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Had a Lipo procedure, the doctor told me I would...

Had a Lipo procedure, the doctor told me I would be draining like a sieve all night. This was not the case, I didn't drain a drop, which explains why my Swelling lasted an extremely long time. The Doctor told me he would be leaving my incisions open to allow for draining, which wasn't the case all my incision sites were sewed up tight. How could I drain? When I called the Doctor's office none of the Staff seemed to know what my issue was.

Went for my weekly follow up visit, you'd think the Doctor would have removed any "Permanent Stitches" at this point, but no, he told me all my stitches would dissolve. Another week went by and I had started getting alot of pain and soreness around the incision sites, big red welts and swelling. I contacted the Doctor's office and asked if maybe there was an issue with my stitches and asked if they needed to be removed. I received no contact back for a few days, finally got an email saying not to worry, the stitches would dissolve.

By this point I had red marks the size of quarters around the stitches in my knees, belly button and back. I called the office, and spoke to the nurse who at first told me "Not to worry", then I just happened to mention the thread colour on my stitches was dark blue, and she said "Oh, that's doesn't sound right, those are the type that need to be removed".

I am so beyond uncomfortable and upset at this point, the nurse then tells me that only some of my stitches are dis-solvable but cannot tell me which ones (I had 13 incisions), She wanted me to come back to the Office which is 2 Hour drive away to have them taken out. Well by this time I am so upset by the lack of professionalism, and how many different answers I got from their office that I went to a different doctor to have them removed. The Doctor I saw was shocked that a Doctor could just "Forget" that they left stitches in a patient let alone not being able to tell them in which areas, the new Doctor had to poke and prod all my incisions which was painful to try and find out which ones need to have the threads removed.

I eventually received an email from Dr. Kane, which basically said he's sorry he forgot to tell me about the stitches on my knees and that I was right and they should have come out on my follow-up with him, it wasn't just my knees, 7 of my incisions had these. He also basically stated that he thought we had a good relationship, and I will have good results in the end. So it's okay how I was treated b/c I will eventually have good results? P.S. I have now asked for copies of my "before" photos (5) times as I won't be returning, and haven't gotten any answer back.

Finally came home to an envelope from the Doctor,...

Finally came home to an envelope from the Doctor, imagine my surprise when all I was given was (1) photo of my front. Since I had lipo done all over it would have been a nice gesture from the Doctor's office if they sent me all my photo's as requested. Apparently they don't think I'd care to see my before / after pics of my sides or back. Honestly would it have taken them more time to just put all the pics, now I will have to request a 6th time.

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