35, 5'10 64kgs, 3 Kids and Ready to Get my Pre Baby Boobs Back. Perth, AU

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I have been on this site non stop for about the...

I have been on this site non stop for about the last month, reading up on everyone's reviews and experiences and I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you all for all your stories it's really helped me heaps so thank you all for being so open and honest.

I have been wanting to gets my boobs fixed for a number of years now but knew until I was completely done having my babies I needed to wait. Our youngest is now 2 and a half. I breast fed all my kids but my youngest for a good 13 mths so my boobs had certainly had the life sucked out of them, so to speak!!

I started looking into getting a Ba and eventually made an appointment to see a surgeon. My Surgeons name is Dr Sam Cunneen.

He has been really great throughout made me feel extremely comfortable and was very onto all the Procs and cons of the Proceedure. I have had a number of friends have their boobs done some in Perth and some overseas. I always thought I would head overseas but once meeting Sam and realizing that we could afford to do this at home and me not have to fly anywhere I knew that was going to be the best option for me.

I had taken lots of screen shots of the size and shape of boobs I liked the look of and they all were the same in a round about way. I chose high profile, round silicone implants. Sizing was my main concern. I'm not a really showy person and just because I was going to have new boobs I didn't want to change that. I didn't want porn star boobs but I also didn't want to go too small either, because I kind of figured what would be the point.

Sam discussed sizing with me after I explained my lifestyle, I love to exercise and run and I didn't want these massive boobs that would prevent me from being about to do the things I love! So I was tossing up between 350cc and 400cc. This decision was huge to me and I was totally freaking out about making the right one. I needed to go big enough to fill up the sagging skin but not too big that they would be in your face. Sam assured me he didn't think I needed to get a lift that the implants would be enough to achieve what I wanted. I will attach some before photos.

Some before photos a week before and also on the...

Some before photos a week before and also on the morning of my surgery.I was feeling relatively calm which was suprising. My mum drove me in and waited until the anesthetist came out to explain what would be happening. The nurses and everyone were so lovely and warm assuring me all would be ok.Then my Dr called me through showed me my implants and started drawing on my chest and then we walked through into the operating theatre. And before I knew it I was out to it, my surgery started approximately 9:30am and I was then waking up in recovery around 12:30.I felt quite nauseous so they put some pain relief and anti nausea drug through my iv drip.I tried to eat some sandwich and have a cup of tea but I couldn't keep my eyes open just kept falling asleep. They called my mum around 3:00 to come and collect me. Thank goodness mum came in because the nurses were going through all my pain relief protocol but I was so out of it couldn't stay awake to listen to it.One other strange thing was I had been drinking lots of fluids but couldn't go for s wee. I would sit there and just a dribble would come out. (Not sure what that is about).I'm staying with my mum for a few days so we got back to mums around 4, the whole night was a blur I had a major reaction to the drugs in my system and vommited constantly from about 5pm u till 11:30 last night was terrible. Felt like I'd been hit by a bus. The pain from surgery was a walk in the park compared to feeling dizzy, faint and non stop vommiting.I slept on and off last night and just tried to keep an tabs on my pain killers. My mum has been amazing helping me all night and just being there couldn't have done it without her.

Day 1 Post Op

Woke up this morning feeling slightly better. Managed to keep a piece of toast and a cup of tea down thank goodness. Still feeling really washed out and dehydrated but I guess that's to be expected. Feeling slight tingles of pain but it's more than tolerable compared to my head feeling so dizzy.

Day 2 Post Op

Feeling so much better today, attempted a shower by myself for the first time and even managed to wash my hair blow dry and straighten it. Made sure I took pain meds first though!! Enjoying some time in the fresh air outside while trying to recover. My left side is a lot more sore than my right. Still very tender all over but certainly feeling but better.

4 Days PO & wow what a journey!!

I certainly won't say this has been an amazing experience so far. I am still experiencing bouts of dizziness and intense pain. And now to top it off I have the worst tummy bloating / cramps and constipation!! What a rollercoaster ride I've been on in the last few days. I honestly didn't imagine this being so full on.

I'm still happy I went ahead but just looking forward to feeling better and enjoying my new assets.

My 2 year old daughter has been at my sisters since surgery but Mum & I went over yesterday to see them. She was so clingy to me, she only wanted her mum!! Was so hard not being able to pick her up and cuddle her. But my mum kept sitting get up in my knee and she would snuggle right down into her new pillows! Ha ha ha was painful but cute all the same! She kept saying mummy are you alright?

I also met a girl randomly last night who had her BA done by my surgeon too so that was really awesome to chat with someone about their experience and the highs and lows of it all and how she felt etc. was a breath of fresh air.

I have my post op appt tomorrow afternoon with my surgeon and I'm really looking forward to getting this tape off and having a proper look at my new twins! And chatting to him about how I've been feeling to see if it's all normal. Will update again tomorrow.

Day 5 Post Op

Yay woke up this morning after an awesome sleep only one wake up for the loo! Haven't had any pain meds since midnight last night YAY!! Feeling so good!! And was able yo finally go to the loo 'properly' winning. Feel so much better, still a little bit bloated but no where near as bad!! Will update later today after my appointment!!

6 Days Post Surgery and feeling good!

Feeling so much better again today!! No more feeling light headed or dizzy, just very tender. Still getting quite bloated by the end of the day which doesn't make me feel very nice but hopefully that will end soon. Had my tape removed yesterday afternoon by a nurse but couldn't see my surgeon as he was stuck in surgery, but have another follow up appt next Tuesday. Came back home last night for the first time since surgery. (I was staying with my mum) Was so nice to see my hubby and kids. But now back to reality!! My 2 year old daughter is sick so that's a bummer, but instead of going back to work today it's made me have another rest day at home which has been nice, full of snuggles and movies!! I am really happy, but they are quite bruised and swollen and I'm really looking forward to that all settling down over the coming months. Will add some pics.

12 Days Post Op

Still very tender and particularly sore on the left side. Now I'm home I think I'm doing a bit much and am feeling a lot more twinges and pains than I should be. The tape over my incisions was starting to lift off so I took them both off a couple of nights ago, silly move now everything keeps rubbing on them. Still bit worried I've gone a little too big but hey what's done is done. I am happy with them and the way they are sitting. But al in all in feeling better each day. Have attached some updated pics.

2 weeks and 2 days post op

Starting to love my new investments!! They are settling well and starting to feel less tender each day. I'll attached some updated pics.

2 weeks 2 days PO

5 weeks post op

Feeling really good, my new additions feel like just part of my body now and foreign to me. Few updated pics.
Perth Plastic Surgeon

Sam made me feel extremely comfortable from our first appointment. He was very thorough and explained the whole procedure to me and all the pros and cons. It is very early days for me but I feel very happy with my surgery and would recommend him to anyone considering this procedure.

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