Revision Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant - Perth, AU

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Hi everyone, I had a botched rhino in 2011 by dr...

Hi everyone,
I had a botched rhino in 2011 by dr turner in Perth and had a revision and chin implant bu dr tuan Pham 2 weeks ago. I'm kind of freaking out now because my nose is HUGE! it's got a massive hump from the side and looks so much bigger than the digital image I was shown. Hoping that it's all just swelling. I've spoken to the nurse in the office a couple times and they've told me to be patient. Will upload some photos an keep you all updated.

Exactly 2 weeks

2 weeks since my surgery and I'm really pretty worried at this point. I know there is swelling and I had a multiple procedures so it takes a while to heal but the bridge of my nose is sill quite high and I'm concerned it might be permanent. My surgeon said he'd build it up as he thought it too sloped, but if this is how high I'm not very happy about it. I had a rhino at 20 to shave down my large hump and I don't want another.
As for my chin I'm worried the implant is quite low. In my 3D images i ha good projection from the side but in life it seems the implant is low and it's more noticeable from the front. If this is the case hopefully it can be fixed

Red tip.

The top of my nose is bright red and a bit sore today. Hoping not infected and my surgeon is out of the country for another week. Will maybe go see a normal doctor tomorrow...
Haven't even looked at my chin today as I'm too scared haha

Chin comparison

2 week front on chin comparison with before and after. Before up top. Is in black and white because my hair was pink in before and I am trying to disguise my current horrible skin


Looks like a have a bit of an infection in my tip. have been re-prescribed the same antibiotics i had post surgery and hopefully all will be sorted soon.
Still quite swollen and still concerned about my bridge being too high, but trying to be patient and see what happens :)

Almost three weeks

This bridge is killing meeee! It's just so high. If it comes down a little I will be happy but where it starts feels rock hard so I don't know? Have posted photo with my before photo, expected outcome and current profile.

Exactly three weeks

Three weeks now. My glasses no longer fit me at this point. Also I had existing implant in my chin made of cartilage from my first rhino and you can see where he has removed. Might have looked better had he left that in there..

Front on.

Have added a front on comparison of before and right now. Happy with the tip but the bridge is looking wonky now. Probably just swelling.

Implant too low?

Have uploaded my after photo as shown to me prior next to my current outcome. I think my implant is maybe too low?
Dr Pham

Dr Pham has been amazing to deal with. But I can't give a proper review as yet because I am still healing and kind of freaking out

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