Restylane Under Eyes Not Appropriate for All - AU

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I had restylane under my eyes. I had too much at...

I had restylane under my eyes. I had too much at first and had horrible bags under my eyes, my injector was someone I researched and I thought was very skilled I very much think this filler was not appropriate for me. She said that some people hold water a lot more than others I had also some skin thickening under the bags in order to support the bulges, this left a slight indent type of look once I had it dissolved by Hyalurondaise. Some people believe hyalurondaise dissolves not only the HA filler but your own HA filler leaving dents and creepiness. from what I have read they have used this dissolving enzyme for other surgeries for a long time with no record of it dissolving natural HA in the long term. I believe the dents or stretched looking skin is actually cause from the restylane. I almost feel as though my body might have thickened like scar tissue.
After I had it dissolved I stupidly decided to get 1/2 the amount to just the tear trough again. I have not had good results I either have the tyndall effect or hyper pigmentation from the injections. I have to dark lines under my eyes along the tear trough. I am hoping it is just the filler showing through but I don't know! in a couple of weeks I am planning to get it dissolved. I am worried incase hyalurondaise does intact do perm damage as so many people have reported or if the retylane has done further damage. Or if I have hyper pigmentation I can't get rid of!
The darkness is not really blue which is what people mention with the tyndall effect but it is worst under certain lights. Someone asked me if I had a black eye the other day. I am so self conscious and feel sick about it.
I can't wait to get this out of my eyes and never touching it again! I just hope my under eyes recover.

resty dissolved

I had it dissolved and my injector went very conservatively not to over dissolve my own HA. Went well and a huge relief off my shoulders. I used half the amount and only in tear trough. I think the eye area is SO tricky and it is obviously not suited to me,. I have quite thin skin and swell easily so I guess that is that. Learnt my lesson!
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