37yo with 2 Kids and No Longer Want to Look Pregnant. - Perth City, AU

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I am 37yo with 2 kids (6yo and 9months)....

I am 37yo with 2 kids (6yo and 9months). Breastfeeding and having large children (my husband is 6'6") has taken its toll on my body. I am the last person you expect to have plastic surgery however I no longer want to look like I'm 6months pregnant. This is the largest I've ever been including pregnancy. I've always been slim to normal weight. Since having our second child I have found that despite going to the gym 4-6 x week trialling different classes, eating clean - I am seeing no change to my body. I have always joked to my husband that once we're done having children I want a new set of boobs as a reward for all that kids put your body through, but was never too serious. Well, here I am with just a little over 2 weeks until I have a mommy makeover. I am scheduled to have: TT, BA 375cc round high profile, BL, lipo to my abdomen, flank, thighs, buttocks. I have been told that I am borderline between requiring a full TT and a mini TT as I don't have much loose skin. Dr Vanbeem will be using a special suturing technique as my abdomen will be very tight. I have decided to write a review as i have found reading others journeys helpful and have been stalking this site for a while.

10 days post op and no regrets

Wow. I can't believe I am 10 days post op (the pics are day 8 post op). I have absolutely no regrets except waiting this long to have the procedure.

I was in surgery for 5hrs 15mins. The first 2 days I spent sleeping, vomiting and curled up in the 'banana' position. I ended up with a blood collection to my right breast (I had some drained yesterday and will have further drainage in a few days). My husband and the nursing staff were fabulous and tended to my every need. Surprisingly I had few problems walking/moving, although it did take me 5 days to walk upright. The surgeon took just under 4pounds of fat through lipo and 2pounds from my abdomen. Apparently I bruise easily (as you can see in my pics). I am fortunate enough to have a a surgeon who allowed me to stay in hospital for 4 days to ensure I had recovered adequately.

I have to wear the corsettes 24/7 for the next few weeks to allow for a smoother skin appearance and accelerate results from lipo. I am allowed to shower as long as I use a hairdryer on the dressings as none of them contain gauze.
The hardest part of being home is not being able to 'pick up' my 10month old. I have been advised not to lift anything over 5kg for 6weeks. I am almost back to normal with most activities of daily living however I cannot: lift/ twist/ sneeze/ cough without being in a lot of pain. First thing in the morning my tummy feels really tight and I am moving slowly. I am looking forward to loosing all of my dressings and being able to lift things again.
I am hoping to update again in a few days time.
Australia Plastic Surgeon

Dr Vanbeem was very professional during the consult. I felt at ease instantly with him. He took his time to alay my concerns and even discussed suturing techniques with me. I have nothing but positive comments regarding Dr Vanbeem and his staff. They have gone above and beyond what is required at each appt.

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