer review that this could be a side effect of laser, where the high heat could have triggered the outbreak. I am currently using avene produtcs ( as it is for sensitive skin and does ease the itching off) and hoping that it is the right product for my current skin condition.
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The doctor was extremely good and experienced and reassuring. The nurse was friendly and helpful.

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