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I have been a member of ClearSkinCare 'Skin Gym'...

I have been a member of ClearSkinCare 'Skin Gym' and it was going really well until my therapist went on leave and started being treated by someone else. I have had peels before (glycolic) with the previous therapist with NO problems. No side effects, nothing. As these are mean't to be superficial peels.

So I was booked in with a different therapist for Peel and LED Cystalite. She applied 40% lactic acid to my skin and I can't even remember how long she left it on, it's only meant to be 2-3 minutes but I am sure I heard her say 10 and it feel longer than 3 minutes. It definitely felt stronger than the glycolic I had before so I just assumed that was normal as she did say it was stronger. She wiped the peel off with a damp cloth and puts me under the Crystalite which stays on for 30 minutes. During the light treatment I noticed my skin felt wet..It was really odd. I touched my face and felt fluid leaking out of one spot and it was quite hot as well but not overly painful. I just had to wait for her to come back in the room. When she turned the light off I told her about the fluid. She looked at my skin and said it was a bit pink, I asked to look in the mirror and noticed it looked quite raw like a graze. I asked "This is really odd, what is it and what is the fluid? Is lactic acid related to lactose and is it okay to use if I have a slight lactose intolerance? :S". I was very confused and bit panicky. She said "OH you should have told me that you had a lactose intolerance!! We never use lactic acid on people with lactose intolerance". I said "But I didn't know because it's not like medically diagnosed, just if I have a whole glass of milk or an icecream i'd have a bloated stomach". She wiped it down with a damp cloth once more and applied lots of hyaluronic acid to the raw area and Hydrating Cream all over my face and sent me on my way.

A couple of days later I noticed it was very very raw looking like layers of skin missing and starting to scab up. I went to the after hours doctor because it was also throbbing. There I found out it was a second degree burn! With a patch of skin above it 1st degree burn. And INFECTED! I had a fever and swollen lymph nodes. He said by her applying the Hyaluronic she actually caused more tissue damage. She should have sent me to the doctor immediately after it happened because although it didn't look that bad he said chemical burns continue to burn and look worse a day or two later! If I had've known I could have had treatment immediately with an antidote to stop the chemical from burning even more layers of skin. TOO LATE NOW!
STAY AWAY FROM CLEARSKINCARE!! I sent her photos of the burn and she said she contacted the doctor who owns the clinic and apparently she said that lactose intolerance (i don't even know if I really have it :S) would have cause the BURN and that it has happened before where people have had their entire faces burnt!! GUESS WHAT? I asked TWO doctors and the chemist and looked online....IT'S NOT EVEN POSSIBLE. And my doctor said "any self-respecting doctor would not tell you that, lactose intolerance would not cause a burn from lactic acid. The burn was obviously from the therapist's technique and failed to neutralize properly or even recongize the signs of a chemical burn'. The reason I didn't feel much pain is because of nerve damage!!

Her doctor said the best treatment is to come in for LED Red light therapy every 3 days. I went in today and only could stand the machine on for 5 minutes it was starting to make the burn area swell!! I pushed panel off me and ran out of there!! Also I am REALLY upset that she is trying to make it sound like the burn IS MY FAULT because I didn't tell her that I MIGHT have a lactose intolerance :S yet it's not listed in any of their documentation as a contraindication and I was never asked. Sure when I joined the clinic I told them about relative things like my Iodine allergy etc.

I really hope that this doesn't scar!! SO UPSET!! WHAT TO DO?

Unprofessional trying to come up with excuses and ways to blame the burn on me. Lack of knowledge. Hyaluronic Acid DOES NOT neutralize. I really would like my money back thanks.

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