Having Liposculpture of Upper/Lower Abs, Lovehandles, Bra Strap, Inner/Outer Thighs & Inner Knees + Vaser Smooth to Legs - Perth

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Well, where to start, I have been following this...

Well, where to start, I have been following this site for months now, and firstly want to thank everyone for there honesty with there experiences. I am 47 and having my first procedure done tomorrow the 20/7/2015, which will include my upper and lower abbs, love handles and bra strap. Then on the 21st will be having Inner and outer thighs, knees plus Vaser smooth to front and back of my legs. I am so nervous right now, just finished my check list and Done the before photos and measurements. I will post these shortly. Will Give you update as soon as I can.

1 Day Post Opp 2nd Procedure

Hi Ladies, Well had the Upper Body Done Monday and Lower Yesterday. Felt Nothing under the Sedation and have to say that being 1 day post op from second procedure am feeling pretty damn good. I do have a bit of tightness when I get up and down and having a little trouble bending right down at the moment but other than that feeling good. The oozing has stopped and apart from feeling a little tired I'm all good. I'm not taking any pain medication and can already see a difference although I think the Swelling is setting in a little today. I am going to have my first shower shortly so will get some pics. I will upload shortly. I hope this is not the Calm before the Storm. I was expecting so much worse so I hope its not going to creep up on me. Talk Soon

Pre OP Photos

Hi Everyone as promised here are my Preop Photos

3 days postop upper body and 2 days post op lower body

Hi Everyone, Everything going really well much better than expected. I am not taking any pain meds at all now although I am a little tighter today than yesterday, I think I have more swelling as to be expected today but going about my normal day to day activities without two much difficulty. Here are some more pics

1 Month Review

On the 20th July 2015 I underwent my First Procedure with Dr Glen Murray. I had Lipo Sculpture of the Upper and Lower Abbs, Waist and Bra Strap, the following Day I had Lipo sculpture of the Banana Roll Inner and Outer Thighs and Knees. Followed by Vasar Smooth on the front and back of my legs.

Through out this whole Process, Dr Murray and his Staff at Absolute Cosmetics have been fantastic. They have been Professional and available and all my questions were answered. Everyone was welcoming and very freindly.

My Procedure was amazing, back at work five days after surgery and feeling great. I have just has my one month review and everything is ticking along just as it should. Dr Murray said my results were amazing. None of my Clothes fit me so going on a shopping spree. I would have the whole procedure done again with Dr Murray and the team without hesitation.

I will post my before and after photoes soom.

Dr. Glenn Murray

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