41 Years Old but Looked 51, Now I Look 31 Again and Feel Wonderful. - London, UK

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I have recently had a face and neck lift,...

I have recently had a face and neck lift, browlift, upper blepharoplasty and submental liposuction completed at PHI clinic by Dominic Bray. I have shared my experience and thoughts in this daily diary. If you are thinking of a facelift, my advice would be to visit Dominic and Lucy, the before care, after care and medical professionalism is unique and I believe that he has given me my face and spirit back and gone is the tired person that I was seeing in the mirror. I am in awe of his talent and he truly has found his vocation in life. I have aptly named him ‘face god’!

Surgery Day

8 am – Dominic met me in the waiting room and promptly took me down to prepare for surgery. It was a swift arrival and process which left no time for nerves at all. I felt slightly in awe watching Dominic draw on my face, it was like watching an artist who was lost in concentration, still no nerves! Miles the anaesthesist popped a canular into my hand and before I knew it I was in the ‘theatre’ I say this in abbreviated commas because the atmosphere in there is unlike any theatre I have ever been operated on before, it has the cleanliness and professionalism but balanced with a warm, relaxing and jolly feeling, which emulates from Dominic, Miles and Zdenka. The music was upbeat, the smell of aromatherapy oils was delicious and I felt safe, comfortable and still no nerves. For the next 4 hours I really only have dream like memories, I have snippets of things that I remember, like Lucy coming to massage my feet at one point and listening to Il Divo! The whole period of time felt like I was in there for about half an hour, and yet when it was finished I felt instantly awake and walked unaided to the recovery room. Yet again I was cared for both physically and emotionally, it is unusual to find a surgeon who can care for his patient holistically and genuinely nurtures a patient.
Next was a very short cab ride to the Marylebone hotel, wrapping myself in a pashmina and big dark glasses (very LA), a smooth check in and straight up to my room. I felt no pain at all, just a bit tight and swollen. The room was really lovely and I felt comfortable and relaxed with my feet up watching the tv and a glass of sparkling grape juice! My partner kept the ice bucket topped up for me to put into freezer bags and onto my neck and face to help reduce the swelling. Room service delivered delicious food, I found it difficult to chew so scrambled eggs and smoked salmon was perfect.

The staff didn’t blanch that I had clearly had an operation and at no time did I feel self conscious.
Dominic visited me in the evening and replaced my bandages and I got my first glimpse of the miracle that he had performed – my neck hasn’t looked like that since I was about 25!
I slept reasonably well, making sure that I stayed up right supported by lots of pillows and I kept replacing my freezer bags with fresh ice.

Day 1

Room service again for breakfast, it felt lovely and decadent and completely different to a hospital breakfast that I would have had if I had been under a general anaesthetic the day before! I still only feel mild discomfort, the bandages that are around my head and neck although constricting make me feel secure and safe. Checkout was fast and easy, having already given my card details I literally just signed an invoice and handed it over the desk for it to be emailed later with confirmation. Back into the cab to be at Phi clinic for 9 am where lovely Lucy gently washed my hair for me and dried it. Next Dominic massaged my face to drain fluid and then I had a glorious 40 minute bask under a light lamp to which I snoozed and felt like I was on a beach in Greece! It apparently helps to aid healing and break down bruising, it also gave me a lovely glow when i came out. Dominic then removed a couple of the staples that were in my neck (totally pain free) and before I knew it I was on my way home.

Day 2

I am keeping the paracetamol up regularly so that I continue to be pain free. The support strap round my head that I am wearing 20 out of 24 hours a day is comfortable and makes me feel secure. It goes right round the top of my head and under my chin, it’s flesh coloured so it blends in and I can wear my hood up on my cardi and feel a little less self conscious. I’m taking it easy in bed today, keeping the ice up constantly and allowing myself to be waited on for once. Unbelievably the bruising and swelling is already starting to visibly go down. It was reassuring to get a call from Dominic checking in that I felt ok, it’s nice to know that him and Lucy are both there on the end of the phone if I need them.

Days 3 – 4

Getting used to sleeping up right! It’s not the easiest of things to do but I found that one of those large v shaped pillows helped me to stay comfortable and my head was supported. I’m still being quite careful not to overdo things (no vacuuming – OBVIOUSLY!) and I am using this time to relax and for once not be buzzing around at 100 miles an hour, it’s refreshing to have time to spend some quiet still time doing things I find relaxing like reading. My eyes are starting to feel slightly itchy around the stitches, and this is a good sign as it proves my body is naturally healing itself. Dominic has stayed in touch daily and I have been keeping him updated with emailed photos of my bruising! I’ve moved on from crushed ice now in freezer bags and have frozen vegetables! I find it more comfortable and it stays frozen longer. I’ve carefully washed my hair with baby shampoo and it feels lovely.

Day 5
Back up to Harley Street today to have my eye stitches taken out. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about this, but Dominic was so gentle and reassuring that I had nothing to worry about at all. It was over in seconds and didn’t hurt at all. It feels lovely to have them out and I can’t believe how inconspicuous the scar looks already.
I then went downstairs and was zapped with a probe that had some kind of laser that breaks bruises down, the best way of describing the feeling is like a hot rubber band pinging across where it’s being zapped. Dominic has said that it speeds up the bruising process by about 3 days and I could see an immediate difference.
Day 8
Bruising has continued to get better and better, wearing a scarf around my neck as it hides it. I Have stopped taking the paracetamol, not needed at all now. I went back to see Dominic today and he took out my stitches, which I felt a little nervous about again but it still feels quite numb around my ears so I really didn’t feel anything. It feels much less tight now that the stitches are out and I’m not worried if the wind blows my hair and there are no stitches on show! Dominic has said I only need to wear the head band for another week just at night time now, so I feel as if I am quite free to be out and about as normal. I won’t need to go back up to Harley street until another 3-4 weeks now, seems quite strange as I have enjoyed seeing them all regularly, everyone is so friendly and makes you feel very special.
Day 11
I’m back at work and feeling and looking great. I am thrilled with how my face looks, I look like me only fresher and less tired. I have seen a couple of friends who didn’t know that I was having it done and their responses was that they couldn’t put their finger on it but that I was looking really great... which is exactly the result that I wanted to achieve, I don’t look or feel like I had surgery on 11 days ago, I just look like I did 10 years ago. I have a beautiful neck, my jowls have gone, my eyes are open and wide and blue, it’s been a long time since I have seen this clearly. If you are thinking of a facelift, my advice would be to visit Dominic and Lucy, the before care, after care and medical professionalism is unique and I believe that he has given me myself back. Thank you.

16 days on and wow!

Continuing to rest into my new face and am thrilled with people's reactions! I had to have some unrelated surgery 4 days ago and the nurses could not believe how fantastically I had healed and how neat domin

16 days on and wow!

Neat Dominic's work was. They honestly couldn't believe I was only just two weeks post surgery! It's incredible!


I had forgotten I had blue eyes!

5 weeks on

5 weeks on and my surgery has been life changing, I really feel like me again and looking in the mirror is like reversing back the clock 10 years. Face god you are brilliant dominic bray x
London Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dominic was charming, professional, knowledgable, reassuring and friendly. I trusted him implicitly and felt he understood my face and how I wanted to look.

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