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I wanted to jump start a better looking body. Got...

I wanted to jump start a better looking body. Got tired of the you look 40 and then with my clothes off i looked 57, which I am. I don't have any after pictures right now. Will post later.

I used this site and friends experiences to help me decide to go ahead with it. I guess there are some things yu don't discover until after the fact.

I have no pain from the surgery. had about 300g of fat removed from my stomach and back. What I had immediately for about 18 hours was dizziness, nausea and dry heaves which I attribute to the anesthia.Now it's just the discomfort of the body suit, the difficulty of going to the bathroom, the intense urge initially when I had to go to the bathroom I had to go right then, no time to waste, so there were a couple of accidents. That ended after day 2. You expect discomfort after surgery but you never know exactly what it will be.

Would I do it again? Probably not, I'm a wimp when it comes to discomfort. I havent been able to see the full effects. I am bruised but again with no pain. It is truly a personal call. Sorry my pictures aren't available will upload as soon as possible.

I am now 9/10 days post op and decided to share my...

I am now 9/10 days post op and decided to share my thoughts on vasoliposuction. It is clear to me now that I was not dissatisfied enough with my body to put it through liposuction. First and foremost, this is major surgery. Even though it is often performed in offices under local this is major surgery. I suggest you read about Liposuction and include looking at pictures of the body and what parts will be affected. What is below the skin, what will be moved around, what injuries are possible to these inner body parts?

Furthermore,I do not believe your recovery has anything to do with who performs the surgery. Most of us will tell you that our surgeons were great. They are still Dr's "practicing" "blind" (review the procedure) around blood vessels, nerves, cells, muscle, and tissue, an organized system not DESIGNED to be disturbed. Yes, sometimes it has to be for health reasons but not designed to be disturbed.

The human body is a remarkable machine carrying us through our life with little to no attention needed by us. It is designed to go thru its cycles, from infancy to old age in the most efficient, necessary way.We have yet to design a machine that even compares. It is designed to function based on genetics, and only God knows what else but it is a blueprint that is unique to each of us. Hence some of us have stomach's that don't go down, or fat in places we don't want it. We can thank mom and Grandma for that. Unfortunately we hve allowed ourselves to be convinced that someone else's look is better than ours and so often want what we weren't designed to have.

I say all that to say that many of the reviews talk about post op discomfort: swelling, hardness, numbness, nausea, dizziness, discomfort with the compression garments. Some talk of these post op experiences lasting months. Some years. My understanding of these experiences have a completely different meaning for me now after surgery. I suggest that before thinking "oh, that doesn't sound too bad". You remember the last time you had a cold, cut, any injury or illness and how you felt during that time.

I had had few prior surgeries, couple biopsies, and both babies nturally. I know thast the discomfort of recovery from those, minor illnesses like vaginal infections, flu, toothache, wisdom teeth extracted, all have to be endured because they do. But to have voluntarily exposed myself to what I am going thru now can only be called stupidity at it's highest level.

I have swelling that comes and goes, numbness, as in NO feeling and no guarantee I ever will, a body so hard in spots I don't want to touch it. I have to ask myself,"why? was this worth it?" Most of the support I have received on line says yes. I will love it in 3 mos., some say 6, others say they have to go back because they didn't get the results they wanted. Well to each her own. My suggestion is to take a hard, long look at your reasons, the possible consequences, and the machine, the body you are doing this to. Yes, it can "heal" itself but I give you this example. A car once in a major accident even though returned to its original condition, no longer functions as well or has the same value. That's a car. Your body is far superior to a car and I can assure you it will not be the same after the surgery. and you can not sell it to some unsuspecting person.

In 3 mos perhaps I will love my new body. My prayer is that I will love it and it will be the same as it was before with the extra bonus. I don't believe that will be the case. I just wish now that I had loved and appreciated it before.

It is now 6 weeks post op. I am still getting...

It is now 6 weeks post op. I am still getting massages 3x/week, using the arnica gel and still wearing my compression suit. During these past 6 weeks I've had a severe yeast infection, outbreak of hives and cold sores, and continual itching. This from someone who very seldom gets sick. Coincidence? I attribute it all to the surgery and the traumatic impact on my body. I have had little pain from the surgery,two areas that are very tender. My chief complaint is the numbness and hard spots that improve a great deal after the massage sessions. For me the surgery does not seem to have been the problem, the recovery was and impact on my body has been the most difficult. This week I started exercising. I look forward to posting photos this evening. I also look forward to my body feeling natural again.

It is now 7 mos post op. I have healed with the...

It is now 7 mos post op. I have healed with the only remaining effect a feeling of needing to wear my fleexee support which I continue to do everyday. It's much more comfortable than without although I'm not quite sure why? Not enough support yet with my stomach muscles??? My biggest concern is how to prevent the fat from coming back. I understand with fewer fat cells I probably won't get it back in the areas liposuctined but should continue to watch my diet and exercise. which have every intention of doing. I DO NOT want to lose what I gained from the surgery. Now, healed I can say,as I look in the mirror, I am glad I did it. I wish I had had the discipline to have gotten it off through exercise. I love my new look and feel very pleased with the results. I am happy to be able to dress in the styles I love and to have a body to go with the youthful look I have from genetics. I, however, would not go through it again. Unfortunately my before pictures were deleted and so you might not appreciate the after. In answer to the get back on the plane I returned 17 days after the surgery. 21 was suggested. I was advised to wear a compression garment, flexee or spandex type. I was very nervous but had no pain from that. I continued with massages including the abdominal area 1x/week until the end of December. And massaged daily with the gel until I ran out. I do believe if anything contributed to decreasing my healing time it was the massage along with my wonderful Dr's skill . The additional worse side effect which I don't think I read anywhere was intense itching all over. I broke out in hives which lasted for about 3 1/2weeks. It took Zertac for relief. I have no burning now and full feeling has returned to my stomach area. I would strongly recommend my Dr and I strongly recommend this site for support before and after. Best wishes!
Dr. Maria Christina

Absolutely fabulous team of people. Caring, compassionate,kept me informed, spent so much time with me I was beginning to feel guilty. I met the whole team prior to surgey. Payment was easy. No hidden costs.Absolutely no complaints with the team and I higly recommend them.

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