Phenol Peel Gave Me a Babyface

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I got a deep chamical peel, a phenol peel done a...

I got a deep chamical peel, a phenol peel done a few months ago. At first i was very worried about my skin changing color permanently but the doctor assured me that phenol gives great results on white women. Even if the skin does change color on a white skin, it does not show as much and so it works well. I had a severly discoloured skin, with dark pigmentations and a few acne scars around my chin. The phenol peel was very strong, caused pain and burning.

At first i did not feel much pain because i was sedated but as the medicine wore off, my face was red and hot. The doc gave me painkillers for a week and that was helpful.My face was swollen for more than a week, i couldnt see very well for some reason and i looked like i had got a severe sunburn.

After about 2 weeks the peeling of the skin was complete and a new skin was waiting for me underneath. The redness took more than a month to go but it hid well under make up and even gave me a natural blush. As the redness went away, i looked quite pale for a while but my skin got back to normal soon after.

Overall recovery time, including peeling , swelling and redness all took about 2 months i think. Though i was ok to step out with make up after two weeks. The thing with a phenol  peel is that you have to take off from work and take rest for some days.

I took an off for two and a half weeks so i got a good time to recover. If you have the time to take a holiday from work and if you are willing to spend more than what you would have paid for a milder peel, phenol is the answer for you. Of course, it has better results too.

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