Tattoo Vanish Removal Method -Perth, Western Australia

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I posted this in reply to another users question...

I posted this in reply to another users question but thought I would create a new review so everyone could see it.

I had one treatment of it so far. As JD 29 said the tattoo is basically tattooed over with a tattoo gun with no ink this is to break up the ink particles (tattoos are not stains they are thousands of individual ink globules Inserted into the skin). The solution is a scabbing agent which is applied with a cotton bud type stick then left to soak into the thousands tiny holes for 10-15 minutes then wiped away and dressed. You MUST then let the scab form and fall of on its own DO NOT PICK. I stress this as I couldn't help myself and picked a part off and the skin there is now really pink however the rest I the skin is fine.

My tattoo is on my stomach about 6 years old and all black. Its about 6x3 inches and 6 letters and was professionally done. During the process you can see all the ink coming out and is absorbed/wiped away with the solution.

Apart from the area I picked the rest if the tattoo is much lighter and the skin on som parts is just new skin again. I reckon another 2 or 3 treatments will be needed to remove the whole thing.

I can't stress enough how much your results rely on YOU following the after advice to keep it dry and not to pick the scab.

This is the opposite of aftercare for getting a tattoo which encourages keeping it moist and using healing creams which are designed to prevent and reduce scabbing therefore reducing ink loss.

It was fully explained to me that because your are effectively removing the top layers of the skin over the surface of the tattoo you are causing brand new skin cells to form which are slightly pink in colour (very pink if you pick the scab) this fades over time as the skin ages and toughens but can take up to 18 months to totally blend in with the surrounding skin.

I believe the people reporting to doctors are either just those unlucky few who have rubbish natural skin healing and scar easily, have not had the last part explained by their technician or are have caused actual scaring by picking the scabs.

My technician did indeed attend the course in Las Vegas and showed me the certificate and website of the company. In her opinion it is not as popular as lazers in the medical community as it is quite a new method and the lazers are extrememly expensive to buy and therefore people dont want to now stop using something which they paid so much to use and earns more money due to the increased treatments required. my technician says that as all she needed to pay for was the course, tattoo gun and the solution she doesnt have a big overlay and therefore the procesure is quite cheap and uses this more as a method of attracting people to her business and then encouraging then ti het other treatments which so make money (Ifound her honest no bullshit attitude very comforting and is the main reason I went for this instead of lazers...and it works I also ended up buying lazer hair removal and i'm very glad I did.

She also had a book of photographs of all the her patients (assuming you consent to the photos being taken) to show me and put me at ease as I am very caution and mistrusting of there's beauty clinics in general. She also asks her patients if they are wiling to have there contact details passed to other patients. I was able to contact someone who had it done and schedule my first appointment for the same time they were going in for their 2nd so I could see how there's looked and not have to trust photos on a website.

I would recommend this method to anyone as I feel it is the most obvious and natural way of renovating a tattoo as it so similar to the method it applied. Much more accurate in relation to skin depth than lasers and without the worry of exploding ink particals to be dissolved and flushed by the body (tattoo ink can be made of all sorts of materials including, metals, minerals' plant extracts etc which could cause a reaction if it enters the system)

I have seen better than expected results after my first treatment. Just wish I didn't pick that one small part off as it will take a long time to lighten and may even leave a slight scar but again that is down to my own fault.

I'm happy to answer any questions anyone may have and my 2nd treatment is being done this week. My email is

Perth, Western Australia

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