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I commence treatment last year and from the first...

I commence treatment last year and from the first week I experienced brackets breaking and wires bracking. It was so bad I requesting repairs every week. The orthodontist would make me wait for weeks to receive repairs and I was continually told that my teeth wouldn't suffer. Not true. My teeth would move allot and this continued to prolong the treatment and coursed much pain. The same bracket fell off twice, the second time I swallowed it and it ripped the lining of my bowl out. Originally told the process would take 9 months. It's been 8 months and after an independent evaluation my teeth are far worse, I have an over bite I never had, a lisp I have never had, large gaps in between a few teeth ans my teeth are ruined. This has been so painful, such a form of torchore and and in my last wire change a bracket fractured. I didn't realise until I left and the orthodontist is refusing to fix it and refuses to treat me further. There are only 4 orthodontists in my city that proved this treatment and all have rejected to help me. Currently I have 5 broken bottom brackets, 3 at the top, the wires and cutting my gums, I can't talk properly, and the bracket that I swallowed months back has come off again and I swallowed it again. I have spent 7k so far and a separate orthodontist has said it will cost me 9500 to repair damages and an additional 18 months. I'm still yet to find someone to remove them becuase no one is willing to help me.
Dr Sivabalan

No care, integrity, professionalism, unethical. Has left me to suffer for 4 months with no treatment.

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