My Coolsculpting Experience - Lower Abdomen 2 X Applicators - Perth, WA

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Ok.. So after alot of research I decided to have...

Ok.. So after alot of research I decided to have coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen.. I am 25 and have always had a problem with this area, I wanted something done to give me a little motivation to keep working towards my ideal weight by eating healthy and the good old gym, if this procedure works I will be looking at having more done around my midsection but thought i would try it before I really commit to spending a lot of $$ , so we will see if it was worth it in a few months I guess..

The actual procedure was not as bad as I had expected, I had a stencil drawn on my stomach where the applicator would be going, we decided I would have two separate applicators on each side of my lower abdomen, so 2 x 1hr treatments, this was to freeze a larger area for more results (hopefully) :) .. Initial suction was the worst part, I am not sure if it was the suction or the cold but I just wanted to pull the thing off, I waited a few minutes and it was a breeze from there, my doctor actually dimmed the lights and I had a little nap through my second procedure he he..
So after an hour each side the applicator was removed and i was left with what a lot of people have referred to as a large stick of butter, the doctor told me not to look if i didnt think i could handle seeing it - it does look pretty strange.
Then came the massage this hurt but was tolerable, I have been told to massage myself 2 x 5mins a day .

I will try keep this updated at least once weekly to track my results as they gradually appear - so far I will start with....

1 Day Post Op - I have numbing of the area and a few little bruises about the size of 10c coins(AUS), I'm quite swollen left side more than the right. I have done my two daily massages which is tender but it helps circulation so is worth the pain, so far that is all I have to report . .

4th Day Post Op -

All is going really well, my bruising has almost disapeared, the swelling is slowly going down. I have been getting slight shooting pains in my lower abdomen and an itchy feeling, but all to be expect with two large applicators which are meant to have more side effects. So far it hasn't stopped me from doing any of my daily activities, so I am happy :) ..

8th Day Post Op -

I am now on my 8th day since coolsculpting day 6 & 7 I was getting a burning like sensation that was very uncomfortable, I actually put an ice pack on it which made it feel much better, my clothes touching my skin were also hurting, it shouldn't last too long.. No results that I notice so I will put pics up as soon as I can see any change .

5 weeks Post Coolsculpting

I have not had much to update on just waiting for the end results, I do notice a change in my pics from before and after so that is good news. The numbness went away after around two weeks other than that I had no problems what so ever. I am happy with it so far but hoping for more of a change in the next two months.

I forgot to mention !!!

Sorry I was a little brief with my last posting, I am really noticing results now my stomach is seeming much flatter and I have actually lost quite a bit of weight also from eating healthy apparently this helps the process to flush the dissolved fat from your body. We all know that spot reduction is impossible so I think it really has made a huge difference even my pants are fitting me a lot better..
I have my six week check up this coming Monday, I am going to discuss with my doctor about having more sessions on my hips and back rolls to give me more shape, at this stage I believe it is completely worth it and is a better option than risky surgery and botch lipo jobs.
Hope this gives a little more information for anyone looking to have this procedure and what you can expect :) .....
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